Moschino Resort 2018 Collection

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection

The remarkably talented creative director of Moschino, Jeremy Scott never ceases to amaze us. Even after 12 years with the Italian brand, Jeremy proves that he is one of the most creative designers ever. Scott decided to present the Resort 2018 Collection and the men’s Spring 2018 Collection at the same time and the same place. On Thursday night he gathered many celebrities and fashion influencers at the MILK Studios in Los Angeles, to present his newest designs.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection men's suit flames
The whole place was packed with celebrities and many of them are Jeremy’s close friends. Fergie, Ashley Graham, Dita Von Teese, Cameron Dallas, Vanessa Hudgens, Joe Jonas, Tracee Ellis Ross, Charli XCX were just some of the influencers that enjoyed the show from the front row. Most of them continued at the after-party at The Roosevelt Hotel together with Scott.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection bodysuit

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection men's jeans sweatshirt
As for the models that walked the runway, Jeremy also aimed high. You could see his designs being paraded by supermodels such as Miranda Kerr, Hailey Baldwin, Romee Strijd, Stella Maxwell, Jasmine Tookes, Joan Smalls, Presley Gerber, Jasmine Sanders and much more. All of the models are a part of IMG Models, the same agency that represents the designer.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection bodysuit
The eccentric Jeremy Scott is definitely is not a fan of the ordinary. For this colorful collection, he took everyone on a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. He got inspired by some of the most iconic characters in America. Pin up girls such as Bettie Page, Betty Boop, Betty Grable, influencers such as Marilyn Monroe and cartoon stars such as Sponge Bob and Olive Oyl were just a part of the characters that he included in this playful collection.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection betty boop bodysuit

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection skirt sweatshirt
“I was thinking hot rods and dusty roads from L.A. to Las Vegas and that Route 66 life, like the boneyards with all the old neon signs and pin-up girls and Playboy bunnies and these archetypes of Americana. I’m feeling a little nostalgic about America. Is our America being lost by some psychopath?’- he says.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection multicolored suit
He didn’t miss the chance to mention Cher, who was one of the muses he thought of while creating. Jeremy also added some countryside and cowboy details.
“Cher. A Vegas icon. There’s a tiny bit of Liberace going on. There’s also the showgirl herself, even if she’s not a named person. And Nomi Malone and Gina Gershon in Showgirls.’- Scott explains.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection pants top
This time the designs were a bit more feminine and down-to-earth compared to the previous collections. You can see a lot of transparent pieces, most of them in soft colors with appliques of Scott’s muses all over them. The appliques are very present in the collection, both in the women’s and the men’s designs.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Pink Dress

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Black Dress
One of the most eye-catching details in the collection are the hot fire flames placed on the bodysuits, men’s and women’s blazers, pants and shirts. It seems that Scott literally set the collection on fire.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Men's Suit Flames

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Women's Suit Flames

The designer didn’t miss the opportunity to implement a little sparkle in his creations. You can see sequins on bodysuits, cowboy-style crop tops, and dresses. The classic women’s and men’s suits, embellished with rhinestones and a deep-V finish are a real treat for the eyes.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Women's top jeans flames

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Women's dress flames
“Maybe she’s leaving the casino half-dressed in showgirl gear and going back to her place, and maybe they are between shifts and went to get something at the buffet’- Jeremy explains the outfits.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Men's Suit Rhinestones

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Women's Suit Rhinestones
The denim part of the collection features beautiful pieces made of patched denim and flower motives. The skirts, tops, and jumpsuits look very sophisticated and definitely something that you can wear every day. There are also a lot of countryside and cowboy elements. From studded cowboy boots and hats to unique studded and patched denim jeans, they complete the successful journey from L.A to Vegas on Route 66.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Women's Suit patchwork

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection cowboy style
Lastly, the accessory of the show were the bunny ears. Paired with embellished suits and long sweatshirt dresses the bunny ears were the central accessory of the collection. At the end of the show, the designer himself appeared in an electric blue sweatshirt with the brand’s logo on it, and a picture of Sponge Bob surrounded by flames.

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection bunny ears

Moschino Resort 2018 Collection Jeremy Scott


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