30 of The Best Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Pre-fall fashions map out the rest of the year in terms of hot fashion trends and give you an idea of what to expect to see on the streets and on the upcoming seasonal runways. Transitional, pre-season clothes make up a huge part of fashion wardrobes, as they are often the most versatile pieces to wear across the seasons. The pre-fall 2017 collections walked amid menswear lines (sometimes on the same runway) and couture lines, so there’s always a lot of fashion going on at the beginning of each year.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Pre-fall lineups may be one of the most significant showings for designers in terms of previewing their direction for the year, but it’s also incredibly easy for hot trends to get lost in the mix. But never fear. Here is a list of some of the best pre-fall 2017 fashion trends that were seen across the runways. And if the rest of the year continues along the lines of these prints and silhouettes during the in-seasons, then we’ll be in for a treat.

#1. Argyle Makeover

One of the hottest pre-fall 2017 fashion trends, argyle is such a timeless plaid that has always been around in some shape or form. Sweaters and socks are two of the most common places, and this season the beloved plaid got a modern makeover.

MSGM took the print and raised the scale for a cute sweater complete with pink hearts at the cross-sections. The oversized scale makes it fall a bit on the abstract side, but it’s clear that it’s based on the classic argyle print. Pairing the feminine sweater with red leather pants and ankle boots gives it an unexpected edge.

Retro ’70s looks have been all over designer runways in the past couple of seasons, so Stella McCartney took the opportunity to create a head-to-toe argyle look with individual pieces that are totally ready-to-wear.

An autumn-colored boyfriend cardigan is at the center of the look, in a classic silhouette; this is layered over a simple red argyle turtleneck, which is a chic and versatile look for fall, and there’s a cozy pair of oversized argyle pants in navy to complete the look.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Argyle Prints

#2. Reimagined Varsity Trims

Varsity stripes are super fashionable ” no matter what educational level you’re at. The collegiate trim was reimagined on the pre-season runways this season, but was also kept traditional on some.

Tome presented a classic sweater with a deep V in a silhouette one would expect when hearing about a varsity stripe sweater. Tibi decided to integrate the stripes into an asymmetrical hem for a skirt, and also as the trim to cuffs, the first of which is an interesting way to present the trend.

Adam Lippes gave an edgy feminine option of this pre-fall 2017 fashion trend with a dress given depth by a deep varsity stripe V that makes way for a bralette.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Varsity Stripes

#3. Dazzling Sequins

The pre-fall 2017 fashion trends also have a fair share of elegant eveningwear, and for any nighttime events, sequins were the way to go. Gowns and separates were equally chic and glamorous on luxury designers’ runways, adding stunning pops of texture to collections.

Valentino crafted a classically striking full sequin red gown with a sweet bustier. The look is as elegant as it is stunning and daring. Chanel added some separates for the trend, with a luxe gold-sequined suit. Gold, black, and white shimmered together on the entirety of the fabric for the house look. It was styled in a Victorian manner, with the hair accessory and necklace, yet was made a bit more casual with an upscale pair of white Oxfords.

Altuzarra did not shy away from the trend either, with a pair of separates in dazzling sequins. A white top was paired with an asymmetrical bright blue skirt, which is surprisingly a casual combo, yet still perfect for an evening event. Nina Ricci decided to increase the scale, with large novel sequins in pink and grey making up a simple shift dress.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Sequins

#4. Unraveled Fringe

Fringe is one of those bohemian pre-fall 2017 fashion trends that have been everywhere in fashion. For pre-fall 2017, it got a huge reboot and became elevated beyond its bohemian roots, working more as an edgy detail. It’s unraveled, rather than being standalone fabric strips, so it adds a lot of thin texture to your look.

Christopher Kane used the detailing across the bust line and shoulders of an off-the-shoulder dress in a cozy casual knit. The slim fit and lovely grey color make it a lovely fall wardrobe addition.

Brands like Chanel and Balmain used the fraying fringe on casual knit clothes, but Diane von Furstenberg used the fringe on a chic leather shoulder bag. It’s a trend that works just as wonderfully in clothes as it does in accessories.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Fringe

#5. Urban Camo

Camouflage was super chic on the pre-fall 2017 runways, especially when paired with other military inspirations. Moschino went all out with the camo in variations coming from head to toe, paired with a military-styled beret on top.

Even more blatant with the camo was Nili Lotan with a classic-camo-patterned pencil skirt suit. Subtler with the execution of this chic yet bold pre-fall 2017 fashion trend were brands like Versace, which opted for a larger camo scale with an abstract feel ” pairing them with lace-up boots adds to the military-esque hard edge.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Camouflage Prints

#6. Outrageous Printed Outerwear

Fur and animal print are huge for coats this season. Anything beyond the ordinary is certainly favored by designers, and that mantra extended to coats. Christopher Kane’s novel feline printed coat is quirky but elegant, and Prada‘s fur coat is definitely on the extravagant side. The latter is very similar to what could be said about Roberto Cavalli‘s fur coat, which is a mish-mash of furs.

