Trendy Winter Nail Designs To Try

Trendy Winter Nail Designs To Try

Fashion and beauty trends are not only about clothing and makeup. Nails and accessories are a very important part of the woman’s appearance as well. If your nails are not on point, nothing feels right. And if you are a real fashionista that follows every new trend you have to know all the chic nail art designs for this season. Holidays are just around the corner so is officially glam time. You will have plenty of designs and colors to try.

This year fashion is all about unique and statement-making pieces. Most of the looks we see on fashion bloggers are exaggerated and involve maximalist jeans, shirts, coats and more. But nail art is moving in a different direction. Most of the trending nail designs this winter are minimalistic. That probably feels like the right way to go. Nails will balance out your over-the-top outfits.

But since holiday glam is always a must, you can flaunt glitter nails. If you are a real fan of sparkles, then you can mix both glitter and metallics. Nail accessories are always trending, so that is another way to elevate your manicure before the holidays.

The minimalistic nail designs are trending ever since the beginning of 2017. In winter you only need a small upgrade. You probably expect darker colors that fit the weather. But that will not be the case this season. The soft nude shades are here to make a strong statement. Also, the classic red is in style at every time of the year. You can choose any shade you like starting from fierce coral red to dark and burgundy tones. Another thing to add is some simple art that will only make your manicure more fun. It can be thin lines in another color, small dots or just a little sparkle.

When it comes to bolder shades, electric blue and gold or silver is the perfect match. Many celebrity nail artists did a fun French manicure using these colors and the results are stunning. Black is another classic shade that you must have at home. For the festive season, you can always match it with glitter in any color you want. Just like with the blue shade, this one also goes well with metallics.

Check out these gorgeous nail designs that you can try this winter. If you want to stand out, you’d better get creative and have the best manicure that fits the season.

Trendy Winter Nail Designs To Try blue and gold french

Photo Credit: @nataliepavloskinails/Instagram

These two statement shades will bring your manicure to a whole new level. Winter days are all about experimenting, so why not mix metallics with bold colors.

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