Victoria Beckham’s Target 2017 Collection Arrives!

Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 Collection

Victoria Beckham‘s highly anticipated collaboration with Target has finally been unveiled to a waiting crowding of fans in New York; and the collection will finally be available on April 9.

Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 Collection

Victoria Beckham’s Target collaboration collection was announced back in October, and was received with a lot of positive feedback and excitement; the high fashion aesthetic of Beckham mixed with the affordability of Target was a big part of the draw. Prior to the big reveal, Beckham had slowly leaked and teased out the different garments from the lineup through social media. Another part of the mounting excitement is that her collection also includes children’s and plus-size clothing for the first time in her designing tenure.

“It’s sophisticated and chic [and] my goal was to create something people would enjoy and remember for years to come,” Beckham told Vogue.

The price range of the Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 collection spans from a $6 coloring book to a $70 bomber jacket. Beckham said her aim was to create a lineup of clothes that was as accessible as it was stylish. As she expands into childrenswear, she took inspiration from her daughter Harper, who will be turning 6. Beckham told Vogue that Harper has been a big part of the design process, as she dressed her in several of the collection’s garments prior to the release.

Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 Collection

“I know what fabrics [children] like because I’ve been dressing them for a long, long time,” she said. “Take that and apply what I’ve learned through being a mom.”

But arguably the most exciting thing from the collection is clothing for adult women. Beckham has been helming her eponymous label for nearly ten years now, so she has been molding herself into a well-seasoned designer who has a vision for the reaches of her clothes. She has always found it important to reach women of all backgrounds, and this is apparent especially in this collection.

She offers some of her most iconic silhouettes at prices affordable for the everyday woman. Bold colors, florals and scalloped edges show up on peplum minis and rompers, as well as a diverse array of tops and skirts, many of which staying in the vicinity of $30.

There are more than 150 pieces available in the new Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 collection, and Beckham infused many different themes and inspirations throughout. This inevitably created three core mini collections that fused together to create this large, cohesive macro collection.

Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 Collection

One of Beckham’s largest sources of inspiration was the circus. Teapots and storybook characters line some of her garments as prints, but the theme also shows up in her personal life; she walks around in precarious heels, juggling four children while being an involved mother.

She also brings in elephant and trapeze motifs, through her use of scalloped edges and wide stripes that are reminiscent of classic circus tents. This was also Beckham’s inspiration for her pre-spring VVB collection in 2016, she recalled to Vogue; she chose to revisit it to achieve a playful spirit.

She also went back to the ’60s on Carnaby Street, which is actually just four miles east from her family home located on Holland Park. She used this area to toss in floral prints that recall Pop Art for a series of Mod looks.

Daring androgyny, sharp tailoring and hypermodernity made up the Mod London looks in the ’60s, so Beckham crafted floral prints on sleeveless shifts and mini rompers. These styles have already become runway sensations for the designer, so now she’s taking them to a place for more everyday women to reach them.

Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 Collection

But she brought the collection’s third inspiration back to her roots in simplest form. The romanticism of the England that exists in imaginations around the world is the idealized form of the nation, thanks to old greats like Jane Austen, who immortalized these archetypes in literature, and later in films.

Beckham opted to expand on these, but in a grounded, everyday daywear sense. She modernized the theme, using classic lace and garden florals. Large-scale poppies and other botanicals were used for her VVB lineups, and she brought that down a bit for Target.

She used digitalization to create hyper-realistic floral bunches or single stems, like a calla lily, which is featured on a pair of loose pants, which she told Vogue is her “most-worn piece from the collection so far.” Lace, on the other hand, was used graphically as a large-scaled print. She enlarged the lace patterning and used them as appliques for sweatshirts or crepe shells; she made sure to bring in the flirty nature of lace without taking it anywhere near cliché.

That balance was an important element for Beckham in this totally wearable collection. She took her large ideas that have worked so beautifully on the runway and brought them to an everyday, accessible scale to reach a larger audience. With the Target price tags and the Victoria Beckham brand tags, the 150 pieces available from her collection are likely going to sell out fast. That much is evident in Beckham’s own experience with wearing her collection thus far.

She told Vogue that she wore a pair of trousers from the collection last week and “got so many compliments.” The chance to wear the same trousers, and 149 other available pieces, will become a reality on April 9, when the collection goes live at Target and online at

Victoria Beckham x Target 2017 Collection

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