21 Pairs of The Best 2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women

Best 2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women

Aviator sunglasses are super cool, especially if your go-to style already lines up with ’70s fashion. This style of frame is especially chic for the coming seasons, since we have seen so much of that decade in fashion and accessory collections.

Best 2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women

There are so many innovative variations to this iconic shade style, between frame design and lens tint, so even if your wardrobe isn’t erring on the side of ’70s fashion, aviator sunglasses are an essential addition to your closet. You’ll find that they can be the perfect final touch to your looks; some aviator styles will add edge, while other styles are simply chic!

What Are Aviator Sunglasses?

Developed by Bausch & Lomb in 1936, aviator sunglasses are a type of shades with an inverted teardrop shape, which are now commonly referred as Ray-Ban aviators. Also known as “pilot’s glasses”, they normally come with dark, reflective lenses that cover the entire eye, and super-thin metal frames.

However, the modern types of aviators are available in a variety of other styles and colors as well, including clear-lens aviator sunglasses. There are sporty, navigator (squared) and classic teardop-shaped aviators, as well as ones featuring metal or plastic frames.

Who Should Wear Aviators?

Aviator sunglasses are among those universally flattering shades that match almost any face shape, and you just need to pay attention to the size to see which one suits you best. That being said, aviator sunglasses flatter round faces, oval faces, heart-, triangle- and diamond-shaped faces. Pay attention to the color of the lenses and the size to find your best fit.

Aviator sunglasses are perfect to wear both with day-to-day casual outfits, like a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirts, and with more polished looks, such as office pencil skirts matched with elegant blazers.

Here are 21 amazing women’s aviator sunglasses for 2017 that will kickstart your new sunglasses obsession!

1. “Eva’ Aviator Sunglasses

Tom Ford created these chic rose gold aviator sunglasses with a totally obsession-worthy shade of rose gold as the frame. These shades are the perfect definition of sophisticated aviators and how the style can translate well into mature city fashion. They come with a beautiful white leather glasses case, and are available on Net-a-Porter.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Tom Ford Aviators

2. Double-Wire Aviator Sunglasses

These innovative aviator sunglasses are characterized by their double-wire frames. Karen Walker designed the shades, and as such they feature the label’s signature arrows at the side of each lens, connecting the frame and the lens together. You can buy a pair from Moda Operandi.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Karen Walker Aviators

3. Metal-Trimmed Aviator Sunglasses

Givenchy designed these black acetate aviator sunglasses for 2017, which were styled to be super casual while still being a great accessory. The metal nose bridge is a great aspect that gives it some character, while keeping the overall silhouette simple. They are available from Neiman Marcus.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Givenchy Aviators

4. “Isidora’ Aviator Sunglasses

Don’t be deceived by the lovely light brown tint of these aviator sunglasses; they actually still offer 100% UV protection, and promise to shade your eyes where it’s most needed. The light lens shade is complemented beautifully by the double-bar rose gold frames. These are another sophisticated aviator sunglasses for 2017, and you can find them at Net-a-Porter.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Chloe Aviators

5. Thin Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Another chic and sophisticated option, these Oliver Peoples aviator sunglasses are thinly framed in gold, and the overall style is simple and lovely. The lenses being in a silvery hue makes it the perfect overall pair of shades for your everyday sophisticated styles or for even your cool throwback looks. They are available from MyTheresa.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Oliver Peoples Aviators

6. Blue-Tinted Aviator Sunglasses

Victoria Beckham knows how to keep modern trends classy, so it’s no wonder these aviator sunglasses are the epitome of class and sophistication, even in their shade of “Flash Blue.’ The lenses are rather opaque, making them a beautiful focal point against the thin gold frames. Buy a pair from Net-a-Porter!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Victoria Beckham Aviators

7. Basic Aviator Sunglasses

These aviators by Valentino are deceptively basic. The style is just what you’d expect from a pair of aviator sunglasses; the gold/brown pattern at the temples at the nose bridge, on the other hand, elevates the classic silhouette. You can find these shades at Neiman Marcus.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Valentino Aviators

8. Lightweight Gradient Aviator Sunglasses

These 2017 aviator sunglasses for women marry classic sunglasses and classic aviators. The Carrera Eyewear shades have the frames of your favorite old (but still stylish) sunglasses and you’re also getting the trendy aviator lens shape; the overall old-yet-modern sunglasses could easily be your next go-to pair. They are available from Nordstrom.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Carrera Aviators

9. Black Teardrop Aviator Sunglasses

These sleek, black, mirrored aviators come from none other than Alexander McQueen. The deep teardrop shape of the lenses adds an interesting twist to the sunglasses style, and the thick black bridges add even more character. You can pick up a pair of these modern, cool aviator sunglasses for 2017 from Shopbop.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Alexander McQueen Aviators

