The 25 Most Iconic Princess Diana Looks

The 25 Most Iconic Princess Diana Looks

Even 20 years after her death, Princess Diana remains one of the biggest fashion icons in history. The people’s favorite Princess had a unique and impeccable style. Her looks still serve as inspiration. She is also among the most photographed women, that shows the infatuation that people had with her. Some of her mesmerizing dresses and suits are considered as the biggest fashion moments in history. Princess Diana was in love with fashion and helped many designers reach world fame only because she wore their pieces. Take a look at the video to see the 25 most iconic looks of the beautiful Princess Diana.

Before becoming a Princess, Diana’s style was mostly simple, and she stuck to safe outfits. For her first few appearances, she wore clothes that were typical for a royal member. She was still scared to experiment and wasn’t very much into fashion. But, very soon things changed. The Princess started making bolder decisions and built her own, recognizable style.

One of the best-guarded secrets ever is Diana’s wedding dress. The British designers Elizabeth and David Emanuel created Diana’s breath-taking gown. The Princess was a close friend and a regular client of the designer duo.


The 25 Most Iconic Princess Diana Looks wedding dress

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Another standout piece in the Diana style diary is her “revenge dress’. The little black dress that she wore to a summer party in June 1994 became one of the most talked-about black dresses. The Princess attended a Vanity Fair party at the Serpentine Gallery and looked sensational in a creation by Christina Stambolian. That very same night history was made. Namely, Prince Charles revealed his affair with Camilla Parker. The little black dress was already designed three years before that night, but Diana thought it was too revealing. On that day she wanted to make a fashion statement and went with the Stambolian dress. She wore it with a glamorous crystal choker necklace and beautiful pearl earrings. That’s why Diana’s LBD is known as “The Revenge Dress’.

The 25 Most Iconic Princess Diana Looks revenge dress

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