50 Mesmerizing Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays

Mesmerizing Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays

The holiday season is full of a lot of things that would require your look to be on point. Professional, familial and friends’ holiday parties, lots of photo ops, vacations and appearances mean that your party makeup looks are going to get a lot of rotation. Interesting ideas of party makeup looks are always good to have in mind, especially around the holidays.

Mesmerizing Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays

Even if your repertoire of party makeup ideas is plentiful, there is always room for more. Makeup is an ever-evolving art that can be adjusted perfectly to suit your features, highlighting what you want, hiding what you don’t. Party makeup is damn near magic as you can go a bit further in the feel of being festive.

No need to be bashful unless that is your thing, but we have the party makeup looks you want to try in this list. There is definitely something for everyone, every outfit, every party, every holiday. There is nothing wrong with having a go-to standard party makeup look, but we thought it might be nice to offer you some of the best we have seen online.

Everything from variations on the smokey eye to the copious amounts of glitter that the bravest makeup lovers put on and even minimalistic pretty looks are represented on this list. Whether you are going for a bold look or a soft one, you can find plenty of party makeup options here. One of the biggest things to remember for nearly all the looks is to blend and don’t forget to set your looks!

1. Deep Glimmer and Glam

Deep reddish brown with a touch of glitter on the eyes makes this a deep colored party makeup look that would work well all day. While it may be a bit glam for an average daytime party, it would definitely be on the line where it is pretty enough to question ‘Is this too much’? The answer is no, this is a perfect all day look for any party held anywhere where you want to make a statement.

2. Gold Sweep Party Makeup

Though this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a sweep of a creamy gold shade across the lids accented with a thick liner to offset the color can make a great impact without being over the top. The lip is a soft shade in a matte gloss for a comfortable, easy going party makeup look perfect for your family’s annual holiday parties.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


3. ‘Fall’ Shades

The warmth in the tones and shadows used is rich and evokes the feelings of fall without question. The color on the lip is a brick red matte that matches the blended shadows on her lids. This party makeup is a bit much for a lighthearted daytime event, but will make all the difference in an evening look.

4. Modern Mermaid Glam

Whether the party you are attending is themed or not, this is a great look with a ton of dramatic flair. The nearly peacock shaded eyes shimmer at every angle and are beautifully blended to be the feature that steals the looks. The nude shimmering lip and well placed blush and highlighter work well with the contour, but those eyes are the treat of this party makeup design.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


5. Smokey Eye with Lush Lashes

The lashes on this party makeup are so thick you can barely see the shadow and can imagine a light breeze with every blink, so this is a look full of drama. The smudging around the eyes increases the smoulder of the look, which is finished well with a natural pink matte lip.

6. Light Smokey Eye Party Makeup

The variations of the smokey eye are one of my favorite things about makeup tutorials, and this softer smokey eye is no exception. This is a look that can pass for lighthearted or sultry, that is the beauty of the smokey eye. This party makeup smulders and looks great against her skin, matched well with this incredible lip color. This look is made to be seen.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


7. Iridescent Pink Party Makeup

Lots of holiday party makeup looks will include a touch of shimmer, glimmer or shine, it’s expected, but this look is a step away from the rest. The shine on her lips is accented brilliantly by the highlight on her face and the shimmer in the corners of her eye. This iridescent pink makeup is a great party makeup idea for any holiday party you want to attend.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


8. Red, Rose and Gold

This is soft and sweet as party makeup looks go, accented with a thick fan of lashes and a matte light pink and rose lip. The rosy blush and red tones in the eyeshadow work well together, rather than overpowering because it is not all the same shade.

9. Cool Tones and a Purple Lip

A shiny purple lip is a bold feature every time, and the cool pewter and silver shadows are a great combination. As party makeup looks go, this one is all glam, designed to be seen, photographed and noted throughout the night, gaining compliments left and right.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


10. Dark Velvet Lip – Burgundy

Want to accentuate your lip and have a clean eye? This is how you do it ” a subtle hint of shadow and a few coats of mascara with a bold brow will give you the barely there eye look you want for the focus to land squarely on the lips. Here the color is a deep and very rich burgundy velvet.

11. Red Lip

Serious contouring and precision highlighting keep the look warm, neat and subtle, while the boldness of that rich red lip steals the show. The matte color is still moisturized looking and appears freshly applied even after a few hours wear. This is how you wear and accentuate a red lip to say ‘Happy Holidays’.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


12. Fresh and Clean Party Makeup

The right blush, the long lashes and the light eyeshadows work together for a light daytime look that could easily transition to a night look. The pink matte lip is soft like the rest of this party makeup is styled to be.

