Designer Zac Posen Details His Favorite Dresses


Zac Posen is one of the most influential designers in the past few decades. In the beginning of September, Posen debuted the documentary “House of Z’. This film portrays his life in the fashion industry, his rises, and falls. In the documentary, he talks about his efforts to rebuild his brand and the struggle that his fashion house is facing. Take a look at the video where Zac shares his favorite designs and the fun stories behind the pieces.

One of the most epic dresses of all times is the gown that Claire Danes wore for the 2016 MET Gala. The astonishing gown was a creation of the fashion genius Zac Posen. The unique dress was custom made for Claire. The gown was made of a special organza and fiber optics, that lit up the whole dress once the lights went out. The most mind-blowing thing about the gown is that Posen had to put in the fiber cables into the material. They were activated by a special switch placed on the inside. Danes looked like a real-life Cinderella and left everyone breathless. The hand-made dress featured a huge, voluminous skirt and a tight strapless top.

Designer Zac Posen Details His Favorite Dresses Claire Danes

Photo Credit: AFP

In 2014, Zac stole the show at the MET Gala with several stunning designs. One of his favorites is the gown that Chinese model Liu Wen wore. The collaboration happened very unexpectedly. Only a few days before the Gala, Wen’s manager called Posen and told him that she wants to wear one of his designs for the big night. Liu fell in love with a mesmerizing green gown inspired by the skylight of the Guggenheim Museum. This gown made it on all of the best-dressed lists. That same night, Zac dressed several other celebrities, and all of those gowns were just as mesmerizing as the one Liu wore.

Designer Zac Posen Details His Favorite Dresses Liu Wen

Photo Credit: European Pressphoto Agency

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