Velvet Crush: The Smoothest Outfits to Make This Fall

Trend Alert Upgrade Your Fall Style With Velvet Pieces

We all love the feeling of a soft fabric touching our skin. One of the smoothest you can get for fall is velvet. Aside from being super cozy, velvet is one of the most astonishing fabrics of the season. Velvet has been very popular on the fashion scene in the last couple of years and this fall season things aren’t any different. This mesmerizing fabric is a staple in the fall wardrobe of many style icons.

Velvet is very versatile. Its texture and appearance make it the perfect choice for special occasions. From chic mini dresses to elegant gowns, you could opt for anything made of velvet this fall. If you want to jazz up your fall style, treat yourself with several velvet pieces. Even tiny details like crossbody bags will do the job. If you are obsessed with velvet like us, get a statement clothing piece made of velvet. Velvet slip dresses and dusters are the chicest choices for fall. Each color looks much more vibrant on this fabric. So, you don’t have to worry about the color choice. Any hue will do the job.

Velvet is one of the rare fabrics that you could wear both on the streets and at home. Velvet cozy tracksuits, sweaters and sweatpants are the best things that can happen to your skin in these cold days. This smooth material will make you feel like royalty even on the days you are just chilling on your couch with a messy bun and no makeup on.

Velvet footwear is another trend that is here to stay. Velvet booties could elevate even the most ordinary outfit. So keep a pair of those in your closet this season.

Take a look at these stylish ways to flaunt velvet this fall. Our guide is here to help you master the smoothest outfits of the season.

Trend Alert Upgrade Your Fall Style With Velvet velvet pleated skirt

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Written by Ivana Steriova
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