10. Contemporary Gold Aviator Sunglasses

Prada has created these luxurious gold-lensed and accented aviator sunglasses for women. The thick black frames make for a less severe design, while the gold nose bridges bring a lot of focus, making these a true statement accessory; the gold lenses make for another great twist. Find these aviators from Matchesfashion!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Prada Aviators

11. Black and Gold Aviator Sunglasses

These Linda Farrow aviator sunglasses are totally classy and chic, keeping things super simple and elegant with black lenses and all gold framing, made from acetate and titanium. These luxurious shades can go with anything; so regardless of your personal fashion options, these are a great fit. They are available from LuisaViaRoma.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Linda Farrow Aviators

12. Sleek Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

Both the lenses and the frames of these Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses are gold. The monochromatic style is perfectly sleek, especially since everything else about the shades is classic to the style. You can buy a pair of these sophisticated aviator sunglasses for 2017 from Net-a-Porter.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Ray-Ban Aviators

13. Split Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

The two-toned mirrored lenses of these Dior aviators in the real draw. The colors available are blue, brown, and rose gold (my favorite), and each is perfect for different styles, so there’s room for personal senses as well. These sleek aviator sunglasses are available from Saks Fifth Avenue.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Christian Dior Aviators

14. Mysterious Black Aviator Sunglasses

Tommy Hilfiger created these all-black, classic aviator sunglasses for 2017. The mystery here comes in the design concept, since the color scheme and the upper bridge just exude this bold aesthetic. Any other variation in color would have made these simply classic aviators, but the deceptively simple monochromatic choice makes them fabulous. Find them at Nordstrom!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Tommy Hilfiger Aviators

15. Crystal-Trimmed Aviator Sunglasses

These Versace shades bring the trendy aviator silhouette to the glitzy uptown crowd. By trimming the frame with crystals, these make for great accessories, especially the pale gold option. The olive color choice makes the frames edgier, with more of a rocker vibe, so the crystals aren’t only for glamour! These aviator sunglasses are available from Saks Fifth Avenue.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Versace Aviators

16. Rainbow Mirrored Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses

These colorful aviator sunglasses for 2017 were designed by Ray-Ban and are centered around the leading blue-purple shade. They’re real eye-catchers and the mirrored lenses make them actually practical to wear on a sunny day. So, the trendy aviator sunglasses silhouette is perfectly matched with the striking colors, making these all-around fabulous shades. Find them at Net-a-Porter!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Ray-Ban Aviators

17. Thick-Framed Aviator Sunglasses

These aviators by Chloé are retro-inspired, and come in three shades; two are patterned brown shades and one is a solid black. They were created in a smooth acetate with metal accents, and their classic style and construction make them perfect go-to sunglasses, especially if you’re not a fan of the harsh aviator styles. Find these aviator sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Chloe Aviators

18. Pink “Stacy’ Aviator Sunglasses

The pink lenses of these aviator sunglasses by Tom Ford are made even more striking due to the thick black frames surrounding them. The boldness of the frames and temple guards is beautifully juxtaposed against the light lenses and silver arms, amplifying their retro style. Find these shades at Neiman Marcus!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Tom Ford Aviators

19. Pink Leather-Trimmed Aviator Sunglasses

For the pink fanatics of the world, you’ll love the style of these aviator sunglasses. Roberto Cavalli created these smooth shades in a monochromatic pink, from the lovely thin wire frames and arms to the accented temple guards and leather trim to the sides. They bring a great air of femininity to the aviator style. You’ll find these stunning pink sunglasses from Saks Fifth Avenue.

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Roberto Cavalli Aviators

20. Shiny Metal Aviator Sunglasses

The ultra-shiny silver that frames these simple aviator sunglasses is a perfect touch. These shades come from Marc by Marc Jacobs, and the only color that really peeps through is at the temple guards. These are sleek and sophisticated enough to be worn with elegant looks, but simple enough that they would perfectly accessorize edgy looks as well. Buy a pair from Bloomingdales!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Marc by Marc Jacobs Aviators

21. Thick Metal Aviator Sunglasses

These aviator sunglasses aren’t as thickly framed as some of the acetate shades, but for a wire-framed pair of shades, these are particularly thick and bold. The frames encircle the lenses, giving the visual effect of goggles, while not leaving out the classic aviator silhouette. You can buy these aviator sunglasses by Acne Studios from FORWARD!

2017 Aviator Sunglasses for Women: Acne Studios Aviators

Photos courtesy of @negin_mirsalehi, Net-a-Porter, Neiman Marcus

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