Glossier’s Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts Are Perfect for Your Beauty Savvy Friends (And You)

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier The Super Pack

I don’t know about you, but for me, going out gift shopping in December is the fastest route towards a massive panic attack. Unfortunately, being in the beauty business means that everyone is relying on me to give them the perfect holiday skincare and makeup gifts. There are a ton of online deals happening right now, to save me from the misery of the mall, but Glossier’s holiday 2016 beauty gifts truly stand out.

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts

Glossier, for those not in the know, is a minimalist beauty brand affiliated with the beauty blog Into The Gloss, and they are all about making beauty shopping easy, natural, and fun.

Whether you are buying for beauty gurus, or total beginners, Glossier’s beauty gifts for holidays 2016 are guaranteed to please, without scaring away your friends who shy away from complicated or over the top makeup and skincare. They’ve put together complete multi-purpose sets of skincare and makeup that can get someone started on the perfect beauty routine, or complement their pre-existing one.

Glossier’s beauty gift guide for 2016 is best utilized as a one-stop shop, but it doesn’t have to be ” even if you buy one gift, it’ll be worth it, since their free shipping starts at a low $30 purchase. So what exactly do they have on offer this season? Who is each gift set best for? Let’s unpack it all!

Because We’re All About that Base: Skincare

Glossier Phase 1 Set

One of the first rules of makeup is that your look is only as good as your canvas, so the Glossier Phase 1 Set is a must, especially for the friends who seem kind of lost whenever talk of skincare starts.

This introductory set includes Glossier’s uber-popular Milk Jelly Cleanser, a creamy and non-drying cleanser perfect for all skin types, their Priming Moisturizer (an excellent 2-in-1), their light as air Perfecting Skin Tint (available in 5 shades), and their all-purpose, fragrance free Balm Dotcom (for dry lips, overblown noses, or as an all over the face final moisturizing step for really dry skin types). Priced at $80, it’s available for purchase here!

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Phase 1 Set

Glossier The Balm Dotcom

This all-purpose, fragrance free balm is the perfect stocking stuffer or office Secret Santa gift, because it’ll work for just about anyone ” male or female, young or old, makeup savvy or not. It costs only $12, so hurry up to snag one for your best friend here!

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier The Balm Dotcom

Glossier Mask Duo

Masks are a great gift for the skincare fiend who seems to already have everything. With this set, they are basically getting a brand new facial in a box. First, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack detoxifies the skin and re-energizes it, getting it ready for the nourishing Moisturizing Moon Mask. It’s available at Glossier for just $40!

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Mask Duo

Glossier The Super Pack

This set of three potent serums can be split up, so you can gift The Super Pure Serum to the younger relative with sensitive or acne-prone skin, give The Super Glow Serum to the aunt always complaining of signs of aging and pigmentation, while The Super Bounce can be given to that one friend whose skin looks a little, ya’know, thirsty. Or, just keep ’em all to yourself ” after all, we all have different skin concerns on different days. The set retails at $65 on

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier The Super Pack

Makeup Magic

Glossier Black Tie Set

This makeup set is a great way to boost a pre-existing makeup collection, so it’s definitely best for your beauty savvy friends. It includes the No. 1 Pencil, a creamy and long lasting smoky pencil eyeliner, the equally creamy clear Lip Gloss, Haloscope in Moonstone, a perfect cream highlighter in a push up applicator, and a girlish pink polish that is free of the 5 nail polish baddies. This one costs $50.

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Black Tie Set

Glossier Phase 2 Set

With perfect skin out of the way, this lovely makeup set comes into play. It includes a Generation G lipstick in a sheer, matte color of your choice (the 6 options range from demure to daring), a full coverage Stretch Concealer (5 shades available), and Boy Brow, a soft brow pomade with a mini-mascara style applicator (3 shade options). Buy it for just $50 here!

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Phase 2 Set

Glossier Generation G

Get colorful with your stocking stuffers, and give a Generation G lipstick of your choice. These sheer lipsticks feel like lip balm but look like stains, and they come in 6 different shades, so you can find the perfect choice for everyone on your Nice list. Get yours at Glossier for $18!

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Generation G

The Best of Both Worlds: Makeup, Skincare, and Somewhere in Between

Glossier Four Flavored Balm Dotcoms

This is another beauty set for holiday 2016 from Glossier that can be split up… or not. I won’t judge your lip balm hoarding ways, if you don’t judge my shoddy proofreading. These balms come in 4 flavors: Cherry and Rose both have a light reddish tint, while Coconut and Mint are just perfectly bare and moisturizing. For $40, you get them all!

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Flavoured Balm Dotcoms

Glossier Phase 1 + Black Tie Set

Get the best of both worlds, for the lady you really want to impress, with a combination of the skincare heavy Phase 1 set, and the makeup focused Black Tie Set. This is available for $100.

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Phase 1 + Black Tie Set

Glossier Combo Breaker: Glossier Sweatshirt

This one is for the Glossier super fan who already has everything: a piece of warm and comfy swag. It’s available in size XS-XXL for $60.

Glossier Holiday 2016 Beauty Gifts: Glossier Sweatshirt

What do you think about these holiday 2016 beauty gift items? Are you getting any of these for the people on your list? Comment and let us know!

Photos courtesy of Glossier

Written by Maya Adivi
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