The Cardinal Rule-Book of Parisienne Chicness

French women are the most articulately poised and style savviest women to walk this planet. They flaunt their skin and confidence, as opposed to outfits, jewels, heels or heavily contoured makeup looks. They are fearlessly bold and prioritize their style to suit their comfort and personal taste.

A Parisienne would sooner die than let a dress or a fleeting trend own her style, instead, she gives clothing staples her own minimalist carefree flair with her sensual bedhead waves dominating her aura.

Parisienne fashion slams down all notions of trying too hard to glam up, and instead, adopting a less is more styling approach to flaunt effortlessly chic silhouettes and looks that are comfy and contemporary.

Are you ready to take notes on the cardinal rules of Parisian chicness?

Minimalism is the Key

Image Courtesy: Bloglovin', The Fashion Medley, Vogue Spain.

Image Courtesy: Bloglovin’, The Fashion Medley, Vogue Spain.

The style of a French woman is effortless and comfortable. You won’t catch a single over-dressed woman on the streets of Paris.

Parisienne fashion is about saying no to extravagance, to flaunt the simplicity and essence of hues, fabrics, and patterns. You’ll spot no more layers than two in a French girl’s outfit, which range from denim, monochromatic outfits, skirts, and blazers with the thinnest of base layers.

So, girls, the motto is to keep it simple, comfy and basic, and concentrate on flaunting a sleek statement as opposed to thrusting staples or accessories and crowding up one’s look.

Embrace Kitten Heels

Image Courtesy: Damsel in Dior, Elle

Image Courtesy: Damsel in Dior, Elle

A Parisienne femme wouldn’t want to be caught dead in high heels, she fiercely discards them as trashy.

On the streets of Paris, you’ll only spot low kitten heels tic-tocking the pavement for they are perfect to add up an inch or two to one’s height without making the hips stick out.

Besides, Parisian style is all about effortless grace and a rhythmic stride that is marked with confidence, whereas high heels often make walking such a struggle, graceful is a far cry.

So, the bottom line is, pick out more kitten heels and low block heels for they are functional, comfy, graceful and versatile.

A Moment of Menswear

Image Courtesy: Vogue, Elle.

Image Courtesy: Vogue, Elle.

The most striking aspect about a French femme’s aura is her charismatic boldness and the fact that she’s never shy about flaunting some masculine glamor with a sharp power suit.

Truth be told, Parisienne women harbor a hardcore obsession with menswear staples, likes Gucci leather belts, straight pants, sharp blazers, Ralph Lauren power suits and LV tweeds. They always make a striking presentation that, surprising enough, never manages to shroud their sensuality despite the masculine power it exudes.

Now, before you go ahead and walk down the loose and lanky Hillary Clinton power-dressing lane, please, remind yourself that Ralph Lauren has a fiercely bold collection of shapely structured power suits that will give your inner lady boss a thunderous jolt.

Neutral Elegance

Image Courtesy: Elle, Vogue Paris, Harper's Bazaar.

Image Courtesy: Elle, Vogue Paris, Harper’s Bazaar.

A sensual nude palette is your easiest ticket to nail effortless glamor, and a Parisienne woman can show you how to wear channel grace and sophistication with neutral daywear attire.

Parisienne workwear majorly comprises of hues like camel, nude, tan, rose gold, blush pink and caramel. All-nude looks are undoubtedly chic and infectiously voguish, and the best part is, they give your frame a slimming effect along with giving your legs an elongated illusion.

You can channel Parisienne elegance with a nude coat, matching nude separates, blazers, leather jackets and as far as the imagination can go, you can never go wrong with nude.

Play Up your Button-Downs

Image Courtesy: Harper's Bazaar, Bloglovin', Who What Wear

Image Courtesy: Harper’s Bazaar, Bloglovin’, Who What Wear

A Parisienne girl can show you over 50 voguish ways of pairing up a basic white button for it is the most functional layering staple in her wardrobe, and she sure enjoys its versatility to a seriously chic hilt!

Paris street style is always lined up with an abundance of a white button down paired up with a myriad of staples, including sharp blazers, sequined skirts, pencil skirts, trench coats, denims-basically every staple imaginable to womankind.

Don’t Forget the Trench

Image Courtesy: Vogue Paris, Women & Delice.

Image Courtesy: Vogue Paris, Women & Delice.

Paris street style has a very easy-going and outdoorsy vibe, and a camel trench coat is the most versatile and functional staple in a French girl’s wardrobe.

She seals all her everyday street style statements with a neutral tan or camel trench coat for an effortlessly chic vibe. And one has to appreciate how trench coats are so style savvy, especially when one is running late for work.

All Hail Breton

Image Courtesy: Bia Perotti, Pinterest, Elle.

Image Courtesy: Bia Perotti, Pinterest, Elle.

Remember Audrey Hepburn in her infectiously chic Breton stripe ensembles? Or the French It girl Bridgette Bardot, who also played up these minimalist delights to channel smartness in her contemporary casual attire.

French girls cannot survive without these, they are an essential part of their go-to attire as they can be paired up with denim, skirts, pants, trousers and lots more.

Messy Bedhead Waves

Image Courtesy: Zimbio,Harper's Bazaar España.

Image Courtesy: Zimbio,Harper’s Bazaar Espa‚Äö√†√∂¬¨¬±a.

The most striking aspect of a Parisienne girl’s statement and the biggest contributor to her effortless charm is her insanely sexy head full of messy bedhead waves. A tangled mass of curls that falls down the face in artful ringlets looks natural and for Parisians far sexier than hair that is literally blow-dried from every inch.

So put away those heat styling tools in the freezer, grab some essential oils, get a haircut that flatters your hair type, and rub your head fiercely against the pillow. I guess that’s what a true Parisienne would advise you.