Outerwear that was a bit less wild were those such as from Fendi, with a clear yet subtle-enough animal print that uses volume in the tail-end.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Extravagant Printed Outerwear

#7. Overwhelming Florals

Head-to-toe patterned looks are also visible in the argyle and camo pre-fall 2017 fashion trends, but the floral options for pre-fall 2017 were totally overwhelming ” and we loved it! It was a trend that was more formal than casual, but unmistakably perfect for daywear. It was also an unexpected transition from springtime florals.

Brands like Valentino and Altuzarra stayed true to traditional fall color schemes; Valentino with a jumpsuit/fur coat combo and Altuzarra with a cute coat dress with a pair of matching knee-high booths. Fausto Puglisi’s white and red floral pattern was chic and unexpected for fall florals, but was surprisingly sexy with the pattern on a dress, cape, and thigh-high boots.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Floral Prints

#8. Evening Knee Highs

Knee highs are all-around amazing. They can be casual or more elegant depending on the design, and this season, designers showed a distinct interest in making the knee highs geared toward eveningwear.

Valentino had the right idea with the floral boots; Max Mara’s pre-fall collection was full of chic and sleek lace-up boots that could make an easy transition from day to night, which is a perfect versatile footwear option to invest in.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Knee-High Boots

#9. Suited-Up Sweats

Sweat suits have always had that casual-chic sensibility in streetwear, and we saw a reboot of that for pre-fall 2017. Gucci‘s floral sweat suit was trimmed with a red and black athletic strip that juxtaposed athletics with daywear; Bottega Veneta and Emilio Pucci created sweat suits that were more elegant while still being casual, showing how many different ways sweat suits can be integrated into your pre-season wardrobe.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Luxe Sweatsuits

#10. Practical Khakis

Utilitarian style made a bit of a comeback for pre-fall 2017, most notably in the form of khaki clothes. Khaki in all types of silhouettes like jackets, pants, vests, and even dresses and skirt suits came walked the runways. The most striking khakis came from designers like Max Mara, Chloe, Givenchy, and Michael Kors.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Khaki

#11. “Dad Hats’

Baseball caps and other masculine-styled hats hit the pre-fall 2017 fashion trends list ” and streets ” hard. We’ve been seeing fashion icons like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner rocking the “dad hats’ as part of their everyday street style, and that translated onto so many high fashion design houses’ catwalks. Miu Miu and Dior showed some luxe versions of the caps this season, following brands like Balenciaga, which showed its own options in its last resort line.

Keeping the hat simple is an easygoing accessory for any casual outfit, while you might also opt for a bejeweled one to spice things up a bit. For the latter, they can even act as jewelry, so you’re getting a lot of use out of the one garment! This is a style that’s been around on the streets and some runways for the past few months in particular, and it’s likely one that won’t leave the public eye soon.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Dad Hats

#12. Fur Better or Fur Worse

There was a lot of fur on the pre-fall 2017 runway, and it ranged from neutral tones to bolder colors. Over at Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld dyed and embroidered fur to add a modern twist to the fur, while many other designers chose to keep the fabulous fur a bit more neutral.

Cavalli was one of the most devoted designers to the fur cause, showing at least one fur garment in nearly every ensemble that walked. Now, whether you intend to stay classic or follow Lagerfeld with his statement fur, it’s going to hit the nail on the head for new pre-season trends ” plus you’ll be feeling classically fabulous at all times!

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Fur

#13. Literal Animal Prints

Cat prints are no new trend, but when you’re literally making prints of cats and other animals, that’s something special, and it popped up as one of the best pre-fall 2017 fashion trends. The thing that makes it especially surprising is that designers didn’t do this regularly before these pre-fall 2017 lineups! Many of the iterations of realistic animals printed on clothes were quirky, which is what makes them such lovable pieces

Gucci took the animal and fur concept literally by putting pictures of animals directly on the garments as graphics and created a tiger-patterned fur cape on top that just screams “crazy cat lady’ ” in a chic way, of course!

The animal pictures continued onto pieces like a heavy swan-printed dress from Victoria Beckham and a quirky yet endearing peasant skirt with highly saturated and realistic ducks printed.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Animal Prints

#14. Haute Handicrafts

Gucci’s animal graphics were patchwork handicraft creations, as were bow details and other adornments. This is one house among a series of houses which embraced the idea of high fashion looking handmade. Dior’s charming patchwork garments were right on part craft-wise with Valentino’s crafty crocheted dress.