13. Updated Barbie Holiday Makeup

Blues and pinks with contouring and lashes are everything you need to be the perfect holiday Barbie with this party makeup look. Her skin does look flawless, and the look is completely achievable.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


14. Rose Toned Party Makeup

This look has a clean finish to it, but definitely makes use of a deeply pigmented set of rosey shades. The highlight of this party makeup look is the highlight on her face that accents the glow in the rose colored pigments.

15. Nude Glamour

The look overall is the perfect ‘laid back try’ aesthetic that we all know takes a careful hand and precision to achieve. This party makeup idea is great for those daytime visits we all make on the holidays and to family and friends before you bust out the dramatic colors for evening.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


16. Rose Gold Party Makeup

Very few party makeup looks feature shades of red shadow, but this is beautiful and hopefully the beginning of a trend. The red is accented with shades of gold and a coral matte lip for a soft but fierce look. There is nothing simple here, it is dramatic and statement making.

17. All About the Lip

I have a lot of respect for party makeup looks designed to highlight one feature or another without actually downplaying any other feature. This is one of those looks. The pink matte lip is the boldest feature here for certain, but the eyes are accented beautifully with shimmer and a bold cat eye line.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


18. Going Gold

This is the perfect example of a bold lined eye with a soft lip-gloss working together. Every look and every glance will show off a glimmer of gold and brown on her lids in a subtle way. The tinted velvet lip-gloss is shiny and subtle, not overpowering.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


19. Updated Classic Cat and Rose

The classic cat eye matched with a bold red look gets an update with a brown based red matte lip and silvery white lids and a thin, detailed cat eye. As a party makeup, this will work nearly anytime, with any outfit in any setting; it is a variation on a good reliable classic and the lace cat ears were the perfect point on top.

20. Cotton Candy Smokey Eye

This party makeup has the lighthearted look that works beautifully with her cotton candy colored hair and high-shine pink lipstick. The contouring was light but effective, leaving the full focus on her eyes. This is a great nearly hypnotizing party makeup idea.

21. Metallic Shades Smokey Eye

Though not styled in the same exact color scheme as a peacock feather, this look is party perfection with visible shades of glitter that give it a multifaceted appearance. The ultra long lashes and soft nude lip are perfectly matched for a bold attention party makeup look.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


22. Holiday Sparkle

This holiday party makeup look is more about the sparkle than most. The wide eye-accentuating makeup and soft pink lip look adorable and fresh, but the real eye catcher is the hair. Though my recommendation would be to use the glitter gel in a more undercut style to give more volume to the waves, it is an appreciable look for the originality.

23. Clean-Cut Crease

Jackie Aina’s cut crease is amazing, lining up perfectly with a highlighting line that looks great with the metallic rosy color on her lips and cheeks. The overall look is clean and sweet with perfect detailing and a natural healthy holiday glow.

24. Holiday Silver Lining

Some of the best party makeup looks have an element of surprise or a jaw-dropping feature. With this look, that jaw-dropping feature is this sparkling silver line that actually accentuates the darker shadow and deep black defining line and seriously lush lashes. The browns, taupes and silver sheen along with the highlight create a juxtaposition of color that is beautifully echoed with the matte taupe shade of lipstick.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


25. Berry Shadow, Natural Glow

The shadow matches her shirt really well, which is a cool thing, and the lashes work together with the shadow for a really sultry party makeup look. The rest of the look is all about the healthy glow and perfect contour.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


26. Metallic Lip ” Blended

A great holiday party makeup look can contain any number of elements, but there is something special that happens when you mix your metallic lipstick yourself to create a custom shade. Blending the color to make it just right for you can yield any number of results; here a berry, purple and gold metallic color came out beautifully well.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


27. Molten Metal Glow

The glow of her well-applied and beautifully blended eyeshadow looks like a molten metal dream and is stunning paired with her silver hair. The brown matte lip is a stunning addition to the look, keeping to the established color spectrum and providing a rich detail.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


28. Smokey and Nude

A smokey eye can always be paired with a nude lip. For the holidays, adding a bit of shimmer is expected and here is a great example of a shimmering smoky eye and a nude lip with a bit of shine that will work very well on most people.

29. Glowing and Smokey

The glow on her skin is fresh and clean, and the smokey effect on her eyes uses an excellent blend of browns and taupes to accentuate her natural skin color, while still creating the smokey effect.

The treatment to her lips is amazing, giving her a picture perfect pout without the addition of a color to make this a more nighttime party makeup look than a day one. This look can flexibly be worn with a glam, dramatic outfit, or to dress up a day look, making this one of the great go-to party makeup looks for any event.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


30. Office Party Makeup

This party makeup look will go seamlessly with anything you could even think of wearing, and has a light open look that is appropriate for any daytime activity. This is an especially great look for your upcoming office party, with its soft features and subtle color palette.

