Nude Lip Diaries: Hottest Makeup Looks to Play up your Sensuality

Fierce red pouts always demand attention, but when overdone, they create a horrid monotony, which can be broken up by playing up some sensual glamour. And a heavily matted nude pout is all you need to give your style statement a classy finish.

Nude lips can be blended into an exciting variety of makeup looks, depending on the beauty statement that you want to channel. For instance, pale radiance, elegant grace, smoky sensuality, bright-soft pairings, metallic looks and lots more.

Here are some of the hottest makeup looks you ought to try out with nude lips:

Exotic Smoke

Image Courtesy: Glamour Russia, Harper's Bazaar

Image Courtesy: Glamour Russia, Harper’s Bazaar

Loud and dark smoky eyes are the most exotic pairing to play up a rosy nude pout with a mysteriously sensual flair. If you get it right, smoky eyes and nude lips are the perfect recipe for irresistible enticement, just the kind of look you’d want to flaunt on a fancy date night. You can experiment the smoky look with blue, black, silver, grey, and even brown, and if you don’t want a messy smudged up effect, why not give your outer eye corners a sharp smoky tinge?

Metallic Drama

Image Courtesy: Buzzle, Pinterest.

Image Courtesy: Buzzle, Pinterest.

Nothing can amplify your sensuality as insanely as boldly dramatic metallic eyes for the metallic sheen will play up a powerful glamour to give the neutral pout a voguish vibe. Go as bold on the eyeshadow as you can, and indulge in loud metallic hues like gold, copper, dark brown, purple or even pink.

Sharply Winged

Image Courtesy: Vogue Magazine, Vogue Paris

Image Courtesy: Vogue Magazine, Vogue Paris

Candice Swanepoel just raised the bar for flaunting this sultry beauty trend that brims a nude lip statement with voguish edginess, and a wild dose of confidence. You see ladies, the idea is to create a flawlessly perfect, heavily matted, pitch black winged liner, and pair it up with matter than matte nude lips. Feel free to skip the contouring, but make sure you play up sensually glossy, bronzed cheekbones for they are the hottest highlight of this insanely sensual look.

Purple Glam

Image Courtesy: Elle, Harper's Bazaar

Image Courtesy: Elle, Harper’s Bazaar

Amethyst purple has emerged as the hottest eye shadow pairing with a peachy nude pout to amplify your glamour for a night of festivities. It’s truly a dream come true, for a soft and neutral nude pout is just what you need to play up the energetic dazzle of loud and fierce purple eye shadow. It’s a remarkable beauty trick to give your statement an infectiously energetic aura. You can experiment around with dark purple hues, pastel purples, lilac or even glittery purple liners.

Naturally Radiant

Image Courtesy: The Fashion Spot, Livingly.

Image Courtesy: The Fashion Spot, Livingly.

The neutral no-makeup look is trending hot on the beauty radar this season, and it requires minimal efforts except a nicely moisturized face, and an even complexion. You need to create a finely lined matted mute pout, and play it up with subtle and pale eyeshadows to play up a soft color palette without ruining the neutrality of this radiantly fresh all-natural look. We recommend you to stick to eye shades like pale peach, rose gold, nudes, and nude-browns.

The Concealer Trick

Image Courtesy: Look, Career Girl Daily, Refinery29

Image Courtesy: Look, Career Girl Daily, Refinery29

If you want to rock a clear face with a heavily matted nude lip, you need to prepare your canvas with a little bit of foundation to make sure the muted pout looks natural on your skin. Take a teeny tiny amount of concealer and use it to prep up your lips to make sure that your natural lip color doesn’t interfere with the nude lip color that you’re using. And if you want to plump up your lips with a naturally glossy sheen, just dab on some petroleum jelly once the liquid matte formula has dried up.

Heavily Blushed

Image Courtesy: Vogue Brasil, Into the Gloss, PopSugar Fashion

Image Courtesy: Vogue Brasil, Into the Gloss, PopSugar Fashion

If you’ve created a heavily matted neutral look that involves a great deal of caking, contouring and concealing, you need to play up your soft nude pout by creating a deep rosy flush on your cheekbones to drive away the paleness. You can use red blush, pink or even a rosy nude one, just be sure to color up those pale patches that look horribly unnatural.

Who’s got ’em Blues?

Image Courtesy: Cult of Pretty, Harper's Bazaar

Image Courtesy: Cult of Pretty, Harper’s Bazaar

Blue eye shadow is the perfect pick to give your rosy nude pout an electrifying glamour that is brimming with energy and a very refreshing kind of glamour. It’s a very dominating look and you can play up your neutral lips with glittery blue liners, loud graphic blue eyes, or even soft pastel blues.