MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

Finally, we have received good information on the upcoming MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics spring 2017 collection, and it is very hard not to get too excited about it. The mega makeup brand has partnered with Kabuki, James Kaliardos and Diane Kendal, who have all collaborated with MAC before. This collection is supposed to be a 50-piece color collection that is set to be available in the US on January 19th, 2017 online at the MAC website and in certain MAC store locations, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s.

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

The MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics spring 2017 collection will actually be released as three smaller capsule collections, one for each of the makeup artists they are collaborating with. It is a perfect way for MAC to release 3 completely different collections that show off different styles (lots of smiles all around!). Each of the collections will be comprised of limited edition options, but they are all amazing.

Overall there is nothing that you won’t find incredibly useful in the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics spring 2017 collection. Everything is amazing and beautiful and varied providing options you know you need and better options for the things you want to try.

Each collection ” the MAC x Kabuki Magic capsule collection, the MAC x James Kaliardos capsule collection and the MAC x Diane Kendal collection ” has everything you could want so you can mix and match and ultimately customize any appearance you want.

MAC x Kabuki Magic Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

The MAC X Kabuki Magic Makeup Art capsule collection focuses on long-wearing and deeply pigmented, highly saturated formulas. The colors are not just really well pigmented, but beautifully rich.

MAC Kabuki Magic Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor ($21.00) (Limited Edition)

Each of these limited edition liquid lipsticks is a long-wearing luxurious matte. The names are as interesting as the colors, like The Modern Age, which is stone grey, Flamingo Road that has a purple magenta look, a pink tinted ‘nude’ named Sweet Thing and my favorite, which is Fallen Angel, a rich, deep berry color.

MAC x Kabuki Magic Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Kabuki Magic Crystal Glaze Gloss ($21.00) (Limited Edition)

The Crystal Glaze Gloss comes in two colors in little pots that have the full title of the collection on the lid. It’s a Great Feeling is a warm pearlized red and orange tinted gloss that comes in a cute little pot. The other color, Ice Follies is sheer pink pearlized gloss.

MAC Kabuki Magic Today We Live Powder Blush Duo ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

Today We Live is a powder blush duo with both a soft beige color and a peachy blush that has minute gold reflectors in it.

• Oh You Pretty Things ” golden peach with fine gold reflects
• Taupe ” soft beige-brown

MAC Kabuki Magic The Shining Hour / Dazzleshadow X4 ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

Lots of eyeshadow palettes have cute names, but in the Shining Hour / Dazzlshadow x4 with colors like Humoresque, Last Dance, Heaven Loves You and Letty Lynton, it is apparent that the shadows are meant to pop.

Each one has a ton of light reflectors in them and the ‘Dazzleshadows’ come in shades of pink and violet, gold and white pearlized colors and finally a light burgundy with reflective teal that is mind-boggling.

MAC x Kabuki Magic Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Kabuki Magic The Best Of Everything / Eyeshadow X 4 ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

The Best of Everything palette has the colors we all depend on at one point or another, and features 3 mattes and a charcoal grey satin shadow. The colors are deep, and even in the palette they look incredibly soft and smooth.

• Sense of Doubt ” dark charcoal grey (Satin)
• Johnny Guitar ” mid-tone neutral grey (Matte)
• Trog ” neutral mauve-brown (Matte)
• Love on the Run ” light purplish-grey (Matte)

MAC Kabuki Magic Paints ($22.00) (Limited Edition)

The MAC x Kabuki Magic Paints are incredible dream options for makeup users. Each color is as rich as imagination, and easy to apply with a skilled hand. The colors Holy Holy and Overnight Sensation are pearlized, while Win, the indigo color and Cracked Emerald, which is obviously green, are both matte.

MAC x Kabuki Magic Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Kabuki Magic Brush (Limited Edition)

The tools are important, just like technique and product, so it is no wonder the MAC and Kabuki collaboration have included brushes. For $25 the 218S Precision brush is available, and the 282SE Small Duo Fiber brush is $32.

MAC X James Kaliardos Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

In a more traditional style of makeup, the MAC x James Kaliardos capsule collection will be along the lines of what a lot of people are looking for. The collection is inspired by shades already within MAC’s color archives that James Kaliardos has been in love with for years. The color palette is jewel toned with inspiration taken from semi precious stones and natural minerals, as well as celestial objects.

MAC James Kaliardos Moons Of Saturn Full Face Kit ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

The Moons of Saturn full face kit is a double decker mirrored compact that includes 2 cream color bases in Gypsum, a champagne gold with fine silver reflectors that create a pearlizd appearance, and Rhea, which is an incredibly bright coral color. The second tier of the compact holds the matte bronzed gold sculpting powder in the color Natural Sandstone.

MAC James Kaliardos Moons Of Jupiter Full Face Kit ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

The Moons of Jupiter kit is a double decker mirrored compact that includes 2 cream color bases and a flattering face sculpting powder. The upper deck features the cream color bases in Callisto, a mid-toned pearlized red tinted plum color, and Ganymede that is a bronze with rosy and gold tints. Beneath this slide-out upper deck, the lower deck holds the Galaxite sculpting powder in a rich red toned brown.

MAC X James Kaliardos Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC James Kaliardos Lipstick ($17.00) (Limited Edition)

Each of the limited edition shades of lipstick in the MAC X James Kaliardos capsule collection is a classic shade that won’t force people out of their comfort zone to use.

