Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends

While many designers for spring 2017 opted to leave models’ heads bare, and to just play with different kinds of hairstyles, others decided that the spring/ summer 2017 hats were exactly what they needed to add an extra touch of magic, refinement, or edge to their collection. Hats are an important staple for the summer season, since they help to shield us from the sun, but they also make for an excellent addition to any outfit.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends

This season we really saw anything, from fascinators perfect for special occasions to different kinds of sunhats for that Caribbean vacation, and ball caps for those weekends out playing sports in style. No matter how you plan on spending the warm seasons, the spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends have you covered!

#1. Ride the Bull with Cowboy Hats

This is the least pretentious of the spring 2017 headwear trends ” unless you are wearing it ironically… in which case, maybe it’s extra pretentious? Doesn’t matter! Whether designers were inspired by deplorables in baskets, or the incredible first season of HBO’s Westworld, we’re taking a walk on the wild side with cowboy hats this spring.

At Anna Sui, we saw a really colorful take on the cowboy hat, complete with cats on the bottom of the rim, dancing topless figures, and a massive pink shell in the center.
The Blugirl collection was all about honorable white hats, for the lawful lady who’s fighting bandits. At Sonia Rykiel, we saw a two-tone cowboy-style hat, but made of straw instead of the traditional leather.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Cowboy Hats

#2. Always Ready for the Pool with Caps

Another of the summer 2017 headwear trends is all about channeling the pool, whether you’re in or out of it, with tight caps. What we learned is that there are a lot of different ways to play with this unique hat style ” it can be adorned one way for a retro effect, or another for a sci-fi one.

At Dolce & Gabbana, we saw a gorgeous bejeweled cap, covered in many differently colored gems, which really reminded us of antique jewelry.

On the Maison Margiela runway, the caps had a much more futuristic effect. They appeared to have been cut out of felt, in pale shades. Their edges had been cut sharply, especially along the forehead and over the ears, and had been paired with headsets in some cases, adding to the sci-fi feel.

On the Miu Miu runway, caps attached by a strap under the models’ chins reminded us of retro swim caps ” large and covering everything. These caps were covered in plastic flowers, emphasizing the beachy, ’50s vibe.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Pool Caps

#3. All About the Berets

I think this is the season when we finally admit that the French are not really into berets anymore ” so we’re putting an end to the stereotypes, and will simply start accepting berets for what they are: a unique and classy part of this list of trendy spring/ summer 2017 hats.

The berets in the Desigual collection were full on guerrillero glam, covered in gorgeous floral designs and a bit of jewels. They were exactly the kind of hat I would want if I were fighting in lush, fantastical jungles, against a mythical fascistic despot.
At Undercover, we saw massive berets printed with piano keys.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Berets

#4. No Need to Look Beyond the Veils

Whether you are attending a sad spring time funeral, or just a great alternative party, you’ll be happy to know that veils made it to our list of the spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends.

On the Dolce & Gabbana runway, it was a full-on gothic showing, of a dark fascinator and black net attached to it, paired with sufficiently burgundy lipstick. On the Michael Costello runway, veils were also utilized for their dark, film noir vibe. A beaded black net was attached to an extravagant headband, and draped over the model’s face.

To really help the Dries Van Noten collection stand out, a long and thick piece of netted veil was wrapped around the models’ faces, and tied off at the back in a big bow. While this might not be fully practical, the idea of a net tying one’s hair back sounds quite lovely.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Veil Fascinators

#5. Batter Up with Baseball Caps

This season’s baseball cap trend showed that high fashion can indeed meet activewear to create something that is just idiosyncratic enough to work.

At Chanel, pastel baseball caps were worn sideways, in a nod to the ’80s. At Moschino, the baseball caps were also on the urban side. They were made of puffy, patchwork leather in shades of black, red, and pink, and were worn both facing forward and backwards.

