Shiniest PVC Pieces To Amp Up Your Style

Shiniest PVC Pieces To Amp Up Your Style (15)
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This winter we go by the rule “more is more’. Dull outfits are reserved only for the ones who are afraid to experiment. But if you are into fashion and always want to look your best, you’d better try out new things. When it comes to fabrics you will be surprised to hear which one will be trending this season. The super-shiny, chic PVC is here to make all your outfits better. This trend started in September, the same time as the fashion month. Celebrities and fashion bloggers are the ones who set new styles and all of them went crazy for this unusual material.

The patent fabric appeared on many runways this season as well as on the spring 2018 runway shows. So that means we will see many more exciting outfits that involve vinyl. High-end fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent presented dresses, skirts, and jackets made of PVC. Even Karl Lagerfeld dressed his models in transparent patent raincoats and boots.

The streets of the trendiest cities in the world were full of statement PVC pieces. Even if you have no idea how to wear vinyl, we have the perfect examples to show you. The most common patent piece you will see everywhere is the trench coat. Famous fashionistas love rocking it in black, plaid or burgundy. This is a statement piece by itself, so you don’t need to try too hard. A pair of jeans and a sweater will do the job.

We all know that the plaid print is the most fashionable one these days. Everyone seems to love their chic, oversized check blazers. They are the perfect match for a PVC skirt or leggings. The mix of gray, red and black is very trendy.

There are many versatile ways to rock a vinyl piece. You can make a PVC outfit elegant as well as edgy. It all depends on how you combine it. One of the trendiest items to have in your wardrobe right now is the patent leggings. Influencers’ favorite colors are black, red and burgundy. All of these shades are great for cold days. You can pair them with sneakers, ankle boots, and high-heels. It’s all up to you.

We chose some of the best outfits that involve vinyl pieces. Check out how the street icons incorporated PVC in their style. This super-shiny material will be a great addition to your winter closet.

Shiniest PVC Pieces To Amp Up Your Style red leggings sweater fanny pack

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