11 Best Leather Mini Skirts That Are Trending Now

Best Leather Mini Skirts

There’s something so iconic and versatile about a leather jacket, and the same can be said about a leather mini skirt. Leather mini skirts are a secret treasure in the fashion world that are super stylish and surprisingly easy to wear if you get the right silhouette; they’ve never had a huge leap as a fad, but hopefully there will be a surge in the near future.

Best Leather Mini Skirts

With all of the different styles you can find in the cool fabric, finding your perfect leather miniskirt (or skirts, more likely!) will be super easy, and you’ll find that many will look super cute with fishnets, which are right on trend this season. Here is a list of 11 fabulous leather mini skirts that will give you enough inspiration to start a leather skirt collection to add to your wardrobe!

1. Ruffled, Zippered Leather Mini Skirt

This leather skirt takes a lot of the best aspects of leather jackets and puts it into a mini option. The asymmetrical zipper detail is reminiscent of a classic moto jacket, and the ruffles add some sensual femininity. The high waist makes the silhouette flattering, and it’s a great balance between rocker chic and glamorous femininity. You can find it at Nasty Gal.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Nasty Gal Leather Miniskirt

2. Fit-and-Flared Pleated Leather Mini Skirt

This leather mini skirt is another design with simple pleating styled in a classic skirt. The leather fabric is heavier in this rendition of the style, which juxtaposes the simple femininity of the silhouette. The leather belt with thin hardware is a characterizing feature of this leather skirt. Buy it from Free People!

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Free People Leather Miniskirt

3. Asymmetrical Lace-Up Leather Mini Skirt

This leather miniskirt manages to be both super edgy and feminine. The lace-up detail down the front is reminiscent of stereotypical Goth leather style, but is balanced with the sweet tie at the top of the high waist. This leather skirt option is longer than a micro-mini, so there’s a bit more coverage than there is in other leather mini skirts in this list, and the detailing is especially sweet. Find it from Forward!

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Iro Leather Miniskirt

4. Embellishment-Trimmed Leather Mini Skirt

This has the structure of a basic leather skirt, and it’s the embellishments at the hem that makes it a unique look. When worn, this has a bit of a boxier fit on top, so you’ll want to keep that in mind if you love the look! This leather mini skirt would look particularly nice with fishnets, as the semi-tight fit on the legs would do well with the extra patterning of the tights. Buy this skirt from River Island!

Best Leather Mini Skirts: River Island Leather Miniskirt

5. Box Pleat Leather Mini Skirt

This is a super basic leather miniskirt on the grounds that is a classic hide fabric and also has a basic skirt silhouette with sweet box pleats. The young femininity of the box pleats plays well against the heaviness of the leather. There’s nothing in particular that jumps out about this silhouette, as everything just melds and works together. It’s beautiful in its simplicity, made by Alice + Olivia, and you can find it from Shopbop.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Alice + Olivia Leather Miniskirt

6. Studded Leather Mini Skirt

This leather miniskirt is nothing but leather and studs. It’s styled to look like a wrap skirt, which adds a bit of sophistication to keep the leather mini skirt from being too overpowering. Leather and studs is such an iconic duo, so adding them together for a leather mini skirt was bound to happen, especially when the result is this chic. You can buy this from Nasty Gal.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Nasty Gal Leather Miniskirt

7. Button Down Leather Mini Skirt

The crinkled leather for this leather mini skirt adds to the character of the casual style. This is a classic skirt style that is often created in denim, with the buttons down the front. Creating the silhouette in leather adds an interesting new dimension and weight. The high waist is easy to pair with casual or more elegant styles, and it’s easy to accessorize to go out on the town. You can find this leather mini skirt at Revolve.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Revolve Leather Miniskirt

8. Fold-Over Leather Mini Skirt

This is another faux-wrap leather miniskirt, but this one has a more casual style. The fold over waistband adds depth and texture to the miniskirt, while the side tie helps to promote the wrap skirt visual and also adds another layer of depth and texture. When you’re looking for leather mini skirts, it all comes down to small details, and this option has quite a few that work together beautifully. Find this one from Nordstrom.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Nordstrom Leather Miniskirt

9. Buckled Down Leather Mini Skirt

In a chic deep brown, the back of this leather mini skirt is sleek and simple with a half-length zipper down the middle. The front is the star of the skirt, though, made entirely of buckle detailing. It’s an edgy way to try out a leather mini skirt, but can still be styled to look more elegant with sleek and chic tops and heels, so it’s actually quite the versatile piece to add to your wardrobe. You can buy it from Misguided.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Missguided Leather Miniskirt

10. Leather Mini Skirt with Side Zippers

Another simple and casual style, this leather miniskirt’s basic style is only broken up by the zipper at each hip. The basic miniskirt style has this rendition rather shapeless but with a bit of flare that comes from the structured leather fabric, and the zippers come in to add a bit more shape as well. These details on either side also add a spring of youth to the look, and you’ll find that it’s super easy to style any way you want. Find it at ASOS!

Best Leather Mini Skirts: ASOS Leather Miniskirt

11. Waterfall Ruffled Leather Mini Skirt

This faux leather miniskirt is especially elegant and sophisticated, created in a pleather with a gleaming finish that almost reads as satin at a glance. The large ruffle cascades, like a waterfall as the name suggests, around your legs.

Thigh-high boots would add some edge to contrast the elegance, or other heels or booties would bolster it, so it’s a versatile piece. What’s interesting about this leather mini skirt in particular is that it also comes in a dusty pink, where black is a common shade. You can find this skirt from Storets.

Best Leather Mini Skirts: Storets Leather Miniskirt

Photos courtesy of Nasty Gal, Free People, Nordstrom

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