21 Celebrity Breakups of 2017

21 Celebrity Breakups of 2017 (1)

This year was the year of many new celebrity relationships. But 2017 is also the time when we witnessed many devastating breakups. Although we don’t want to admit the power of social media in making us hooked on celebrity couples, it sure does exist. No one likes to see their favorite singers break up a long relationship after swooning over their super-cute photos. Aside from relationship splits, we also witnessed several devastating divorces. Not a single person thought that Fergie and Josh Duhamel would ever separate. In this short video, Vogue presents the 21 celebrity breakups of 2017. Starting from Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, to Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen, try to hold back your tears.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd are probably the most talked-about couple of 2017. When fans first sensed the hints of a new celebrity relationship, every single online platform reported about it. It happened very shortly after Abel broke up with his supermodel ex-bae Bella Hadid. Only two months after their split, the Starboy was already connected with another A-lister. And it wasn’t just any celebrity, but the queen of Instagram- Selena Gomez.

When the first pictures from the couple emerged in January this year millions of fans were psyched about the great news. During their ten-month relationship, Gomez and The Weeknd traveled on romantic dates in Italy, Canada, Brazil and people just couldn’t get enough. The two made an official red carpet debut at the 2017 Met Gala in May. Unfortunately, in October the duo split after almost a year of dating.

21 Celebrity Breakups of 2017 Selena Gomez The Weeknd

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Another huge breakup that no one can get over is the one between Amber Heard and Elon Musk. The two reportedly dated for one year, before calling it quits in August. Amber was married to Johnny Deep and their relationship ended on bad terms. Her divorce was finalized in January this year. Musk also has one failed marriage with actress Talulah Riley.

The couple started dating sometime in 2016. The first rumors of a breakup emerged in early August, but only days after that the duo was spotted together again. Just when fans got their hopes up, Amber and Elon released an official statement. Due to their busy schedules, the couple couldn’t continue their relationship. Musk recently opened up in an emotional interview, saying that the split left him broken-hearted. Since then, the ex-lovers were seen at a friendly breakfast. Our hopes are up for another celebrity reconciliation.

21 Celebrity Breakups of 2017 Amber Heard Elon Musk

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