At Desigual, as usual, fascinating designs were all so important, including on some lovely fabric caps. The effect, thanks to the bohemian design, really reminded us of the ’70s.

At Elie Saab, many of the models strutted down the runway in ball caps covered in sequins. It was a wonderfully flamboyant take on a sporty look.

At Off-White, the ball caps were actually a stark white, emblazoned with the word “woman.’ We also saw baseball caps, both extravagant in gold and a little more plain, on the Philipp Plein runway. Lastly, we saw edgy caps at Versus Versace, inscribed with the brand name.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Baseball Caps

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Baseball Caps

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Baseball Caps

#6. Uniform Chic Hats

A few designers took inspiration from various uniform-requiring professions. All types of soldiers were featured in the spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends.

On the Yohji Yamamoto runway, models sported a variety of military and office-style caps, complete with tough brims, in unforgiving shades of black and dark gray. The effect was especially striking and authoritarian because it was paired with pale pastel lipsticks, and spiky black locks.

On the Vivetta runway, on the other hand, the hats worn were reminiscent of a sailor’s caps ” much like that iconic picture of the sailor kissing a surprised woman, right after the end of World War II. The effect was cute and quirky.

Lastly, at Moncler Gamme Rouge, it was the military marching bands that were represented, with white and black hats with solid rims, and tall crowns.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Uniform Chic Hats

#7. All You Need is Brim

Visors are like the fanny packs of hats ” utilitarian, and a little dorky. However, much like fanny packs are making a serious comeback, so too are the visors, which made it to our list of summer 2017 headwear trends. Normally, visors remind us of the old women who collect old beer cans like it’s a sport, but in the hands of a talented designer they can become the height of casual chicness.

The most unusual of the visors we saw this season were on the Nicholas K runway, where they had been made of suede, and had a very thick rims wrapped around the model’s hair.

At Max Mara, the visors were a cheeky nod to summer vacations, since their brims had been covered with exotic floral designs.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Visors

#8. Wrap Up the Season with Scarves and Headwraps

There is something elegant yet casual about scarves and headwraps ” maybe it’s the way they were totally appropriate eveningwear in the ’20s, and then became a symbol of the housewife in the ’50s. Whatever it is, we love them in all their iterations, and are so happy to see them as part of the spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends.

On the Daks runway, we saw long keffiyeh-style scarves tied into beautiful headwraps that added a lot of volume, and exuded an old-timey, rural confidence. On the Miu Miu runway, some of the models sported bright, graphically printed scarves, tied over their hair in headwraps that had more of a ’50s feel.

At Giorgio Armani, the head wraps were all about the ’20s chic. The multi-colored scarves were kept smaller and tied tighter around the models’ heads. We saw earth toned headwraps at Pascal Millet.

Lastly, at Gucci, in addition to some extremely creative hats, we also saw luxurious satin headwraps and scarves wrapped around the models’ heads, and in many cases tied off in bows or buns right at the front of the models’ heads, rather than at the back.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Headwraps/ Headscarves

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Headwraps/ Headscarves

#9. Golden Straw Sun Hats

Is there a better way to usher in the summer than with a golden straw hat? It immediately conjures memories of vacations to hot, exotic places, where the sun shines bright and hot.

Straw hats, on top of being forever effortlessly chic, are also extremely useful, to protect us from the harmful UV rays that become so much stronger in the winter time. The spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends are rife with excellent straw hat choices, to keep you stylish and protected during the hot summer months.

At the Agnes B. show, we saw some lovely straw hats, in the panama style that, rather than looking like your stereotypical farmer’s hat, actually had shorter brims, which made for a very stylish casual hat.

At Blumarine, designer Anna Molinari decided that big was it, with massive straw hats that functioned like portable patio umbrellas, and would make sure that anyone who wears them this summer will not be missed. Not one to be outshone, Christian Siriano‘s models also graced the runway in hats with sizeable straw rims, and a fabric crown.

