The Hottest Makeup Trends for Summer 2017

hottest summer makeup trends 2017

A new season means new makeup trends. An immediate refreshing breeze hits your style and makeup routine when the sun starts to show more. Summer is the season that allows you to play with an entire palette of daring bright colors and unleash your wild side. We made a round-up of the hottest makeup trends of Summer 2017 to prepare you for the upcoming season.

Take a look at what will be trending in the hot summer days.

1. Blush Bomb

Blush Bomb

Photo Courtesy of REX

Remember Rihanna‘s sleek pink blush at the Met Gala 2017? That’s exactly what’s trending this summer. The “draping technique’ for applying blush finally takes over the good old contouring. The technique is about applying the blush high up on the corners of the cheeks as well as the sides of the eyes. The young singer popularized the trend that we already saw on some of the fashion shows earlier. The lipstick-bright blush was a huge thing on Kenzo‘s, Adam Selman’s, and Chanel‘s runway shows. The main inspiration comes from the 80s’ makeup trends. There is no better way to refresh your makeup routine this summer than to add a splash of corals and pinks all over your cheeks using this technique.

2. Glow For It


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

The radiant healthy glow is a major trend this summer. Nothing looks more seductive than a tanned radiant skin. The best way to achieve this supermodel beam is to use liquid illuminators. For a more natural effect, makeup artists advise applying the illuminator on the high points of your face before applying the foundation. This way your skin will look like you are glowing from within.

3. Glitter Lips

gigi hadid

Photo Courtesy of Fendi

A lot of Instagram beauty gurus use glitter pretty much everywhere and lips aren’t excluded. The runway was packed with glitter as well. Mostly because the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath launched her own makeup line where glitters and shimmers play the main role. Fashion houses like Fendi and DKNY embraced glitter lips to the fullest. If you are bold enough to try the glitter lips trend, use a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips in order to create a smooth base. Then line your lips, apply glitter glue and press the glitter on your lips. Take your time and be patient because glitters can be tricky and messy sometimes.

4. Glossy Eyes


Photo by @alexandra_anele/ Instagram

You can turn any matte look into glossy one with dabbing a lip gloss on your eyelids. We recommend using vivid and bright colors to enhance the wet-eyes effect. Avoid putting lip gloss on your lower lash line because your can easily mess up the whole look when applying mascara.

5. All Natural

all natural

Photo By MatteoScarpellini /

Summer is the season where most girls like to go light on makeup. Taking a good care of your skin enables you to use fewer makeup products and rest your skin for a while. For the all-natural effect, you need a dewy foundation or a light BB cream. Additionally, apply a light layer of mascara and mauve lipstick on your lips, all over your cheeks and the bridge of your nose. The matching color effect will create an enchanting harmony on your face.

6. Tropical Eyes

tropical eyes

Photo Courtesy of Tadashi Shoji

One of the reasons why we love summer makeup trends so much is the opportunity to play with color. As the weather gets hotter, clothes get brighter and so does the makeup. For the summer 2017 tropical eyes are a must-try. We witnessed a lot of these on the runway. To create this look you need to pick a daring bright color and generously apply it all over the eyelid. It’s like a classic monochromatic makeup but with much greater effect because of the bright colors. Shades of pink, yellow, aquamarine and tangerine are perfect for trying this makeup trend.

7. Smudgy Eyes

smudged eyes

Photo Courtesy of Carolina Herrera

Smudgy eyes are going to steal the show from the classic smokey eyes. Girls that don’t like to spend hours to get ready are going to love this trend. The charming point here is that everything doesn’t have to be perfect. Simply apply a black kohl eyeliner or any dark color and smudge it with your fingers or a brush. You can also use cream eyeshadows or a cream eyeliner to achieve this effect. The smudgy eyes were very popular on the runway lately. Some of the fashion houses that brought back this trend are Balmain and Altuzzara.

Written by Ivana Steriova
Ivana Shteriova Karaniku is the content manager and a contributor at She is a fashion and makeup obsessive with a huge passion for writing. Although she holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and auditing, her love for all things fashion and beauty won her heart. Now, she is a full-time freelancer.