Best Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends from The Runway

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends

During Paris Couture Fashion Week, it can be a bit difficult to avert your attention from the bold, daring fashion that walks the various runways. Yet, the couture beauty trends that unfold during the week are just as striking and trendsetting in the fashion world. In the spring 2017 couture beauty trends, we see a return to minimalism in many cases for traditional makeup, but there were some hot haute styles that stood out above the natural makeup choices. There was plenty of glitter and some gorgeous, luxe color choices that popped against bare makeup displays.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends

Hair was also muted for the week in most cases. Styles were kept simple and surprisingly casual in many shows, but were sophisticated and formal in others, so it was a potluck of styles there.

Hair accessories, on the other hand, were a force to be reckoned with. Flowers and feathers, and even string and revamped barrettes, made an appearance on different runways. These were the details that helped to push the basic and casual hairstyles past common.

Overall, beauty turned a bit to the side of old fashioned, but kept things modern with contemporary tweaks to elevate the runway displays. The spring 2017 couture beauty trends that were unveiled at the couture week complement the looks that walked, but also show where high fashion beauty might be going for the upcoming fashion month and where everyday beauty will be going for the rest of the year.

So without further ado, here is a list of some of the best beauty trends from the spring 2017 couture runways.

#1: Welcome Back Wings

Eyeliner wings never truly went out of style, but they still managed to establish a comeback with the spring 2017 couture beauty trends.

Elie Saab‘s simple black wings evoked old Hollywood and days of glamour. Their makeup artist, Tom Pecheux, opted for black and blue liners to create dimension, which added a subtly modern update to the classic style. It was dramatic and unexpected while also being timeless, which is an interesting turn of events!

Ralph & Russo also tried out the wings with an update. They combined this trend with the metallic eye trend (#2 in this list) by using hard angles for the wings and topping it with a beautiful metallic silver eyeshadow on the lids to make a slightly futuristic contrast.

This is a simple spring 2017 couture makeup trend that we love to see making a statement on the couture stage. It’s an everyday style that is just gorgeous alongside the extravagant pieces that walk the runways, and with the modern updates it’s perfect for the next few seasons.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Cat Eye Makeup Wings

#2: Sparkly Metallic Eyes

This season, glittering and graphic metallic eyes are taking over the sparkly lip trend of fall 2016 couture week. The exaggerated winged looks make for an interesting frame for the eyelids, which were generally kept bare or naturally colored.

Viktor & Rolf made this a huge statement in their lineup, going a step beyond the winged eyeliner trend. The duo used gold and silver metallics to give a strong, futuristic interpretation of the wings. This is less than daywear, unlike the simple eyeliner wings, making it right on part with what we’d expect from a luxe haute couture showing.

So, Viktor & Rolf and Ralph & Russo went in similar directions by creating metallic wing looks as one of the best spring 2017 couture beauty trends.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Sparkly Metallic Eye Makeup

#3: Glitz and Glam

Shimmering glitter was beautiful in silver, and it went beyond the metallic eye trends as mentioned before, becoming quite a lovely couture fashion week trend for spring 2017.

At Chanel, silver glitter was paired with head-to-toe glitzy silver gowns and glamorous slicked back hair to match. The glitter was used as a highlighter on the upper cheekbones, beside the eyes of the models, securing this as a trend for seasons more to come.

Dior‘s glitz came at a larger scale. Larger metallic stars were applied around the eyes and cheekbones. This became a staple beauty piece for the collection, as they opted for natural makeup elsewhere with the intent of this being a standalone beauty trend.

In some instances, the stars covered a large area, and in others one or two were dotted beside the eyes, depending on the look. This is a cute, lovely style that would be fabulous at a music festival, or any other event for that matter.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Makeup Glitter

#4: Vibrant, Colorful Eyeshadow

Armani Privé proved that coral-orange can be a stunning makeup option, while Jean Paul Gaultier went a bit crazier with yellow eyeshadow and red lips.

The orange in Armani’s show was a soft yet striking color contrast to the skin tones of the models, and also went hand in hand with the orange theme of the show ” called “Orange Vibrations,’ we wouldn’t have expected less. This showing up as a spring 2017 couture beauty trend is a beautiful reminder that any color can be lovely at the eyes, cheeks, or even lips, if it’s balanced.

Gaultier, on the other hand, didn’t go for balance and decided to go for the drama strike. Crayola yellow eyes and red lips took the form of casual-edgy. As a trend, it shows that vibrant colors like these can work together without totally overpowering the clothes worn. It’s a trendy statement!

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Vibrant Colorful Eyeshadow

#5: Staying Au Naturel

Aside from those who played with bright colors and metallics, many of the couture runways saw another round of natural faces. This has been one of the more constant makeup trends across the last few seasons, but it’s always breathtaking on grand stages such as those during couture fashion week. Where in the past we would expect nothing but drama and vibrancy, now there’s a natural freedom that shows up above the exquisite eveningwear, making everything just a little bit less unattainable.

Valentino kept things to a minimum and only used an illuminator to make the models’ skin glow. They kept this as the focal point for the show, keeping things majorly natural and as more of a clean slate.

