Met Gala 2017: The Ultimate Guide to The Most Glamorous Night Of the Year

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It’s that time of the year! Vey soon we will get to see the most breathtaking gowns and best makeup looks of the year. The Met Gala is definitely the biggest annual fashion exhibition. Designers, actors, editors, other celebrities, and wealthy people reunite every year and create the most glamorous night of the year. Behind all the glam there is a great purpose. Namely, the Met Gala is the biggest fundraiser for the Costume Institute. The Met Gala is also known as the “Fashion Oscars’ because the most iconic outfits can be found nowhere else but here. This year’s Met Gala is happening on the 1st of May and we are all extremely impatient to see what our favorite TV personalities will wear. But, before you comfortably take a seat and go through the photos of all the best-dressed celebrities, here are couple things you should know:

1. Where and When is the Met Gala Happening?

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The Met Gala is happening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There is a 150-yards long Red Carpet to welcome all the wealthiest people and the biggest celebrities in any category. Traditionally every year the Met Gala is on the first Monday of May and usually starts at 6 pm. Having the chance to see all those outrageous creations from the best designers on the biggest celebrities, parading on the Red Carpet is a true treat for our eyes. This process takes a while because guests don’t miss the chance to strike multiple poses and grace the pages of the biggest fashion magazines the day after.

2. Who is the host and the co-chairs of Met Gala 2017?

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Traditionally since 1999 Anna Wintour, the greatest fashion journalist and editor hosts the Met Gala. This year’s co-chairs are Katy Perry and Will Pharrell. These two musicians will be accompanied by Giselle Bundchen and her husband Tom Brady.

3. What is This Year’s Theme?

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This year’s event is dedicated to the grand Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo who stands behind the brand Comme des Gar‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√ºons. In her honor, there will be an exhibition to showcase the most iconic 150-pieces that she designed. After Yves Saint Laurent back in 1983, Kawakubo is the second living designer that the Costume Institute has honored in this way.

4. Who Gets Invited?

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The wealthiest, greatest achievers in the area of film, fashion, music, art, Broadway and of course outrageously rich and successful people. Although the list is a subject to change every year, you can expect A-list celebrities such as Beyonce, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez to be among the honored guests of this magnificent fashion event.

5. What is the Price of Tickets?

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Ticket’s prices start at $ 30 000 and go up to $ 275 000 per table. This is probably more than someone’s life savings but remember that you get to be in the same room with greatest stars of all times. Ironically, major celebrities need just to show up and look glamorous. To be more specific, they usually get invited by brands and attend the Met Gala for free. Anyway, last year’s Met Gala raised an unbelievable amount of 12.5 million dollars.

6. What is The Dress Code?

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Every year female attendees are expected to wear gowns in the spirit of the given theme. This year’s expectations are structured gowns with eye-catchy prints in honor of Rei Kawakubo.

Some celebrities have built a strong relationship with certain fashion houses and they wear gowns from their collections every year. For example, Beyonce five years in a row wears dresses from Givenchy. Sometimes designers shadow the celebrities that wear their designs to make sure that everything on these massive gowns is in place and repair any accidental malfunctions immediately.

7. Who is on the Guest List This Year?

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Unfortunately, the guest list is not revealed yet, but we can expect around 700 A-listers on this year’s Met Gala. One thing is for sure: Met Gala’s tickets are the hardest party tickets of the year to get.

8. Will there be a Met Gala Live Stream?

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Surprisingly, there is no Met Gala live stream. All that we get is pictures. Even guests are not allowed to take selfies. Namely, the host, Anna Wintour is a proclaimed selfie hater. Since 2015 she banned the selfies from the Gala with an intention to ensure privacy and enjoyment to all the guests.

Not being able to even sneak peek at the atmosphere of the Met Gala is just one reason more why this outrageous event should be on your list of parties to attend. Who knows, if you work hard enough or get lucky you might be one of those who gets to go to the Gala for free.

Photo courtesy of Elle, E!, Getty Images, Nichole Richie Instagram

Written by Ivana Steriova
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