100 Years of Skincare

100 Years of Skincare facial cream

Today we live in a chemical era where everybody can customize their skincare and find something for their skin type. Ladies in the past had a fraction of the offerings we have now. Anyway, that didn’t stop them to take a good care of their skin. In the past when the beauty industry wasn’t that developed ladies were still following skincare trends. Find out more about the skincare routines throughout the years in the video below.

Tanning oils are a beach essential now, but 100 years ago it was a new skincare trend. The infamous Coco Chanel got back from a vacation with a sun-kissed skin. Ladies went crazy over her bronzed skin and the tanning-oil became the trendiest skincare product. SPF hit the shelves later in the ’60s, but the only protection it offered was against sunburn-causing UVB rays.

100 Years of Skincare applying tanning oil

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The multiple step beauty routines are very common now. These elaborate beauty rituals debuted in the ’30s. Ladies would pamper themselves for hours. The time-consuming 10-step beauty rituals were trending at that time.

100 Years of Skincare facial cream

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The industry finally found a way to fight against puffy under eyes in the ’70s. First who got their hands on products that claimed to give fresh and awake look were models and makeup artists. The most used product to depuff the undereye area was Preparation H.

The chemical era started in the ’90s. More products started to appear on the shelves in the drugstores. Among the new revolutionary products were the ones with enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids. These products became essentials for skin exfoliation and dead cell removal.

In the 2000s the mainstream anti-aging skin care routine was exchanged with a much aggressive approach. FDA approved the botox in 2002. Freezing the forehead became a part of the skincare routine of many ladies across the globe. Ever since 2010 until today the beauty world is obsessed with Korean skincare products. Koreans debuted the most innovative products that the industry has seen at a more affordable price. The better price points allowed K-beauty brands a dominant position in the beauty industry nowadays.

100 Years of Skincare botox

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