This is an endearing pre-fall 2017 fashion trend, and with all the luxury brands adopting the idea, homespun might just become the next wardrobe essential.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Handicraft Fashion

#15. Overload of Graphics

Almost to the point of garishness, garments walked the runways in large numbers, often in the form of retro styles and silhouettes.

Givenchy ran with this pre-fall 2017 fashion trend in a few different looks, most notably in a graphic pink, blue, and yellow suit with a pink fur overcoat. The ensemble is just kooky enough to work for the high fashion world, with double-sided patterns for the pants and a removable zipper to add a panel to the shirt.

Bottega Veneta’s graphic prints were charming and sophisticated, with colors that matched enough to create a sense of uniformity ” look past the color and you can see all of the clashing details, which add so much depth and diversity. This was a common pre-fall 2017 fashion trend, but so was going all out with graphic prints.

Hermes took color blocking in the collection and mixed things up with some disorder, which is just a larger-scaled version of this graphic trend.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Graphic Prints

#16. Stripes Everywhere

Stripes of all colors and sizes were on the various pre-fall runways, in different styles. Altuzarra featured a black and white suit that looks like Beetlejuice’s outfit reimagined for a hot modern fashionista (oddly enough, it works and has a lot of smart office potential).

Sonia Rykiel paired fur with a nautically striped red dress, and Tory Burch played with directional stripes in a mini option.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Stripes

#17. Comfy Cardigans

Who doesn’t love a good, cozy cardigan? Even if it’s just to lounge around the house. Oscar de la Renta‘s green cardi looks totally cozy belted over a matronly outfit. That sweater as well as the ribbed cardigan from Rochas, the oversized black knit from Dior, and the blue paneled one from Prabal Gurung have us celebrating the return of cozy sweaters. They’re comfortable, easy to toss on when it’s a bit too cold to do without, and can even make your outfit complete.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Cardigans

#18. Red Suiting

Everyone needs a good suit, and for pre-fall 2017, those suits were crafted in stunning shades of red. The scarlet suits were sharp and professional, which lets the color really pop without the look being too garish for daily wear. Smart suits are easy to wear, even when made in a bright color like red; keeping the silhouette simple and classic makes it easy to transfer to the new color.

Lanvin gave a chic red blazer with black lapels paired with a straight-legged trouser, while Givenchy opted for a too-long pant, another pre-fall 2017 fashion trend, and a sleek jacket with voluminous hip details. Stella McCartney showed a head-to-toe red suit, complete with a cute red button-down shirt underneath.

Monse went a different direction and created an evening suit in red, in a satiny fabric with a white bow cascading down the back. It showed that there is also room for this trend to move away from the office and into nighttime events.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Red Suiting

#19. Impeccably Tailored Blazers

Even if red isn’t your color, pre-fall 2017 saw plenty of sharp tailoring, especially with blazers ” both casual and professional. Often the blazers were paired with slim suits that would perfectly frame curves of the everyday woman.

Of course, we saw some sleek tailoring from Giorgio Armani ” we would have been shocked otherwise. There was also a crisp white blazer with large gold buttons that pops from Giambattista Valli and a pair of the trending red blazers from Altuzarra.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Tailored Blazers

#20. Structured Relaxation

We can’t be all relaxation all the time, so this pre-season, designers have included more structure in their looks, where in past seasons they might have presented sweats or pajamas. Mixing relaxation and structure is a great combo for the wearer, since it’s high end street wear plus comfort.

Dior’s micro-houndstooth cape coat was totally chic and timeless in a classic British type of fashion, which already makes it a stunning street wear choice for fall. Cape coats are super comfy on top of everything, so it’s these types of garments with practicality and structure that are amplified with a bit of relaxation thrown in.

Paco Rabanne’s pre-fall 2017 lineup was full of comfort and easygoing garments, like a soft and cozy sweaterdress that was given structure with a bit of hardware and color differentiation.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Structured Tailoring

#21. Plentiful Plaid

Plaid showed up in many instances on the pre-fall 2017 runways, and it was inherently subtle in many of those cases ” or was unique at the very least! A midi skirt from Victoria Beckham pitted two plaids layered over one another, which created an interestingly graphic pattern that would cause a second look.

Off-White’s asymmetrical jacket dress was interesting in its raw plaid form, but was given life with the orange-red flower vine creeping up the side. Tibi went totally subtle for a neutral jacket with oversized sleeves and masculine detailing ” the plaid is almost imperceptible from a distance.

