22 Statement Jeans to Amp Up Your Denim Game

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Jeans might be the most important piece of clothing in every women’s closet. We are all crazy about them and we all have that favorite pair that makes us look great. Jeans are also the most versatile garment that you can wear everywhere and at any time. No matter how many pairs of jeans a lady has, she always needs more. Each season we witness new trends that also apply to these denim pieces of clothing.

There are women who literally live in their jeans. At times you get tired of the same old styles that are not doing the job anymore. But if you find a pair that brings the drama, your whole outfit will look bomb. And when you own that statement pair, you don’t need to think too much about the rest of your outfit. The jeans will do all the work.

You can still keep your regular jeans, but this season it’s time for an upgrade. If you thought that the 70s are long gone and are not coming back, you were wrong. This year is all about throw-backs. Flared jeans inspired from that decade are all over runways. Influential bloggers and style icons rock them with warm, cozy sweaters and simple sneakers. Another version of them is the cropped flared jean style that complements all women.

Another denim item to have in your closet this winter is patched jeans. There are many brands that took it too far with this designs. We are not talking about those exaggerated styles that are ridiculous. The chic patched jeans are the ones we see every day on the most popular bloggers and fashion icons.

A lot of fashion influencers and bloggers are working the denim on denim trend this year. It became one of the trendiest combos, thanks to the appealing outfits that fashionistas put together. We are back to rocking comfortable outfits that look trendy at the same time. For the double denim trend, you need a good pair of jeans and a denim jacket. From there on you can add any accessory or pair them with any shirt you want. If you decide to flaunt a look like that, statement shoes in a bold color are a must.

We chose 22 looks that involve super-chic jeans for you to try. If you need something extra to make your outfits pop, you are in the right place. From patched, cropped, distressed to flared you will see every chic trend here.

22 Statement Jeans to Amp Up Your Denim Game patched jeans nude sweater

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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