15 Best Little Red Dresses To Wear From Day To Night

Best Little Red Dresses

The little red dress will be your new favorite go-to for day and night. The LBD will always have its special place in our closets, but your favorite is going to have a bit of competition now. Red is actually quite the versatile color when it comes to dresses, depending on the shade and silhouette, so you can take the opportunity to add some new styles to your wardrobe.

Best Little Red Dresses

Wearing little red dresses will give you the perfect opportunity to try out minimalistic or nude makeup looks, which are both beautiful and current beauty trends, since the color is a standout shade on its own; you don’t have to worry about a pop of color for your lips if your dress does the work for you!

Whether you’re looking for casual daywear or elegant eveningwear, red dresses will soon become your new favorite style. Here are 15 of the best little red dresses available now.

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1. Twiggy Little Red Dress

This sweet little red dress is great for a lot of different reasons. The pattern looks textured so it adds some depth, and the circular pockets are a cool touch. There’s an overall mod style here as a throwback, which is totally on trend for the current season. The chain straps at the top make this an easy dress to wear, too, since you don’t need to worry about accessorizing. Buy this little red dress from Net-a-Porter!

Best Little Red Dresses: Twiggy Little Red Dress

2. Ruffle-Bottomed Little Red Dress

This is an especially youthful little red dress in a bright tomato shade. The cap sleeves and lack of shape make it a young dress style, which is only furthered by the asymmetrical ruffles at the bottom. It’s an easy casual style to pull off, so it’ll be easy to integrate into your daily wardrobe. Buy this little red dress from Farfetch!

Best Little Red Dresses: Ruffle-Bottom Little Red Dress

3. Bow-Front Little Red Dress

This RED Valentino red dress is another particularly youthful one, and is equally as feminine and sweet. It has great promise as a cute evening dress, with minimal need for accessorizing. The ruffles and bow at the top paired with maximum coverage makes for a dress reminiscent of a young girl’s. The mini hem matures the silhouette, so it ends up having this nostalgic effect while still being age appropriate. Buy this little red dress from Matches Fashion!

Best Little Red Dresses: RED Valentino Bow-Front Little Red Dress

4. Floral Little Red Dress

Tea dresses are adorable and have been a constant trend for quite some time. It’s quickly turning into a timeless dress style, making this little red dress even cuter. It’s a casual style that can be paired with so many different accessories to liven up the look, like a cute springtime denim jacket; it’s almost worth it to go without, though, since the open back is a super sweet detail surrounded by ruffles. Buy this little red dress from Topshop!

Best Little Red Dresses: Topshop Floral_Print Little Red Dress

5. Ruffled Little Red Shift Dress

This RED Valentino shift dress looks adorable on the rack, and super chic on the model. Adding a simple black belt would pull in the dress if you want to add more shape to the shift, but the way it flows on its own is lovely for a little red dress. Since the ruffles are the only defining characteristic, adding in some simple accessories can help you transition the dress from day to evening. You can buy this little red dress from Farfetch.

Best Little Red Dresses: RED Valentino Shift Little Red Dress

6. Flowing Ruffled Little Red Dress

The ruffles of this romantically flowing little red dress make it an easy casual dress as well as a sweet evening number. Simple flats make this Parker dress perfect for daywear and strappy heels take it to night. The silky material makes it even more elegant on its own, and the high neck with center slit leaves no want for neck accessories. A pair of earrings is enough to complete the look! Buy this little red dress from Revolve!

Best Little Red Dresses: Revolve Little Red Dress

7. Scalloped Little Red Dress

This sophisticated little red dress is perfect for an evening event. It’ll make for a great replacement dress for that go-to LBD, and will have you standing out more than you otherwise would. The scalloped hem and lined bust lines give new textural elements, which are pulled together with the modesty tab at the base of the deep V. It’s a sexy look that stays classy and elegant. Buy this little red dress from Forward!

