MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Cosmetics is releasing the Fruity Juicy summer 2017 makeup collection, which is chock-full of products inspired by the exotic flowers and fruits of the warm tropics. The limited edition MAC Fruity Juicy range ” available at, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue and at the MAC counters starting on May 18th, 2017, is designed with beautifully vivid packaging, full of bananas, papayas, pineapples and bright hibiscus flowers.

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

The design permeates more than the packaging actually, influencing the appearance of the pressed powders as well, which show off the aforementioned hibiscus flowers in the powder, designed for a more complete and well rounded bronzed look. Included in the collection is a new primer, MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Coconut, in a limited edition bottle that matches the packaging for the rest of the collection.

There are enough products in the MAC Fruity Juicy summer 2017 makeup collection for anything you could want, even if it is just a makeup bag to carry a different collection, though considering the options I see that is highly unlikely. Everything in the collection is bright and practical for everyday wear or just to really enjoy the summer season.

MAC Fruity Juicy Lipstick

The MAC Fruity Juicy lipstick comes in four different shades, each with a different finish. The nude is a matte color, while the deep violet has a satin finish. The options allow for very different looks, not just in color but also in visible texture, making it easier to choose what is appropriate for when you are ready to step out into the world.

These lipsticks are also printed with the Fruity Juicy pattern of papayas, pineapples, bananas and hibiscus flowers, but these are printed on the cap and the body of the lipstick.

• Calm Heat ” mid-tone nude (matte)
• Shy Girl ” creamy neutral coral beige (cremesheen)
• Love At First Bite ” bright fuchsia (amplified)
• S‚, S‚, Me! ” deep violet (satin)

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Cremesheen Glass

The Cremesheen Glass will come in four different shades, each with the signature Fruity Juicy design adorning the top/ applicator. The shades are all soft, yet vibrantly tinted to fit in with the collection in shades of soft purple, peaches and apricot.

• Cha-Cha-Cha ” warm peachy pink
• Shake, Shake, Shake! ” bright apricot orange
• La Salsa ” soft purple
• Summer Succulence ” cool beige

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Eye Shadow x6 Fruit

These eyeshadow palettes feature some of the best representation of the Fruity Juicy packaging ” it just looks so good on the outside of the hard covered rectangular eyeshadow palette with MAC emblazoned brightly in the middle.

The hibiscus and fruit over the black background seem to stand out even better on these palettes. Each of the three palettes has 6 different shades that complement each other beautifully. Inside is also a beautifully sized mirror for a good amount of visual space for application.

1. A La La

• Glamour Light ” warm beige (satin)
• Soleil, So Lovely ” dirty grey nude (matte)
• ¬¨¬®¬¨‚àûArriba! ” frosty rose (frost)
• Carnal Charm ” bright burnt orange red (matte)
• Fuchsia Fury ” bright blue pink (satin)
• Cocktail Black ” deep brown grey with pearl (satin)

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

2. Love in the Glades

• Greystroke ” tinted white grey (satin)
• Cumulus ” mid-tone frosty grey (frost)
• Bye Bye Bahamas ” soft chocolate with pearl (frost)
• Palm Leaves ” soft grey green (satin)
• Neoprene Green ” bright frosty emerald (veluxe pearl)
• Russian Blue ” dark blackened blue grey (matte)

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

3. Oh My Banana

• Retrospeck ” beached blonde (lustre)
• Big Kahuna ” true gold (frost)
• Soft Brown ” soft golden peachy-brown (matte)
• Electric Mandarin ” champagne orange (satin)
• All’s Rosy ” deep pink rose (matte)
• Land of Delights ” mid-tone cranberry

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Bronzing Powder

The bronzing powder is available in two different shades with two different finished. Refined Golden has a soft pearl finish, while Banana Bronze is actually a medium deep bronze that has a natural matte finish that makes skin look super soft and youthful. This set of bronzing powders also features the same Fruity Juicy packaging.

• Refined Golden ” finely spun golden with soft pearl
• Banana Bronze ” medium-deep toned neutral matte bronze

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Studio Sculpt Bronzing Powder

The two shades of the MAC Fruity Juicy Studio Sculpt bronzing powder are repromotions done specifically for this collection with the same packaging as the rest of the collection embedded in the top of the compact. The level of shimmer in each of the sculpt bronzing powders is designed to lightly dust across the face helping to create the contoured look you want.

• Delicates ” neutral deep bronze with fine gold shimmer
• Delphic ” coppery bronze with gold sparkles

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Pearlmatte Face Powder

The Pearlmatte face powder is the prettiest product in the entire MAC Fruity Juicy summer 2017 makeup collection. Not only is the product cute on the outside with the Fruity Juicy packaging on the top of the compact, but also the pressed powder on the inside features hibiscus toned cheek colors, a hibiscus that offers a bright highlight shade and a deep bronzer background of the leaves. The motif is continued from the rest of the Fruity Juicy collection.

• Oh My, Passion! ” shimmery tan / light soft yellow /bluish pink / bright coral

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Lustre Drops

The two shades of MAC Lustre Drops are currently repromotions that do not feature the Fruity Juicy pattern. These liquid bronzers are sheer enough to provide the ideal amount of sparkling, skin brightening pearlized pigment that you want as they are buildable as well. The sun-kissed glow that is easily achieved with these lustre drops is perfect for highlighting and creating a healthy glow wherever you want it.

• Bronze Hero ” rich deep bronze
• Sun Rush ” peachy bronze with gold pearl

MAC Fruity Juicy Prep+Prime Fix+ Coconut

This product is a lightweight mist that features a creamy coconut scent in a bottle that also features the collection’s unifying design. The purpose of the limited edition Prem + Prime+ Fix formula is designed to refresh skin for a rested and moisturized look while finishing makeup. The spray comes out in a perfectly refreshing mist that is both soft and fine to coat the face easily.

MAC Fruity Juicy Makeup Brushes

Each of the makeup brushes features the lively pattern for the collection on the handles. Each full-sized brush has the high quality soft fibers that MAC brushes are known and loved for. Though the handle does feature the busy and bright pattern, the MAC and brush style number are still clearly visible.

• 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush
• 126 Split Fibre Large Face Brush

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

MAC Fruity Juicy Makeup Bag

The makeup bag for this limited edition collection is in a great size and features the same pattern of hibiscus flowers, bananas, pineapples and papayas on a black background. The fun little banana detail on the side is especially endearing.

MAC Fruity Juicy Summer 2017 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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