Fierce Pink Lip Colors To Copy From Celebs

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By now you probably know about the millennial pink obsession. It is all around us, starting from clothes and makeup to hair. And if you love pink you will be glad to hear that pink lipsticks are trending again. This is the color that offers most variations and shades. The range is quite impressive including the brightest soft tones and fierce fuchsia. In other words, there is a shade for everyone. Although cold days are ahead of us, there is always something refreshing about pink lipstick.

There are ladies who are afraid to wear pink lipstick. Beauty now is so diverse that there is no need for limiting your choices. You should be brave and try new colors. With pink lips is very important to find a hue that will flatter your skin tone. Start with nude pink lipstick if you want to play on the safe side. From there on you can try new shades, and one day you might even rock a bold magenta color.

Biggest celebrities already mastered the pink lip. Most of them opt for bold colors, that elevate their entire makeup look. If you love to experiment with makeup, this trend is ideal for you. We’ve already seen a fair share of red lipsticks, now is time for a change. Just like with any other fierce lip shade, your eye makeup can be toned down. That way the lipstick will get all the attention it deserves. Strong magenta and fuchsia hues are the real deal. Neon tones are the best option for the boldest.

We made a selection of celebrity looks that involve a pink lipstick. If you have any doubts on how to rock this color, check out Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington and more for help.

Jasmine Sanders

Fierce Pink Lip Colors To Copy From Celebs Jasmine Sanders

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