Balmain, though, in their classic style went crazy with the plaid, going straight for head-to-toe houndstooth looks for that rocker chick in all of us.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Plaid

#22. Back to the ’40s

Some designers turned to the subtly sophistication of ladylike ” ’40s dresses. This led to some beautiful moments on the runways that were totally picturesque in an old Hollywood kind of way. The ’40s are remembered for its simple daywear as well as its extravagant fashion in places like Hollywood, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation from designers.

Bottega Veneta seemed to pull a vintage dress directly from the decade, while Miu Miu and Coach, among many others, drew heavy inspiration from the decade. Max Mara’s luxe fur coat was very reminiscent of old fashion, as was the extra attention to glamour and prints.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: '40s Fashion

#23. Extended Pant Hems

Lengthening the hem of pants is especially flattering for those with shorter legs, especially when worn with heels. The only major drawback of this showing up as one of the best pre-fall 2017 fashion trends is that they’re pretty impractical for daily wear ” especially when the weather starts acting up! So you’ll be taking a few risks like this when you opt to wear a pair, but it’ll be certainly worth it at your intended destination.

Jil Sander featured a series of floor-pooling trousers in its pre-fall collection, as did Acne Studios ” which were far from detracted when they were modeled by rocker Bobby Gillespie ” with a whole series of patterned pooling pants.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: 'Floor-Sweeping Pants Hems

#24. Flaired Flair

Bouncing off the long pants, flared pants in general were hot on the runways, whether they pooled on the floor or not. Jonathan Simkhai presented a large variety of these types of flaring pants, some of which were actually sweat styled to look less casual to maximize comfort in daywear options. Solid black, stripes, tan, white ” the options Simkhai gave were in jumpsuits and pants.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Flared Pants

#25. Timeless Frilly Lace

Lace has yet to go out of fashion ” it just finds new ways to stay interesting in the fashion world. This pre-fall season we saw it in all of its beloved old forms. Dior went back to ’80s and ’90s for inspiration, bringing us lace pants and a crocheted lace sweater, while designers like Fendi stayed totally timeless, with a swirling pink lace dress, paired with sophisticated lacy fishnets that are another hot fall trend.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Lace

#26. Feminine Pleated Skirts

Pleats are a classically timeless style with so much ladylike charm. With the rest of the lineups, this seems like the perfect time to integrate pleats in as a seasonal trend. Fendi reimagined a pretty pleated pink dress, and Christopher Kane ditched the pencil skirt for a suit and swapped it for an asymmetrical pleated skirt in green instead.

Dior’s pleated sweater skirt was a casual option that is also practical for fall and winter when the temps start to drop, and ditto goes for Cavalli!

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Pleated Skirts

#27. Opaque Statement Tights

Tights have become an accessory for pre-fall 2017. Any color that suits your style is a perfect addition, according to the diverse rainbow of opaque statement tights that walked the runways for the pre-season; the rule seems to be that the only way you should wear black tights is if they’re patterned fishnets. Red is still a point of note for the tights, in all shades and sizes.

Erdem presented interesting neutral options for statement tights, when it presented pairs of patterned tights with matching-patterned dresses. So, if you don’t feel drawn to solid colors for tights, Erdem’s advice seems to be just matching the pattern and color to your outfit!

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Statement Tights

#28. Tea-Length Dress Comeback

Dresses that fall mid-calf are coming back in pop culture, and this pre-fall 2017 fashion trend doesn’t really carry the same overly modest vibes it used to. Fashion houses like Red Valentino have found ways to add in trendy sheer fabrics to add some oomph to the silhouette, while other designers like Marchesa Notte are just staying classic with dresses fit for a soiree.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Tea-Length Dresses

#29. Oversized Day Dresses

Floor-length dresses are no longer reserved for evening gowns and maxi dresses. Altuzarra’s dreamy dresses floated down the runway with a bohemian charm and extra-long sleeves, while other designers like Preen sent down purely oversized dresses.

A bit of extra volume in your dresses will be a stunning statement piece for fall. This is a great pre-fall 2017 fashion trend to invest in, even if just for one dress ” it’s a style that prioritizes both comfort and luxury.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Oversized Day Dresses

#30. Sheer Modesty

Sheer garments don’t necessarily have to be oversexualized. More and more each season we’re seeing designers embrace the “Free the Nipple’ movement, and the garments that walk totally sheer with bodies bare are a statement, true, but there’s something so elegant about the ability to tactfully cover panels underneath the sheerness.

Versace gave a seductive yet modest take on this trend by using a plethora of swirling colorful beading layered over sheer fabric to cover certain areas. Red Valentino used a similar beading effect with a more delicate execution, layered over more modest underwear.

Pre-Fall 2017 Fashion Trends: Sheer Dresses

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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