31. Browns and Bronze

Brown and bronze clearly go together well and accentuate an otherwise minimalist look. The way her makeup is done, her skin looks perfect and glowingly healthy, which always looks good. No one will think you look tired or run down, even the light color on the lips is close enough to be considered nearly nude.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


32. Pink Shimmer Party Makeup

Pink is a go-to for a soft party makeup look, but this is vibrant without being overwhelming. The pink has just a touch of shimmer to it and a great shine on the lips. It’s a smokey pink eye that works really well for most skin tones and will look great on camera.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


33. Peachy Keen with Coral

The soft shades of this party makeup look would go perfectly with a fun holiday dress or to be honest, with anything. This can easily be tweaked for every skin tone.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


34. New Classic Party Makeup

The classic party makeup look that comes to mind for people is a bold red lip and a cat eye; when the holidays are added, there is an element of glitter. Here the smokey shades of silver and gunmetal with a hint of blue shimmer extravagantly, but well blended. The thick lashes replace the cat eye liner, but the bold red lip remains, this time in an on-trend matte.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


35. Holiday Glam Eyes

Very few party makeup looks do not accentuate the eyes, but this one is all about the eyes. The lining of her eyes is perfection; the cut crease and extended line are designed to draw you in. The lashes are the ideal of what a wispy lash should be, and the silver shimmer at her inner eye is a great focal touch. The shimmery fuchsia lip had to be added to accentuate the rich shimmering pigments on her eyes.

36. Fall Holiday Glam

This is the ideal soft and natural party makeup look. It is not too much on the side of glam and is not completely subtle thanks to the pop of her eyes and the shimmer in the nude on her lips. The true benefit to this look though is the flexibility of it.

By evening, should you want to go bold, swap out the nude lipstick for a richer shade or deeper tone and not much else will need to be done. It’s a great party makeup idea to wear for professional and daytime gatherings as well.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


37. The Bold Holiday Lip ” Metallic Maroon

The soft eyes and soft makeup look all beautiful, giving her metallic maroon lips the spotlight. The color is vibrant and has the perfect amount of metallic shimmer to it. The lightness of the eye makeup still complements her eyes, and she did contour, showing that you can go full throttle to get a light party makeup look.

38. Seasonal Bronzing

Keeping it light and adding in bronze and gold is a great subtle look that is also fascinating in its flattery. This party makeup look can dress up nearly any outfit and due to the natural shade on the lip it is very ‘easy going’ and approachable. The shadow is famously long-wear, and beautifully blended.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


39. ‘Berry’ Holidays

Rich berry colors can be overpowering when done incorrectly, but here they are used to create a phenomenal party makeup look. The look is sultry without being too much and really shows off the fullness of her lips with the color she chose. The eyes are accented perfectly, opening them wide and accenting them with the long lashes.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


40. Gunmetal Smokey Eyes

There are tons of different smokey eye possibilities around, and this gunmetal version is an absolute stunner. This will look great in every photo and in every light, from the flickering ones to fireworks.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


41. Drama for the Holidays

Most people would like to avoid holiday drama, but this dramatic eye party makeup look is ideal if you want to show off your eyes as the gift of the season. The lashes are spectacular with the shadow combination to make eyes appear even larger than normal. The dramatic metallic purple matte lipstick is the perfect accent, matching her shadow just enough.

42. Contoured for the Holidays

If contouring is your gift, do not forget that people are going to see what you want them to. The boost this contour gives her cheekbone is outstanding, and the addition of the shimmer to her eyelids and the highlight on her cheeks make this a top-notch party makeup look for those holiday photos.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


43. Soft but Strong Party Makeup

First and foremost, her highlight is well placed to accentuate the shape of her face from her forehead and cheeks to her nose and chin. The shine theme continues, with the intention to show off without looking like a mirror is well done. The eyeshadow has a hint of a shine to it, thanks to the color placement and the peachy lips are sweet.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


44. Fall Glam

This amount of glitter is light fare during the holidays, everyone expects a bit of sparkle, but this party makeup look is well framed by the very bold winged liner, lashes and complementary berry matte lip. Her highlight and blush are amazingly on point, too.

45. Subtle Glimmer

Though this may not be an understated party makeup look, it is certainly a soft one. The ruled on glitter and shimmer allow for a curve on the holiday, so boost your look with a pop of shimmer at the inner corners and a bit of a gleam over the lid.

