100 Years of Curly Hair

100 Years of Curly Hair 3

Curls have been around since forever. Voluminous curls back in the day were considered as a luxury feature. Even women with perfectly straight hair wanted to curl it. These days you can rock them in any way you want. They are so many different shapes and sizes of curls nowadays. There are also numerous curling techniques and styling tools. Famous beauty bloggers often share videos of their tutorials for ideal beach waves of super-chic curly updos. The evolution of curls is quite impressive. It all started with sleeked hairstyles styled to perfection. Now you can do whatever you want with your locks.

Back in the 1920s, there was one hairstyle that ruled them all. It is so popular that everyone has probably heard of the glamorous Marcel Waves. This was the decade of the Great Gatsby, opulence and glamour everywhere. Ladies styled their waves to perfection and paired them with fierce lipsticks. The Marcel was sleek and perfect at all times. It had to match the extravagant dresses they wore and the alluring lifestyle they led.

The 40s were all about pin curls. Three words describe these curls: loose, bouncy and fabulous. Ladies from this decade loved this hairstyle trend. Relaxed textures were everywhere, and curls were secured with pins. That is the main reason behind the name of this hairdo.

Another important decade for the curly hairstyles is the 1960s. During these years loose curly updos made it on top of the hairstyle trends. This is the time when sleek and perfect dos went to history. They were replaced with more relaxed looks that were much easier to do. That is the thing that women found appealing in these curly updos. It took them a short time to get their hair on point without too much effort. And this decade was all about volume too. Ladies went by the rule: “The Bigger The Hair – The Better!”

100 Years of Curly Hair curly updo

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Today curls are probably the most famous hairstyle. Another important step in the world of beauty and fashion is that more ladies are accepting their natural hair. There was a time when women with darker skin and natural afro hairstyles felt unaccepted by the society and unhappy with the way other people look at them. Today, everything is getting more diverse, including beauty. The standards of what is pretty and what is not are changing at a fast pace. All types of hair are now considered gorgeous and unique. That is why all women feel free to show off their naturally curly hair.

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