There is a Coral Bliss, which is actually a repromoted frosted color, a classic red, a deeper reddish brown and a light pink. The finishes are those of an actual lipstick; rather than a liquid matte or pearlized option, these are satin finishes or lustre finishes.

• Almondine ” lippy pink (Lustre)
• Bloodstone ” bluish mid-tone red (Amplified)
• Jasper ” deep reddish-brown (Satin)
• Coral Bliss ” frosted light coral (Cremesheen)

MAC James Kaliardos Tricolour Lip Gloss ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

The MAC X James Kaliardos Tricolor Lip Glosses are incredibly cool to look at and I imagine they will be amazingly hydrating to use. They come in stacked colors that will blend together during use on the brush.

The sheer option with the clear gloss on top, the peachy color with a pink tint in the center and gold with blue fine reflects in the bottom for depth in the glossy color make up the Stratagloss Opalite. The Stratagloss Pyrite is the pink and peach shaded beige with gold reflects within.

MAC X James Kaliardos Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC James Kaliardos Into The Well Eye Shadow ($20.00) (Limited Edition)

Pressed individual eyeshadows are great, especially when it is a color you use all the time. The cool blue mid-toned Matte Galena and warm, matte brown Midnight Tryst are perfect to toss in your bag. And it is much less frustrating to own these singles than to use the similar shades in a palette every day and open them to see your staple shadow is done.

MAC James Kaliardos Pressed Pigment ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

Most people love a pressed pigment and the Black Grape and Light Touch shadows are beautiful and will make a lot of us very happy. The penalized colors will look amazing on every skin tone.

MAC James Kaliardos LASH ($17.00) (Limited Edition)

MAC x James Kaliardo provides us with the ultimate lash for a great framed eye that is not overdone or overpowering.

MAC James Kaliardos Brushes (Limited Edition)

The brushes from the MAC x James Kaliardos collection are beautifully designed to do what you need them to do. The Synthetic Fluffy Eye brush 246SE will retail for $25, while the Duo Fiber Angled Face brush 178SE will retail for $42.

MAC x Diane Kendal Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

The Diane Kendal Art Cosmetics collection is built on the concepts of sultry, sophisticated beauty. This capsule collection features creams, pearlescent sheens and shimmers for a range of options that are a twist on vintage with a hint of edge. The colors are bright and deep and definitely eye-catching.

MAC Diane Kendal Enhance Me / Casual Colour Lip & Cheek X 6 ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

This compact features 6 creamy bright colors that are perfect for use on cheeks and lips. The colors are brilliantly named with options like Petulant, Contrary, Heavenly, Valiant, Marvelous and Fiery. The lip and cheek palette has colors from a deep reddish brown (Petulant) to a bright scarlet red (Fiery).

MAC x Diane Kendal Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Diane Kendal Glamourize Me / Cream Colour Shadow X 6 ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

The eyeshadow palette from the MAC x Diane Kendal capsule collection has very deep colors for spring 2017; whereas most spring color palettes are bright and green and yellow, these are deep and interesting. Each color is rich and pearlized for an interesting overall appearance no matter how it is worn and applied.

• Glowing ” light gold pearl
• Dynamic ” reddish-bronze with pearl
• Alluring ” royal purple with pearl
• Enigmatic ” reddish-plum with pearl
• Daring ” navy blue with pearl
• Rebellious ” deep blackened-brown with pearl

MAC Diane Kendal Cover Me / MAC Studio Conceal & Correct Palette ($40.00) (Limited Edition)

A concealing and correcting palette is one of the best tools to have. This palette features 6 creamy colors ranging from Lightest (an extremely light beige) to Darkest (a rich deep brown). Each color is antioxidant enriched and good for all skin types. Each can work individually or you can blend them for a custom match.

MAC x Diane Kendal Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Diane Kendal Studio Quiktrik Stick ($32.00) (Limited Edition)

This stick will quickly become your go-to essential in your makeup bag. The color combinations are ideal for quick fixes and even looks on the go. The combination sticks come in Sheen / Smouldering, which is a champagne colored, ultra light shimmer on one end and a deep and warm brown matte on the other.

The Radiance / Shadow stick comes with a pure pearl white on one end and a mid-toned neutral matte brown on the other.

MAC Diane Kendal Kajal Crayon ($18.00) (Limited Edition)

Within the MAC x Diane Kendal capsule collection, the Kajal Crayon is my favorite and most anticipated option. The richly colored Kajal Crayon has four limited edition shades within the MAC x Diane Kendal collection. The purple, blue, teal and indigo are each a stunning, limited edition crayon that is so fun to open and close with a design that is being called innovative.

• Flourish Me Deep ” rich black
• Flourish Me Beautiful ” deep purple-plum
• Flourish Me Bold ” bright indigo blue
• Flourish Me Vibrant ” bright teal

MAC x Diane Kendal Makeup Art Cosmetics Spring 2017 Collection

MAC Diane Kendal Brush ($25.00) (Limited Edition)

As with the tools in the other two capsule collections, you will quickly love the 230SE Multipurpose Detailing brush, as it is designed specifically for what it can do with the collection and to the specification of the artist, in this case, Diane Kendal.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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