Best Little Red Dresses: Scalloped Little Red Dress

8. Faux Leather A-Line Little Red Dress

Tomato red is always a lovely shade if you’re looking for an elegant dress, and this silhouette only makes it even more sophisticated. It’s a simple shape with easy detailing that is easy to accessorize with a simple necklace and maybe an extra piece of your favorite jewelry. This dress has a beautiful simplicity that’s charming enough for day or evening. Buy this little red dress from Shoptiques!

Best Little Red Dresses: Faux Leather Little Red Dress

9. Elegant Lace Little Red Dress

This is a stunning eveningwear dress that is sexy and romantic with its oversized lace print. The wine color of this dress by Nicholas is elegant, and the thick lace fabric adds a lot of structure to the silhouette. It’s a timeless style for a dress with its plunging neckline and extended sheer lace down to the knee. This is one little red dress that is great for evening events of all levels of formality. Buy this little red dress from Forward!

Best Little Red Dresses: IRO Lace Little Red Dress

10. Edgy Sheer Little Red Dress

Self-Portrait created this casual edgy dress that has a unique set of sheer panels and cutouts. The dress underneath the sheer sleeves and overlay has the appearance of a miniskirt and bra, with the large-scale overlay giving a fit and flare silhouette. It’s a little red dress that is an easy choice for daywear, but by switching out a couple of accessories and footwear, and perhaps adding a dark lip color, it could be used for night as well. Buy this little red dress from My Theresa!

Best Little Red Dresses: Self-Portrait Little Red Dress

11. Fit and Flare Little Red Dress

The lace-up sides of this little red dress add some character to an otherwise basic silhouette. The casual style is easygoing; side cutouts are a common dress feature nowadays, but the lace detailing makes for an intriguing addition to the style. Since it’s such a simple overall style, it can easily be dressed up a bit for a slightly more formal occasion, so there’s some great versatility there, all the while having a comfortable fabric with some stretch. Buy this little red dress from Nasty Gal!

Best Little Red Dresses: Nasty Gal Little Red Dress

12. Plunging Asymmetrical Little Red Dress

This is a sexy bombshell little red dress that is perfect for a night out. The slightly asymmetrical hem causes a break in the straight-lined style, which takes some of the attention away from the blatantly sexy plunging neckline. These elements all work together in this super easy silhouette, and will have you walking confident, even with the exposed skin that might have some people a bit reluctant. Buy this little red dress from Revolve!

Best Little Red Dresses: Revolve Asymmetrical Little Red Dress

13. Off-the-Shoulder Little Red Dress

This subtly sexy little red dress almost has a Victorian style to it, especially at a glance, due to the ruffled sleeves and high neck. Besides that, it’s simply a sweet dress, but can also have a rocker-chic vibe if styled with edgy booties and with edgy makeup and hair.

The wine red color is very flattering to many different skin tones, and the shape is just cinched enough to have a flattering shape as well. This is a dress that can easily change in appearance based on what you wear it with, so there’s a lot of subtle versatility in this one dress. Buy this little red dress from Forward!

Best Little Red Dresses: IRO Little Red Dress

14. Strappy Velvet Little Red Dress

This is a classically beautiful little red dress. It’s the kind of number you’d expect to see on an old photo of fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe, and there’s just something so luxe about it, even before noting that it is made in a lush velvet. The ruffled hem adds movement and begins after an asymmetrical line.

The plunging neckline between spaghetti straps goes well with the trend of underwear as outerwear, since even though you’re showing a lot of skin, it has the same visual effect as a bra. You can get this strappy little red dress from Saks Fifth Avenue.

Best Little Red Dresses: Velvet Little Red Dress

15. Carefree Open-Back Little Red Dress

This little red dress is a super-versatile and romantic design, perfect for wearing from day to night. The loose boho silhouette makes it a great piece to wear with strappy sandals or a pair of sneakers during the day, while the plunge cut-out and the open-back design give the right dose of chic to it, making it an ideal party dress. You can get this red dress from ASOS.

Best Little Red Dresses: Majorelle Cutout Little Red Dress

Photos courtesy of Revolve, Forward, ASOS

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