Beautiful & Trendy Nail Designs To Try

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Since Halloween is almost over is time to think about fresh ideas to upgrade your mani. We picked the trendiest nail designs for you to replace you Halloween mani with style. If you want to rock another show-stopping nail design opt for nails with 3d decorations. These nail designs are very glamorous and will get noticed by everyone. If you are a girly girl, nail designs embellished with dazzling decorations are the right choice for you. Depending on your preferences you can decorate every nail or just a few.

If you have a casual or minimalist style opt for pastel nail designs. You can never go wrong with these neutral colors. You can add fun graphics even if you want to keep the color palette toned down. If you prefer simple nail designs, decorate a few of your nails with minimalist graphics.

Metallic and glitter nail designs are an absolute hit for this season. The metallic nails are pretty simple to recreate even at home. The metallic effect will get all the attention on your nails. You can create vibrant nail design if you opt for a vivid color. The semi-metallic nails are another option if you are obsessed with this mirror-like effect.

Glitter is a great way to add life even to the simplest mani. You can cover in glitter only a couple of nails on each hand. If you want a glamorous mani, dip every nail in glitter and add graphics on the top.

Thanks to social media, the options are endless. All you have to do is schedule your next manicure or head over to the store and pick all the necessities to do it yourself. Here are some beautiful & trendy nail designs that you can flaunt next.

Beautiful & Trendy Nail Designs To Try pastel nail design

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