Top 15 Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

New York Fashion Week? Check. London Fashion Week? Check. Milan Fashion Week? Check. Now we only have Paris to go in this round. But we need to backtrack to the best fall 2017 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week here.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Italy is the home of great fashion creations, where creativity and imagination run rampant. That was easily seen in the seductive grace of the Milan Fashion Week fall 2017 fashion trends that sashayed down that runway, by designers we hold as role models and bright lights in a dark world.

Fashion can truly make a statement without shedding a drop of blood or inciting violence, and that is exactly what both Americans and Europeans have been banking on. Though Italy was not as keen on the statements on clothing as New York or even London had been.

Here, it is pure fashion that speaks and there is nothing more exciting than finding a totally different type of trend appear in a given season. That is why the first on our list is, in fact, the once dreaded and now positively loved Corduroy. Without further ado, here is the list of the top fall 2017 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week to grace the stage for the cooler seasons.

#1: Corduroy Is Back

You might have thrown out all your corduroy at this point, that’s how long it has not been a main fashion trend. Then again, you might have kept a few favorites. For the fall and winter seasons, it certainly is one of the warmest ways to show off color and that is exactly what the fall 2017 fashion trends are banking on.

The fabric is durable and certainly makes for fun fashion when coupled with other top trends, as well as major color as seen at Etro. Miuccia Prada had a whole gaggle of corduroy clad models on stage though and that made it a top trend for fall 2017, whether you like it or not.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Corduroy

#2: Velvet Stays

Velvet is a no-brainer. Seriously. We have been including velvet on this list for a few seasons now, and it might just be a highlight of the late 2010s, staying in fashion for a few years yet. Max Mara‘s combination of velvet trousers and knitted sweaters certainly seems to embody that thought, especially with the inclusion of another top color trend in crimson.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Velvet

#3: Embroidery of All Types

A huge fall 2017 fashion trend on the runway, we get to enjoy all types of embroidery on our favorite fashion looks. It has cropped up everywhere, particularly seen at Gucci where it was a hoot to watch the gorgeous blazers, floral culottes and embellished coats make their way down the runway.

Blugirl had a whole slew of embroidered patterns all over its cardigans, trousers and even sheer skirts. It was definitely fun to find all the different embroidered creations. This is certainly not your grandmother’s embroidery though.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Embroidery

#4: Floral for Fall

Fall florals often differ from the spring, but it seems the fall 2017 fashion trends rather liked mixing them up, if some of the dresses in Milan are of any indication. It was a full bloom on stage throughout the shows, with Gucci and Fendi and Alberta Ferretti among so many others showing off their skirts and coats and scarves with lovely blossoms. Antonio Marras even went so far as to have the models appear on stage with potted plants in tow.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Floral Prints

#5: Bras Are Out

Normally a bra is a piece of underwear used to keep your breasts in place and well supported. Now, they are a key piece of outerwear that present as much fashion as they represent support for your chest.

Corsets met ready-to-wear back in New York and now we get something more on the crocheted side at Prada, and bras stitched outside of the dresses at Marni. For the bra-corset hybrid, we suggest looking to Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Bra Tops

#6: Scarves Go Long

Extra-long scarves in velvets, cottons, knits and fur, along with a whole lot of other fabrics, appear all over the Milan runways in all types of colors. Some are a direct match with the outfits as with Les Copains and Diesel Black Gold, while others stand out beautifully as at Luisa Beccaria and Byblos. They are meant to keep warm, as well as add to your fashion statement, but one really needs to be careful about getting it caught somewhere or tripping over the lovely pieces.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Super-Long Scarves

#7: Robes or Coats?

Coat robes are in according to Milan Fashion Week and it looks fabulous, especially when they are a direct match with what is worn underneath. Laura Biagiotti certainly makes it look lovely, while the velvets of Alberta Ferretti are beyond lovely. A very easy fashion statement indeed and there is quite the fall 2017 selection to shop from it appears.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Robe Coats

#8: The Skirt Suit

Dressing for a position of power is definitely in, with suits of all types appearing as top fall 2017 fashion trends. The pantsuit was huge in New York and London, but Milan saw the rise of the skirt instead, with tweed and pinstripe, velvet and more boxy looks, as well as a futuristic feminine that was embodied at Aigner.

