Miley Cyrus’s Fashion Evolution

Miley Cyrus's Fashion Evolution 2

Miley Cyrus is one of the biggest fashion chameleons ever. She has tried every single trend out there. Miley has been a celebrity ever since she was a kid. As a part of the Disney channel, her success was guaranteed. It all started with the mega-popular series “Hannah Montana’, where the actress played the leading role. At that time she was very young but rocked fashionable pieces. Cyrus was the favorite on-screen person to many teenagers and most of them looked up to her and copied her looks. As she grew older, she wore bold pieces only she could pull off. Her concerts were like circus show thanks to her innovative costumes. Take a look at the style evolution of the young star in the video below.

During the 2015 Met Gala, the singer looked stunning in a black long gown by Alexander Wang. The dress was a part of Wang’s Fall 2015 collection. Miley celebrated her love of rock-inspired pieces even at this opulent event. Alexander custom made the gown for Cyrus. It featured chic cutouts located right on the hips. And to make things even better, the black dress was heavily embellished with studs. Miley debuted a sleek short hairstyle and statement earrings. The minimal makeup perfectly complemented the outfit.

Miley Cyrus's Fashion Evolution black embellished dress

Photo Credit: Josh Haner

For this year’s MTV VMAs, Miley channeled one of her favorite role models. Throughout the night she wore several different looks that celebrated Elvis Presley and his style. Among the many daring looks, there was one that left a strong impression. Cyrus rocked a super-chic embellished blue suit. The striking ensemble looks like it was taken straight out of Presley’s closet. Miley showed off her toned abs in a glittery silver crop top which she wore under the blazer.

Miley Cyrus's Fashion Evolution blue studded suit

Photo Credit: REX/Shutterstock

Each appearance of the singer is full of controversy. There was a point in her career when she opted for extravagant looks that were a little too much for most people. She is one of the most innovative people in the industry with desire for constant change. It’s not only her style that changes. If you look closely, you’ll find out that her hairstyles are different than before. She started out with long curls and ended up rocking grunge hairstyles. Miley keeps pushing fashion boundaries every single day. The cute girl from Disney you remember is long gone. Today you will see a fashionable lady with a unique taste in fashion that never ceases to amaze.

Written by Martina Todorovska
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