16 Best Denim Mini Skirts From Frayed Jean Skirts to Asymmetrical Designs

Best Denim Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are awesome, empowering and flattering, and even extremely versatile when coming in denim. Since denim is synonymous with spring and is specifically one of this season’s hottest trends, we managed to compile a list with 16 of the best denim mini skirts to wear from now on until the beginning of September, or even longer if you live in a place where autumns are not that harsh.

Best Denim Mini Skirts

Now, put on your favorite Spice Girls’ song and just browse through the best denim skirts around, and if you don’t know how to wear a denim skirt right, read our tips!

1. Asymmetrically Mini

Available at Na-Kd.com, this Levi’s denim skirt combines the simplicity of the denim mini skirt with unique, vintage-inspired details, such a subtly shredded hem and an asymmetrical wrapped cut up on the front, which is also one of the best tricks to elongate the figure.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Levi's Jean Miniskirt

2. Festival-Ready Denim Mini Skirt

The festival season is just around the corner, and this Tularosa denim mini skirt with a frayed hem will help you put on a coherent outfit in tune with the festival atmosphere. You can find it at Shopbop.com.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Tularosa Jean Miniskirt

3. White Denim Skirt

Who says denim cannot be elegant? Available at ASOS.com, Waven’s mini skirt in denim features a fancy asymmetrical cut and is dipped in a bright, urban-chic white shade, which will make it possible for anyone to easily transition from day to night.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Waven Jean Miniskirt

4. Denim and the Nineties

Patchwork and denim are as linked to the Nineties as animal prints are to the Eighties, and this GRLFRND denim mini skirt available at Revolve just proves how flawlessly easy it will be to evoke the coolest Nineties-inspired vibes now through just one single denim skirt.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : GRLFRND Jean Miniskirt

5. Abstractly Denim

Topshop likes to play it cheerfully, and this high-rise mini skirt embellished with ’80s pastels is destined to become this spring’s must-have item in everyone’s wardrobes. It is available for purchase at Nordstrom.com.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Topshop Jean Miniskirt

6. Classic Mini

Are you looking for the most versatile denim mini skirt ever? The one to wear in the years to come and to keep in your wardrobe forever, just in case? This Frame denim mini skirt, which is exclusively available at Net-a-Porter.com, comes just in time for anyone’s springtime shopping spree.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Frame Jean Miniskirt

7. Pretty in Denim

Finding the best denim skirt, when your figure is petite, is pretty hard, as the mini skirt is often either too long or too roomy. This Missguided denim mini skirt combines a flattering silhouette with the cutest girl power-inspired floral embroideries, and is also available at ASOS.com.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Missguided Jean Miniskirt

8. Rebel Skirt

Denim can be pretty rebellious too, especially when utilized to create the most glam rock-inspired denim mini skirt ever. Shredded and with a relaxed, low-waisted fit, this One Teaspoon denim mini skirt will help you dance any night away. Grab yours at Na-Kd.com!

Best Denim Mini Skirts : One Teaspoon Jean Miniskirt

9. Conceptual Denim

Here we are with another shamelessly Nineties-inspired denim skirt, styled with asymmetrical patch pockets and a dynamic shredded hem. Available at Shopbop.com, it will elevate any outfit from high street to conceptually urban.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Sandy Liang Jean Miniskirt

10. Playfully Mini

Marc Jacobs loves denim a lot, and this embellished frayed denim mini skirt, available for purchase at Net-a-Porter.com, just proves it. You will fall in love with its playful, cartoonish embroideries, for sure!

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Marc Jacobs Jean Miniskirt

11. Soft in Denim

When thinking about a mini skirt, we often imagine either dark denim or patchworks of different denim shades, as a light-toned denim mini skirt often makes it hard for the wearer to find the perfect outfit match. This Agolde mini skirt in denim is not only flattering in its lines, but also features the perfect light denim color to pair with everything from a solid-colored top to the most whimsical, or even psychedelic top. You can find it at Shopbop.com!

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Agolde Jean Miniskirt

12. Mini Skirts Mini Stripes

Waven treated us to another Nineties-inspired mini skirt and we couldn’t ask for a better way to celebrate one of the best fashion decades ever! Available at ASOS.com, its flared figure just goes hand in hand with its contrasting geometrically striped patchworks, and will moreover look good when paired with basically anything.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Waven Jean Miniskirt

13. Highwaisted Denim Mini Skirt

Black denim is one of my all-time favorites, and this black denim mini skirt available at Topshop.com is the best option for anyone who is looking for an urban-chic mini skirt that, when paired with a Bardot top and a pair of Mary-Jane shoes, transforms itself into the best Sixties-inspired item. You can find yours at Topshop.com.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Topshop Jean Miniskirt

14. A-Frame Mini Skirt

Available at Fwrd.com, this GRLFRND denim mini skirt is adorned with the coolest vintage embroidery stitching throughout, and will give its best when paired either with your favorite festival-approved top or a contrasting elegant shirt.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : GRLFRND Jean Miniskirt

15. High-Rise Mini Skirt

If intricately embroidered denim is not your thing, we have another “plain’ denim mini skirt that might become the best must-have for you. Its structured figure and lightly shredded hem will look extremely cool both during a night out with friends, and during Sunday brunch at the park. You can find it at Fwrd.com!

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Redone Jean Miniskirt

16. Frills and Denim

Last but not least, here we are with this list’s most jocose denim mini skirt, namely Marques’ Almeida’s mini skirt in layered and frilled denim. Slightly Lolita-inspired, it will give its best with a pair of white sneakers and little backpack full of books and dreams. It is available for purchase at Fwrd.com.

Best Denim Mini Skirts : Marques' Almeida Jean Miniskirt

Photos courtesy of Collage Vintage, Shopbop, ASOS

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