How to Wear Velvet Right: Fashion Tips, Dos & Dont’s

How to Wear Velvet Right: Fashion Tips, Dos and Dont's

Velvet has the potential to look elegant, sophisticated, and smart ” but it also has the potential to look cheap or even trashy. So, when velvet fashion is worn right, it’s luscious and can be a total winning look for whatever occasion you’re wearing it for. Conversely, the opposite is true. We’ve been seeing a lot of velvet emerging as a beautiful trend, and it is, of course, very important for people to know exactly how to wear velvet in the most successful way possible.

How to Wear Velvet Right: Fashion Tips, Dos and Dont's

Velvet goes hand-in-hand with ’70s fashion, which has been another top fashion trend in the past season in particular; with all of the rich colors and luscious textures that are always abundant for the cold seasons, everything seemed to be right on the mark for bringing in the velvet trend.

Thinking of velvet often brings to mind the idea of either classic royalty or glamourous musicians ” this is one of the only ways these two groups of people might have in common, yet both utilized the fabric to its utmost potential. And that’s what we want to see on the streets as well!

Velvet fashion has also been typically seen in eveningwear rather than daywear, but we have been seeing velvet as daywear pop up on various runways this year. So this isn’t just some trend that popped up on a whim; it’s been a long time coming, and we’re finally seeing just how beautiful it looks in a daily setting!

If you’re trying to figure out how to wear velvet because you want to try out the lush fabric in the next few months, you won’t want to be left out in the cold by missing the mark. Stick to these basic guidelines, and before you know it, people will be asking you how to wear velvet!

Gravitate Toward Rich Colors

Velvet fashion at its most sophisticated and elegant is in rich jewel hues. But that’s not to say you can’t find lighter tones that are chic as well, so do keep your options over.

If you’re ever in doubt, though, stick to the deeper shades, because more than likely they’re your best bet for a stunning velvet fashion moment! Black velvet is a classic go-to shade, but really don’t be afraid to play around in the jewel department, with deep blues and emerald greens, bold reds and luscious pinks!

How to Wear Velvet Right: Fashion Tips, Dos and Dont's

Seek out the Smooth Velvet

It’s easy to find daywear pieces in crushed velvet, but be wary! It’s easy for even expensive designs to look cheap if the velvet is crinkled, so try to opt for smooth velvet that speaks to you. This is pretty easy to differentiate when looking at different velvet designs ” the right fabric will look (and feel) absolutely amazing. Pairing together the jewel shades and smooth velvet is the perfect basis to begin your search.

Velvet Can Be Professional: Velvet Blazer

Suiting made in the plush fabric may sound a bit odd, but it can make for some killer blazers! Add to the sophistication by pairing a velvet blazer with a silk top; you’ll have two luscious fabrics next to each other for a totally rich and luxurious look.

Velvet fashion is also applicable to other outerwear. Coats are a great way to go if you don’t want to feel stuck in the fabric throughout your day, and it’s even one of the most striking and luxurious iterations of velvet. It’s easy, because you can wear it over any style of outfit without worrying about overpowering anything.

Try a velvet coat or blazer paired with your everyday suits when you’re going into work” it can really make your day get a little bit more comfortable!

How to Wear a Velvet Blazer

How to Wear a Velvet Dress

You’ll find that velvet is just the thing you were missing from your mini dresses, especially in the wintertime! The velvet dress was seen at its most feminine on this year’s runways. The silhouettes ranges from sweet to edgy in numerous ways, showing just how versatile the smooth fabric can be.

You can go playful and short with dresses containing embellishments like velvet ruffles, or you can go luxurious and sleek with straightforward velvet making up the body of the dress. Either way, it adds so much depth and texture to your standard dresses that come in the same or similar designs.

Lastly, and most importantly, let the velvet dress be the star of your look. You don’t need to worry too much about accessorizing a velvet dress, because the fabric is a wow piece in itself.

Just toss on a pair of complementary shoes, grab a simple clutch, and maybe add on something like a scarf or a simple piece of jewelry to add a little something extra depending on the dress you’re sporting. For example, a daring velvet dress with a plunging neckline would be paired well with a simple necklace.

You might try styling a simple velvet mini dress with opaque tights and classic lace-up boots. Then you can have a bit of fun with accessories. If the dress is subtle enough, you might toss in a simple velvet piece. Otherwise, stick to other fabrics for a clutch and perhaps one other piece of jewelry you feel your look can’t survive without.

How to Wear a Velvet Dress


Velvet chokers have been in for a while, and now is the perfect time to pull these in to further your involvement with the velvet trend. This winter you’ll be seeing plenty of velvet chokers (and you probably already have in the fall), so that’s one easy way to fit into the sphere. You might also try a luxe velvet scarf, if you’re looking for ways to stay warm while also trying out new trends this winter.

One of the best velvet fashion accessories you’ll be able to find, though, is a handbag. Many top designers and fashion retailers have recently released a handbag design or two, so you’ll be able to find your dream bag in no time if you browse around your favorite shopping outlets.

It’s a super easy way to add in some luxurious velvet to your looks, and you’ll find just how easily velvet can transfer from day to night. Plus, who couldn’t use a few new handbags in their wardrobe?