Daniela Gregis decided to play with unusual shapes in the straw hats she created. While we did see some traditional large-brimmed hats, a long bucket hat really stood out for its uniqueness.

We also saw large, golden straw sun hats at Jacquemus, Tome, and Liselore Frowijn.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Straw Sun Hats

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Straw Sun Hats

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Straw Sun Hats

#10. A Darker Shade of Straw

Some of the idiosyncratic spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends have a humorous effect, but the black straw hat trend somehow manages to be mysterious ” think Addams Family Vacation. We saw a lot of perfect straw hats for the lady with a dark heart and ivory pale skin.

At Erdem, even the eyes were covered by the low, ruffled skirt-style brim of a shiny dark hat. At Emporio Armani, we saw a really dapper take on the hat, which was shaped like an especially large bowler, with a magenta bow.

Lastly, at Emilio Pucci, the effect was fully-protective, seeing as instead of having a proper brim, many pieces of straw jutted out from the crown, and totally obscured the models’ face.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Darker Colored Straw Hats

#11. The Fiercest Fisherwoman’s Hats

This is another trendy take on an otherwise kind of dumpy hat. Designers really glammed up fisherman hats for the spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends.

On the Aalto runway, the models wore really unique fisherman’s hats, made of both fabric and leather, with a pearl chain to keep them from flying away. At Etro, the fisherman hat design was taken to a luxurious place, thanks to slightly longer brims, gorgeous prints, and a satin-y fabric.

Lastly, at Paul & Joe, we likely saw the most traditional take on this style of hat, in a pastel shade.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Fisherman's Hats

#12. Fancy and Fascinating Miniature Hats

Fascinators are not just for gothic Lolitas. These adorable and unusual miniature attachments have made it to our list of spring/ summer 2017 hats, so channel your inner diva and give ’em a try.

The Christopher Kane collection had an overall retro vibe that was only increased by solidly colored quirky fascinators bent into swirly shapes.

On the Anna Sui runway, brightly colored fascinators with a lot of lace contributed to the models’ already sizably styled hair, and added a touch of mystique to the rest of the styling, which was a bit more twee.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Miniature Hats/ Fascinators

#13. Shield The Eyes

By covering the eyes, designers immediately evoke a really unique, almost ominous vibe. Models cease to appear as individuals, and instead stand out as futuristic ” perhaps as some sort of space-age soldiers. The designs we saw, where the models’ eyes were covered, were certainly futuristic.

At Anrealage, a black and white multi-part helmet made sure the models were ready for battle. At Dior, a silvery white visor, with a three-part brim, sat low on the model’s forehead, obscuring her eyes.

On the Wanda Nylon runway, the models’ eyes were obscured by blinged-out bucket hats, including one that was totally covered in tiny silver chains.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Shield Hats

#14. Channeling the Creative Spirit

We can’t make a list of spring/ summer 2017 hats, without paying attention to those designers who crafted masterpieces that just happened to sit atop the heads of models on the runway.

First is the brilliant disco ball dog head we saw on the Thom Browne runway. At Undercover, in addition to the previously mention beret, we also saw brimmed fabric hats that looked like upside down vases.

At Shenzhen, models sported dark gray Gatsby caps covered in red, white, and baby blue fuzzy balls ” like a really stylish, retro clown. At Sportmax, we saw a woven hat made of a shiny black material that reminded us of a unique witch’s hat.

Lastly, at Gucci, there were so many fascinating, unique, and creative hats in different styles. We saw a few massive fabric hats that reminded us of pirates, and solid caps with large flowery attachments.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Creative, Unique Hats

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Creative, Unique Hats

Spring/ Summer 2017 Headwear Trends: Creative, Unique Hats

Do you prefer the crazy and quirky spring/ summer 2017 headwear trends, or are you more of the practical type who prefers sun hats and ball caps? Let us know in the comments!

Photos courtesy of Zimbio

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