Corduroy Is This Season’s Hottest Fabric

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Corduroy is officially the trendiest fabric for this winter. Somehow it became a hot trend which you can see everywhere. From high-end runway shows to famous influencers, everyone is wearing it. And what’s best about this material is that it will keep you warm. At the same time, you can make corduroy look fashionable.

We all remember it as an outdated material from the 70s. During the fashion month, we witnessed the rise of this cord fabric on the runways. Many luxurious fashion houses included this material as a part of their hottest looks. That should be proof enough for you to start wearing it. Trendy cord jackets and suits are on every corner. These are super-chic ensembles that perfectly fit the weather.

Many women consider corduroy as unsexy fabric. That might be true to some extent. The thing about fashion today is that it doesn’t have to make you feel sexy as long as it looks trendy. So stop searching for the prettiest, sexy pieces. Instead look at all of the “ugly’ trends that are gaining more attention by the day. This is all thanks to the throw-back moments from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. It all started with chunky sneakers, washed out denim, and now the thing of the moment is corduroy.

Even the biggest fashion influencers embraced this trend. Familiar faces such as Bella and Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner flaunted their corduroy looks in the past few months. These are the ladies responsible for all the trending topics in fashion right now. So if you want to wear the hottest pieces, you’d better follow the flow.

Just a simple pair of flares will have your outfit Instagram-ready. They can be a part of an everyday look or a night out one. You can style them with basic white sneakers, or rock the flared pants with high-heels. This winter there will be several trending colors when it comes to corduroy. The first one is brown, present in many different shades. If you recently went through the pictures of famous influencers, you probably saw at least several brown cord suits. Other colors that you should pay attention to are pink, blue, green and mustard. Even white can look amazing if you wear it with the right top.

We chose some of the trendiest corduroy outfits of this season. Flip-through and see how you can style the warmest fabric for winter. It’s a trend that is becoming more popular every day, so you definitely have to rock it.

Corduroy Is This Season's Hottest Fabric plaid coat pink pants

Photo Credit: Moeez Ali

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