Warm & Stylish Outfits With Oversized Sweater

Warm and Stylish Outfits With Oversized Sweater
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The oversized sweater is the ultimate It piece for seasons now. Everyone from models, influencers to street icons wear oversized sweaters. The reason is simple: everyone (even the most high-maintenance fashionistas) love to stay warm and cozy yet stylish in the winter. And the oversized sweater is the piece that puts fashion and function together. Winter isn’t the best time to show off. You have to wear a lot of clothes, but at the end, you hide them under your outwear. But with a warm oversized knitted sweater underneath you can at least unbutton your coat and show off your stylish look. If the winters happen to be mild where you live you can even leave the house without a heavy jacket and flaunt your chicest outfit with an oversized sweater. These sweaters happen to be very instagrammable, which is why Insta-stars and addicts love them so much.

Another reason why the oversized sweater is the most-loved fall/winter piece is its versatility. Think about this: one sweater-numberless style options. You can wear the same sweater with casual jeans as well as a chic skirt. You may know, but let us tell you just in case: Skirts are oversized sweaters’ best friends. Let these besties hang out as much as possible when the weather is cold outside. You can’t go wrong with any skirt style from mini, midi and maxi to tight and loose. Even a ruffled or pleated skirt will do the job. This is not the safest option out there, but remember: She who dares, wins!

When it comes to lazy day outfits – you got a friend in the oversized knitted sweater. Those loose knitted dresses are the most effective yet effortless piece of the season. Pair these dresses with over-the-knee booties. These shoes look best when worn with loose sweater dresses. With the rise of the athleisure style, besides knitted sweaters, you’ll find a lot of sporty sweaters turned into tunics. You don’t even have to buy one. Check your boyfriend’s closet, he might have something for you. If you have been religiously following some Insta-famous influencers, you have probably noticed that shopping in your boyfriend’s closet is a common practice in the fashion world.

The ways to flaunt an oversized sweater are never-ending. From casual jeans to knitted coordinates, there is always an option to get your oversized sweater involved. Flip through all the modish ways below.

Warm and Stylish Outfits With Oversized Sweater hat sweater and ripped jeans

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