Celeb Silver & Gray Makeup Looks For Winter Glam

Celeb Winter Silver and Platinum Makeup Looks Priyanka Chopra
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There is something about the cold tones of makeup. Especially in this #babyitscoldoutside season. Since everything is getting into the holiday spirit, is finally time to get your face holiday ready. But instead of a classic holiday glam, it’s time for you to try something new: like turning yourself into an ice queen. Borrow the season’s signature colors and upgrade your winter glam. Silver and gray-hued makeup looks blend seamlessly with the cold weather outside. These are neutral tones that flatter every skin complexion. Most women consider the warm eyeshadow palettes as their zone of comfort. If you are one of those is time to get your cool toned eyeshadows in action.

If you want something that will work for any occasion go with the good old smokey eye. Mix a few shades of gray to achieve the smokey effect. If you want to level up on glam add silver eyeshadow with a metallic finish on the inner corner of your eyes. For more dramatic effect use glitters or pigments. See Ariel Winter Emily Ratajkowski and Cara Develingne for reference. Cara Delevingne went even further and paired her heavily glittered smokey with a daring red lip. You don’t have to opt for a nude lipstick everytime you go heavy on the eyes. Double up on boldness with a vibrant lip.

Gigi Hadid and January Jones have mastered the ice queen look. Both stars flaunted simple but effective winter-approved makeup looks that perfectly accented their bright eyes. You’d think that only warm eyeshadows could accent blue and green eyes. But icy gray almost white eyeshadows can make your eyes pop even more. Don’t forget to curl your lashes and layer on mascara. These bright tones allow your lashes to stand out. You can add false eyelashes if you want your eyes to get all the attention. Although these are a softer eye makeup looks, a nude lip would be a better choice here because it’s all about the eyes.

For the ultimate silver metallic glam take a look at Priyanka Chopra’s Met Gala makeup look. The actress has a highly pigmented silver eyeshadow all over the eyelids (you could apply this with your fingers) and a cold-toned brown lipstick. No eyeliner is involved in this look and no blending so you could take this Met Gala-approved glam to any event on your schedule.

For more winter-approved ways to get on point take a look at our selection of gray and silver celeb makeup looks.

Jhené Aiko

Celeb Winter Silver and Platinum Makeup Looks Jhene Aiko

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