Giambattista Valli took a similar approach to keep his models as natural as possible. He created a flush illusion with a light pop of color at the cheeks to aid his poofy-dressed theme, but left the rest of the face virtually untouched.

Natural faces are still a notable spring 2017 couture beauty trend, and hopefully will continue to be for the next few seasons at least. It’s a nice reprieve from the wave of dramatic choices women have opted for in the past, although both types of makeup application are totally beautiful still today!

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Au Naturel Makeup

#6: Vortex Hair Buns

Chanel showed a series of models sporting swirly hair buns styled by Sam McKnight. Not only do these buns look sleek and sophisticated, they also are a compact style for your hair in general. They’re a striking new hair trend for any color of hair, from natural brunettes and blondes to those with unicorn hair or other dyed colors. It’s a great new option to try for a more formal event.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Vortex Hair Bun

#7: Slicked Back Hair

Citing Chanel again, slicked back hair was seen on more than just one designer stage. On Lagerfeld’s Chanel runway, slicked hair was the center-style working with the wet looks and taut buns to evoke elegance and sophistication.

Viktor & Rolf slicked back the hair of some of their models to give them more of a futuristic look, which went with the metallics winged eyeliner.

These two runways showing the same spring 2017 couture beauty trend in different ways make slicked back hair look a lot more versatile and easy to work with. Where you might only try the Chanel way for a formal event, you might try Viktor & Rolf’s rendition for a less formal, or everyday event. You can just play it by ear!

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Slicked Back Hair

#8: Speaking of Ears…

Georges Hobeika had a true statement accessory that walked his couture runway. He had the hair pulled back into a tight half-up knot, which is already a trendy everyday hairstyle. But, his focal accessories were these huge statement accessories that wrapped around the ears.

The pieces are glitzy and are super quirky and fun. They’re a new way to sport jewels at an event, so they were a statement on the runway and they’ll be a statement if we see any celebrities try it out on a red carpet in the awards season.

On a smaller scale, this could be a spring 2017 couture beauty trend to really take off for casual daywear, especially in bohemian styles. There have been similar accessories to come out, but shown on a stage like couture fashion week, it’s bound to receive a bit more recognition! So whether they stay on the red carpet or take off as a new top trend, this is an accessory style to keep your eyes ” or ears ” on in the coming seasons.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Ear & Hair Accessories

#9: Edgy Regality

Alexis Mabille introduced an interesting way to try out darker or edgy makeup. He showed off his spring 2017 couture looks with easy, loose waves, trendy mauve lipstick, and black nails. But the final touch that made the collection divine was a series of luxe, elegant tiaras.

He played with the line between casual and formal here, especially since his collection was almost bridal-themed (albeit bright at many points!). By playing with colors in nail polish and lipsticks, and keeping the rest of the face bear, he created an interesting canvas that helped him juxtapose the edginess of some makeup colors with the regality and sophistication of glitzy diamond tiaras.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Edgy Makeup

#10: Hair Adornments

The biggest hairstyle trend for spring 2017 couture fashion week came in the form of hair accessories. Several designers had their own statement beauty pieces styled directly into the hairstyles, which is an easy way to kill two birds with one stone when getting ready for an event!

• Dior had the most options when it came to hair adornments. Floral headpieces were a huge statement to the entire collection, which was an ode to nature. So, the natural flower look was a given. It’s an easy, beautiful trend, though, especially with music festivals coming up.

They also showed feather headpieces, which were styled with natural, earthy curls which made the overall look especially ethereal. Finally, black hoods and masks were edgy uses of nature’s inspiration to look like insects, which is only really bug-related in the context of the collection ” outside of which it would be a cool accessory!

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Hair Accessories

• Francesco Scognamiglio gave an update to classic metal barrettes. He simply grabbed a handful of the clips and grouped them to create different patterns. This is an easy trend to trey out, since most of us already have some of these barrettes lying around. And if you don’t have any, it’s super easy to go out and buy some!

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Hair Accessories

• Embellished braids were on the agenda for Schiaparelli’s couture showing. The simple style here was a small piece of black tulle hanging loosely from the hair tie that held the end of the braid. This cute hair adornment trend looks sort of like a phone charm, which adds a super cute novel aspect to it, as well as being a simple and chic trend to try out and revamp your standard braid.

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Hair Accessories

• Finally, one of the more unorthodox hair trends came from Maison Margiela. John Galliano worked with his hairstylist, Eugene Souleiman, and makeup artist, Pat McGrath, to come up with a hair and makeup style using string. It’s a really fun style, with colorful strings hanging down and being secured in different positions.

The hair was styled with the string intertwined with partial cornrows that led back into a full braid in the back, which tapered down into the end where the frayed ends just poofed out.

Working with McGrath, the string on the face was used to mimic framed wings on the eyelids, which swooped back around to the hairline and to weave all around the ear. This is a fun look that’s more youthful and immature, so it really adds a lot of fun to the spring 2017 couture beauty trends!

Spring 2017 Couture Beauty Trends: Hair Accessories

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Livingly

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