Effortlessly Chic Ways To Include A Beret In Your Style

Effortlessly Chic Ways To Include A Beret In Your Style 11
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You don’t have to be in Paris to wear a beret. This hat is one of the oldest and most fashionable accessories that exist. It can become a regular part of your style, especially during cold days. Many fashion bloggers and influencers showed off their favorite berets during the last month. All of them found easy and chic ways to include this accessory in their looks. Some people might find it tricky to wear a beret. But if you are open-minded and you love trying new trends, this hat will become your favorite.

First of all, you can style it in many different ways. When choosing accessories, we always want them to be versatile. That is the best thing about the beret. In the past women only wore it when they were all dressed up, or with super-serious suits. But today, those rules don’t apply anymore. The key to owning the beret look is to feel comfortable in it. You can always throw on your favorite jeans, fun sneakers and nice coat. Another way to go is to switch the sneakers with heels.

Classy and elegant outfits can always be accessorized with a beret. Power suits will look amazing combined with this hat. Plaids are big right now, and just like many other bloggers, you can try matching them with a beret. Skirts and dresses are other options. If you have a simple dress just add this hat and a chic bag, that’s all you need. Black is always a good idea when it comes to colors. It goes well with everything and you can pair it with patterned clothes. Red, brown, dark green, maroon are just a part of the colors that look amazing with fall outfits.

Take a look at these super-chic outfits that include a beret. All of them are cool, simple, and you will find them very helpful if you are looking for fresh fall ideas.


Effortlessly Chic Ways To Include A Beret In Your Style plaid coat pants

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Written by Martina Todorovska
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