Max Mara mixed long midis with sheer tops, while Aquilano Rimondi was all about the accentuated shoulders and asymmetrical skirts. There is a wide array of looks to choose from, but know that a power suit is certainly a great outfit to invest in for the fall season.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Skirt Suits

#9: Still in the ’80s

Yes, we get some lovely ’90s references too, but it is the ’80s styles that are all the rage now, particularly when it comes to those squared shoulders and voluminous sleeves. Add in a good amount of power dressing as well, and you have the colorful period personified in Milan, just as it was in New York. Yellows and reds and greens also appear in abundance on some rather jazzy pieces, with Erika Cavallini, Tod’s, Marni and Anteprima leading the ’80s looks.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: '80s Fashion

#10: Sheer is Clearly Here

No matter what you think about the sheer trend, one that has been around for quite a few seasons now and only seems to become more refined as time goes on. Versace has mixed in slogans for a stronger appeal; Fendi is going for powerful sexy with thigh-high red boots under black sheer plunging neck dresses, while Antonio Marras brings us some rather divine creations.

Black or sheer underwear is the trend underneath the sheer trend it appears as well, while the chest is left perfect bare for the most part. It is not as big as nipple sensation any longer though, and the more modest sheerness of it all makes it quite wearable, even if only in the warmer fall climes.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Sheer Clothing

#11: A Whole Lot of Red

Dark and bright, the top color of the catwalk for the fall season is certainly red. We have been seeing it in darker shades especially in New York and London, and see a bit more in brights here in Milan. Vermillion, scarlet and cherry undoubtedly make the cut for the best colors on stage. Even the shoes reflected on the reds, with firetruck reds appearing at Fendi on their gorgeous stiletto heeled boots.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Red Color

#12: Pastels in All Hues

It was not just a single pastel color that stuck out most. It was a whole slew of them. Simply pastel. Yellows at Cividini, gorgeous gentle teal colors at Kristina Ti, pale pinks at Giamba, purples at Fausto Puglisi, etc. Pastels are generally for the spring and summer, but have made it onto the top fall 2017 fashion trends report.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Pastel Colors

#13: Printed Animals

Whether we are looking at feline texture prints or full-blown images of your favorite animals on the fall creations, designers in Milan have shown a particular love for everything that walks on four legs. Gucci was especially fond of mixing up the animals, bringing in bats, as well as the foxes and wolves.

Vionnet was all about the birds, while Dolce & Gabbana seemed to especially favor cats and bears. There were even dogs on the runway, live of course, as we noticed at Antonio Marras and Dolce & Gabbana. Yes, it was a whole fashion zoo happening on the Milan Fashion Week runways.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Animal Prints

#14: Slogans Keep Appearing

In New York, the slogan fall 2017 fashion trend was certainly huge. In London it was not as pronounced but still clearly a trend. In Milan, It is once again not too pronounced, but we can relate with the messages presented throughout.

Opinions were plastered on hats, scarves, sleeves and more. Political messages through fashion have double the effect and designers know it well; seeing Versace with “equality’ and “unity’ along with “love’ and “power’ plastered all over certainly was a head-turner.

Moschino pointed out exactly how much they love their customers, while Dolce & Gabbana expounded on the woman as the queen of her own world. Certainly a trend that we can get into!

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Slogans

#15: Inspirations from Above

This is a rather intriguing fall 2017 fashion trend that we do not generally see. The whole religious and interstellar theme is a different one but certainly one we can easily adapt to.

There were some papal-worthy hats at Fausto Puglisi, while Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana expounded on the starry skies and that which defined outer space. Flights of fancy can be seen in all the feathers, while olden religions were also personified on different designer creations. Not your typical fashion trend, but definitely worth making it onto this list of the best Milan Fashion Week fall 2017 fashion trends.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Galaxy & Religious Inspirations

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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