The winged liner is great, and gives the look a bit of a boost. The nude, matte lip is the perfect match for this party makeup that lets you stand out without being overpowering.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


46. Holiday Highlight

No matter the party makeup style, don’t forget to highlight your face for those holiday pictures for a fresh and youthful glow. Here, paired with a bit of winged liner, a nude colored lip and a lightly done eye tinged at the outer corner of they, the highlight really shows off her cheekbones.

47. The Fall Treatment

Rich brown is a great and underrated fall color that should be used much more often. Her lip color is impressively rich and the shimmer on her eyes is a beautiful spectrum of late fall colors.

48. Winged Liner With a Hint of Shimmer

The winged liner she has done is beautifully bold and topped off with a bit of shimmer in the shadows. Rather than being overpowering with bright lipstick, this one has a nice shine and hint of color to it.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


49. Holiday Sparkle

Here is a new favorite for a glam party makeup look; the sparkle and long lashes create a stunning wide-eyed effect. The eyeliner is on point without a wing, and the matte lipstick is soft and alluring with a color that is matched on the cheeks and reflected in the glitter.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


50. Creamy Mauve Party Makeup

This is a very complementary color setup that comes off as soft and subtle though still noteworthy. The long fluttering lashes and bold brows perfectly frame the eyeshadow and the matching lipstick is a nice touch.

Party Makeup Looks for the Holidays


Photos courtesy of Instagram

10 Best Party Makeup Looks to Rock Spring/Summer 2019

To say that makeup trends of Spring/Summer 2019 are all over the place is the understatement of the season.

There’s the gray lip worn by Beyoncé and the hot ruby reds of summer. Eyes are popsicle pink and tangerine a la Emma Stone, or metallic silver and gold. Skin is all about contour and highlight as well as the dewy dumpling. Blush is bold and brash, or Victorian fresh-faced beauty. What the designers do agree on, is that there’s something for everyone and Spring and Summer party makeup is all fun-fun-fun and coloring outside the lines. So here are the hottest makeup looks of Spring/Summer 2019 – and the inspiration to get you started!

1.  Spring flower brights


This look is all about pink, yellow, orange, and blue swept across the eyes, cheeks, and lips. Shapes are graphic while textures remain soft and at times even smoky. Makeup artist James Kaliardos has created a look that suits every skin tone for a fresh bold burst of color that looks great at any party. Take the look to the next level by adding this season’s throwback trend of pink mascara.

2.  Metallic edginess


Yes, the metallic is here to stay – think golden sunlight and a party night silver moon. But metallics aren’t all about eyes this season. Bold foil-like lips in neutral shades have been done to perfection by makeup artist Kabuki. A variation of this look is silver shadow used in place of black or brown eyeliner.

3.  Ocean eye cool

It’s all about the blues and greens, but the look is multidimensional to capture the ocean’s moods. For this look, glitter is your friend – layer silver or sparkling gold on top of cobalt gel eyeliner or keep the eye smoky with a dash of metallic deep blue pigment from the inner corner to the center of the lid.


4.  Red hot ruby

Red lips and a dash of red blush are being worn with minimal eye makeup for extra pop! Bold lips worn with a smoky lilac eye is one of the hottest looks this season.


5.  Nude skin and berry-stained lips

Pale or nude skin is contrasted with a flushed cheek and berry-stained lip. Apply lip color to the center of the lips and then blend towards the perimeter of the lips for that stained effect. Apply concealer around the edges of her mouth to create blurred edges.

6.  Dewy dumpling skin

The “dewy dumpling” skin movement, led by Instagram’s makeup artist du jour, Nam Vo, takes a different approach to contouring. It’s less about highlights and shadow, and more about achieving a plump, three-dimensional, healthy glow.

7.  Hair inspiration

A gorgeous new look of this season takes its inspiration from the color of your hair. Backstage at Nicopanda, this translated to pink hair, hot pink lips.


8.  Extended wings are in

To get this bold look, extend the shadow on the bottom lashline a quarter inch lower than you’d normally do. Extended wings, like Hailee Steinfeld’s, are a fabulous way to pull off a daring party look.


9.  Glittery crease

Makeup artist Sarah Novio’s glittery crease is one of the must-try looks of the season. This is “cut crease” eye makeup but with a difference. Define the crease by “cutting” across it with a contrasting eyeshadow color. Only this time, leave the crease outline and do not fill in with color.

10.  Graphic spidery lashes

Spidery graphic eyelashes worn with a nude eye is 90s-inspired but ever so now. To add even more drama to this look, sleek lids with a bit of eye gloss and you’re good to go!

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Written by Camielle Lawson-Livingstone
Camielle is one of the website-design-los-angeles.com writers with an ardent adoration for all things fashion. If it is beautiful or interesting she wants to read and write about it, wear and see it. Look for new trends she’s written about or send recommendations, she’ll be sure to check them out!