How to Wear Velvet Accessories/ Chokers

When in Doubt, Pull Back

There’s nothing more enticing than the thought of enveloping yourself in velvet when trying out the velvet trend. Don’t do it! This is perfectly fine with velvet blankets, but not in velvet fashion.

Stick to a piece or two, depending on the outfit, and don’t go past that! A velvet dress or a velvet two-piece suit is perfectly acceptable, but don’t add in velvet accessories or shoes on top of that, or else you might come off as way too overzealous.

If the only velvet you’re wearing is in your shoes and accessories, stick to the footwear and one or two accessories (max!) to add some luxury to your looks. Any more than that and you’re already beginning to trivialize your whole look.

Restraint is one of the most important (albeit sometimes the hardest) aspects of trying out a new trend. If you’re just beginning to ease into this one, keep it to one statement velvet piece the first time around, then think about adding more if you really deem it necessary.

How to Wear Velvet Accessories/ Handbags

It Doesn’t Need to Be Formal

Suits and dresses are two of the most striking garment types that come up with the velvet trend, but velvet fashion really reaches into all aspects of fashion. By looking around, you can find things like velvet shorts and casual, oversized tops that you might expect to find in any other everyday fabric.

So the only thing you’ll be changing from these pieces (which are probably already favorite silhouettes in your wardrobe) is the fabric. You’ll even be swapping it out for a plush, cozy fabric that will be great for the winter months.

With the garments like velvet shorts, you could make fabulous edgy looks by pairing it with opaque tights or even fishnets, as is another trend for the season. If the velvet texture is subtle enough, playing with more textures to bring out the fabric is a fun way to get to know velvet or what does and doesn’t work with it.

Velvet is just an all-around fun fabric, and there are so many different ways you can wear it, so there’s no harm in having some fun and figuring out what looks the best for you!

How to Wear Velvet Accessories/ Handbags

How to Wear Velvet Shoes & Boots

The velvet trend even extends down to your toes. Embrace the ’70s by tossing on a pair of platform heels with velvet, or just browse around and find any number of styles created in velvet.

You might be surprised to see all of the options out there ” but when you think about it, it’s really just a step up from suede! Beyond that, there’s no grand rule to velvet shoes, other than to opt for the velvet ones instead of your standard go-to footwear of the same style.

For winter in particular, though, velvet boots are the must-have footwear. These are super easy to insert into your daily wardrobe, because a pair of these really just calls for a simple outfit.

How to Wear Velvet Shoes

Think dark wash denim jeans (or a neutral pant) and a simple top, or, if you really want to highlight your fab new boots, just go full monochrome. By pairing a pair of chic over-the-knee brightly toned velvet boots with a sleek bodysuit, you’ll be all set for an evening event that’s just as sophisticated as a dress.

Footwear is the one area where the exact type of velvet isn’t important. Crinkled velvet boots aren’t as elegant or sophisticated, but they make for fabulous additions to your everyday daytime wardrobe, in neutral shades and jewel tone alike. These boots naturally can be found cheaper, so don’t sweat it if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to try out the velvet trend for the cold seasons.

Let it Play Well with Others

Velvet fashion can be hard to pair with other styles if you don’t know what to look for. In this case, juxtaposition is a striking way to go.

Try pairing a jewel-toned velvet dress or miniskirt combo with a khaki jacket, for instance. The color will work to counteract the rich texture and add in some edge in a utilitarian way ” it’s the perfect way to pull off a sassy and sweet theme in one outfit. A similar way to offset the femininity of velvet would be to pair it with a leather jacket for a look with a harder edge.

You’ll find that pairing a girly velvet fashion garment with a harder or neutral jacket will make your velvet more versatile in your everyday life. This doesn’t need to be a difficult trend, as long as you know just how to wear velvet!

How to Wear Velvet Boots

Make Your Man Join You

Velvet fashion isn’t just a trend for women; it’s always been a striking addition to men’s wardrobes, too. Velvet blazers and suit coats are actually one of the most luxurious fabrics for semi-formal attire, especially in jewel tones.

Know How to Clean Velvet

Velvet is a really tricky fabric to care for all around. It’s easy enough for the owner, though, to take it to the dry cleaners when it’s time to be cleaned regularly, but we don’t always have the luxury of an immediate remedy.

For instance, a mid-even spill can just ruin a part of your mindset for the evening. I know I’m prone to clumsiness more often than I’d admit, so if you’re like me, then wearing such a luxurious fabric is a bit daunting without knowing the proper way to care for minor issues.

If you manage to spill some liquid on your velvet garment, be careful not to blot or wipe at it. This might be your knee-jerk reaction to taking care of a spill, but with velvet you would risk ruining the lush texture!

Instead of blotting, you’ll need to remove the garment and shake out the additional moisture. If it’s a velvet dress and you’re at an event, though, you’ll just have to do the best you can under the circumstances! Then it’ll just be a waiting game of letting it dry on its own. Finish by fluffing the fabric with your finger in order to keep the velvet fashion looking as good as possible.

How to Clean Velvet

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