8 Women Who Shaved Their Heads in 2017

8 Women Who Shaved Their Heads in 2017 3

This year is definitely the year of big hair transformations. Celebrities are embracing new and unexpected hairstyle trends. Super-chic buzz cuts are slowly taking over Hollywood. If you thought that you would never like a buzz cut, influencers are giving you many reasons to change your mind. Some of these ladies had to chop off their long dos because of a movie role. Others were looking for a change. No matter the reason, they all look amazing. Among the A-listers that decided to go bald this year are Cara Delevingne, Kate Hudson, Halsey, Kristen Stewart, Danai Gurira and more. If you need extra inspiration for such a big change just take a look at the video and you won’t have any doubts.

Just a few months ago, popular singer Katy Perry chopped off all her hair. She debuted the shortest platinum pixie cut with extremely short sides. Katy went through many changes in her life, so she wanted to celebrate that with a new haircut. We must admit that she looks gorgeous. Since then Perry introduced several other variations of her buzz cut. She is one of those celebrities that know how to pull off daring looks without any hesitation.

8 Women Who Shaved Their Heads in 2017 Katy Perry

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Another bold star that decided to rock the shortest hairstyle is Danai Gurira. We all know the actress from the popular series “The Walking Dead’. If you saw her rocking her chic buzz cut on the street you wouldn’t even recognize her. Unlike the celebrities who had to change their hairstyles for movie roles, Gurira had completely different reasons. The actress had to cut her long dreadlocks due to hair loss. She really can’t complain, since the buzz cut really flatters her beautiful features. There are many women that are struggling with hair loss but don’t have enough courage to do the same changes that Danai did. Gurira is the example that beauty doesn’t come with a perfect hairstyle.

8 Women Who Shaved Their Heads in 2017 Danai Gurira

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