Celeb Guide: How To Make Topknot Red Carpet Worthy

Celeb Guide How To Make Top Knot Red Carpet Worthy Elle Fanning
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Let’s all take a moment and appreciate it’s majesty: The Topknot. Out of all hairstyles, this is the one that has an important spot both on the red carpet and the gym. We can’t think of another hairstyle as versatile as the topknot. Just think how many times a topknot has saved your day. There isn’t a better way to end a bad hair day than a hair tie and bobby pins ready for action. Whether you want a sleeker look or a messy bun, you can get ready in minutes.

Before we move on to the more intricate versions of topknot hairstyles, we have a tip on how to achieve a red-carpet-like topknot in just minutes. First get your hair in a regular pony. Before you tie your hair for the last time with the hair tie, form a tiny bun (don’t go all the way), but leave most of your hair out. You need to make half-bun and half-pony situation to be able to proceed. Wrap the hair that hangs from the tiny bun around it and pin it with as much bobby pins as you need to make it stay in place. Use more bobby pins to calm any hair that isn’t cooperating with you and there you have it! This hack always gives the same awesome results. This type of sleek topknot is perfect for both formal and casual events.

If you want to upgrade your regular topknot, turn to celebs for inspiration. You can experiment with different hair tying techniques to spice up your topknot. Sometimes you need to make sure that your hair is long enough. Some topknot styles require a certain hair length to look good. Another way to go is braided topknots. You can braid the knot or add intricate braids on the sides. Jennifer Morrison’s, Sarah Hyland’s, and Katy Perry’s braided topknots are perfect examples of different ways to include braids in this hairstyle.

For the ladies that have bangs, Kendall Jenner set the standards for the perfect glamorous updo. The young model’s topknot is on the bolder side and is a perfect addition to ensembles that follow similar aesthetic. Elle Fanning topknot, on the other hand, is femininity at its peak. The young star accessorized her topknot with intricate floral accessories. If you have a glamorous event on your schedule Elle Fanning’s topknot is the perfect hairstyle to flaunt.

From Joan Smalls’s sky-high twisted updo to Katy Perry’s enormous braided do take a look at the best celebrity topknot hairstyles straight off the red carpet.

Jennifer Morrison

Celeb Guide How To Make Top Knot Red Carpet Worthy Jennifer Morrison

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