15 Best Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week fall 2017 has also come to an end and we are reeling from the beauty of the pieces showcased on the catwalk that make up the fall 2017 fashion trends. The range of designs was rather vast, as has been the case for the past year or so, with polar opposites appearing as top trends once again. There are a few that have stood out more than the others, however, with some not really what we would imagine fitting for the fall season.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week

With our closets begging for some new updates, though, we can imagine shopping with abandon from the London Fashion Week fall 2017 fashion trends. There are so many looks that we are itching to get our hands on, whether they are from well-established designers or up-and-coming newbies in the field.

Looking into the best and most common fall 2017 fashion trends from the London Fashion Week, we can clearly see some repetition with the New York trends and will also be seeing similar looks in Milan and Paris as well if we have guessed correctly. We generally know to expect the deeper palettes and luxurious fabrics, as well as the use of warmer pieces throughout, where experimentation on the traditional looks is especially highlighted.

The fall 2017 fashion trends from London Fashion Week certainly did not disappoint us at the end of the day, though we were not expecting the top trend to be what we have found it to be. Truly, who can stand to go bare when the temperatures drop outside?

#1: Bareback… and Front

Male and female, only chest or fully bare, we saw the bare bodies showing through with many of the designs that were paraded down that runway. It was huge on the New York Fashion Week and continued to be huge for London as well. The female beauty is shown with ease, concentrating on the open heart and soul more so than the bodies themselves.

There is a certain vulnerability to the ladies thus and most designers decided to capitalize on the tenderness of emotions laid bare before all. It is interesting to know when the general populace would more easily adapt to this particular manner of design, where nothing is worn to cover your breasts underneath a sheer top or dress.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Baring The Chest

#2: Sleeve Volume

A huge trend for a while now, we see voluminous sleeves gracing the London catwalk especially, looking sumptuous and particularly inviting. Bell or buffed, tiered or trumpet, batwing or bishop, so many of the top designers opted for the maximum volume when it came to adding on the long sleeves to their creations. Forget the classic straight sleeves; you will need to replace with some bigger alternatives.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Big Sleeves

#3: Prominent Pockets

Whether we are looking at fur embellished tweed suits as per Simone Rocha or rows of the oversized attractions seen at Christopher Kane, gaping pouches and spotlighted pockets were all the rage on that stage. They appeared off to the side on trousers, over the chest on silky plunge-neck shirts, and simply all over on long coats. Not just for utilitarian use, pockets that were large enough to be seen across a room certainly found their way into the limelight.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Prominent Pockets

#4: Long Length

We have been given a fall 2017 fashion trend that can apply to anything from the maxi dresses to the long coats, the knits with long sleeves and high waists to the long pants. Length is in and it is seen just about everywhere, in direct contrast with the super shorts as well, of course. However, length is seen much more often and more colorfully created, with great imagination gone into covering up, even while baring it all.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Long Lengths

#5: Daring Duvet Coats

We know the fall and winter require a mass amount of warmth sometimes but this particular fall 2017 fashion trend statement is a bit on the ridiculous side. Bubble coats aside, these bring to us something more akin to wearing a duvet.

Antonio Berardi keeps it slightly shorter with extra-long sleeves, while Preen by Thornton Bregazzi and Mulberry cannot hide the coats’ duvet style. The latter even includes matching pants underneath, also extra-long.

David Koma also shows his take on the duvet look, as does MM6 Martin Margiela, but we can more clearly see a coat’s outline in those. So if you had in mind not to leave your bed in the cold winter, these outerwear pieces might be just what the doctor ordered.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Duvet Coats

#6: All Types of Florals

Large flower motifs or tiny adornments, abstracts or perfectly drawn out, all over or just in a corner, floral prints were huge on the London Fashion Week fall 2017 runways. The prints were inspired by upholstery or wallpapers, depending on which design one was looking at.

Artisanal blooms were a thing on the Christopher Kane and Mary Katrantzou stages. The horticultural lean was certainly more in line with spring, but we love to see the brightness and joy florals bring to our world. Mulberry home wallpaper from the 1970s definitely proved to be grand inspiration here, with the term wallflower developing steadily into a compliment.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Floral Prints

#7: Lots of Sparkle

Whether cartoon chic or all sparkling rainbows as seen on the Ashish runway, the shine was never far from the London Fashion Week fall 2017 fashion trends. The shimmer was not as prevalent as in New York, but is was still spotted throughout the week and looked especially lovely.

Mary Katrantzou, as usual, came in with her sparkle and shine, while Temperley London enjoyed bringing dresses in this trend to the runways as much as TOGA had fun with the sequins. This year is all about letting the joy you have inside shine through it seems, with the sparkle of the dress showing off the sparkle of the soul.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Sparkling Sequins

#8: Plaid or Check?

Topping also the New York Fashion Week fall 2017 trends list, all manner of tartan, check and plaid has been incorporated into the fall fashions, particularly when it comes to the coats thrown over the clothing. Mulberry, Shrimps, Orla Kiely, Paul Costelloe and, of course, Pringle of Scotland all proudly displayed the pattern in a warmer, darker coloring fit for the fall season. Sensual tweed certainly caught our attention for the fall.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Checkered Patterns

#9: Cartoon Play

Whimsy seems to be a top priority for the fall season, especially as we kept seeing cartoon characters appear on that stage where the best of fashion walks down. There was something entirely too captivating about seeing childhood favorites encapsulated into modern fashion statements, from Woody Woodpecker sweaters to velvet Fantasia scene blazers, Hare and turtle pajamas made cool, or Mulan based skirts as per Fashion East. Ryan lo, Mary Katrantzou, House of Holland, and Ashish were big on this particular fall 2017 fashion trend.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Cartoon Prints

#10: Embellished Velvet

It was clear that the velvet trend will be continuing into the London Fashion Week fall 2017 looks and we were not disappointed. While the simple velvet was more prominent in New York, London saw the printed beauties with intriguing coloring.

That includes some top-to-toe fuchsia by Peter Pilotto as well as burnished yellow and faded violet that was reminiscent of the Ottoman Empire at Erdem. There was even an intriguing midi dress at Mary Katrantzou with her usual blasts of color, this time presenting jellyfish glistening with applique.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Embellished Velvet

#11: Adorned Fur

Fur is perfect for the cooler seasons, creating the perfect level of warmth for the body, whether real or fake. Long coats are in as we have pointed out, and long fur coats with special adornments are even more of an attraction as a fall 2017 fashion trend.

Bedazzled broaches and colorful embellishments come together on colored fur that is both modern and classic, all in one. Erdem, Simone Rocha, Toga and Isa Arfen are but a few of the London designers who showed off their beautifully adorned fur creations.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Embellished Fur

#12: Oversized Everything

Yes, you are seeing it all correctly. From large gowns to large sweaters, enveloping coats to billowing pants, oversized is in. Voluminous sleeves we mentioned, as well as long lengths, but it is the combination of volume and length that we need to put a focus on as well, since so many of the fall 2017 fashion trends fall within this category.

Oversized layers are a friend of yours; whether we are seeing silk and velvet combinations at Roksanda or Thatcher-style looks that would have swamped her frame at Mulberry, this trend is totally in. Your body’s imperfections will be well hidden, that is for sure.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Oversized Clothing

#13: Winter Crops

Crop tops are supposed to be for the spring and summer, where the weather actually permits it. It appears that for some designers on the London Fashion Week, crop tops were an essential for the fall and winter seasons as well, making the rather uncharacteristic fall 2017 fashion trend a priority to display for the likes of Versus, appearing on many catwalks in warm materials and brighter colors. We are not entirely sure, but it appears we might be catching a cold more often this fall.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Crop Tops

#14: Western Style

Appearing more in London than it did in New York, the Fashion Week runways have been full of the Western chic creations that bring all manner of Western America to mind. From the classic ladies in pinstripe appearing at Erdem to the cowhide crop tops with high-waist jeans as per Ashley Williams, we saw everything from fringe to wide brim hats, floral concoctions and old-meets-new designs. Temperley London, House of Holland, as well as Bora Aksu all joined in this particular fall 2017 fashion trend as well.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Western Style

#15: Oxblood Coloring

Deeper and more poignant reds have been a feature of the fall 2017 fashion trends, with oxblood joining in with burgundy and wine colors to bring is some spectacular looks on the runways. The ready-to-wear collections with oxblood generally featured shades of the darker and deeper reds sometimes combined with lighter cherry and pinks, but often with burgundy or near black cherry.

It is a classic and it is everywhere. So what you have in red, Versus or Roksanda, and generally nearly any designer in your closet, it is in style again.

Fall 2017 Fashion Trends from London Fashion Week: Oxblood Coloring

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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