50 Copper Hair Color Shades to Swoon Over

Copper Hair Color Shades to Swoon Over

Copper hair is a seriously underrated hair color option. Some people attribute it to red hair so quickly that they fail to realize there are plenty of innovative copper hair colors that can be made and improved upon if you are interested.

Copper Hair Color Shades to Swoon Over

Tips for Choosing and Dyeing Your Hair Copper Shades

Also known as the ronze hair look or auburn hair, copper hair is one of the most common red hair colors, which is basically a combination of red and bronze hair shades. There are different shades of copper hair, from strawberry to ginger to copper penny.

Only less than 2% of the world’s population has natural copper or auburn hair color, and those lucky ones never go grey, since red hair fades to rose gold (another trendy color, by the way) with age!

Copper hair is distinctive and can enhance your overall look when done properly. Copper hairstyles can be warm and rich or light and soft and can be found in shades that complement both warm and cool skin tones.

When picking out the correct copper hair shade for your skin, consider your undertones. Certain copper hair colors can bleach out the skin of lighter, cooler toned people. Eye color also plays a part, but do not be afraid to go drastic, the effect can be beautiful.

Women with pinky or rose undertones to their skin will look best wearing copper hair. Generally, if your skin has a fair or warm tone, try to stick to warm copper colors and highlights, while those with darker and cooler skin tones are advised to try cooler copper hair colors with touches of violet or ruby to them.

Although there is definitely a copper hair color option for any personal style, working with a hairdresser will mean you can come up with a custom copper treatment that works for you.

Tips for Choosing and Dyeing Your Hair Copper Shades


Copper hair colors can be achieved multiple ways. For darker haired people and lighter haired people there are chemical coloring processes or natural ones. Certain hennas provide a copper colored tint to the hair, and henna treatments are a fantastic way to improve the health of your hair while adding color.

For lighter colored hair, sometimes a semi permanent color is added, and then a permanent reddish copper or a similar shade is added for the copper effect. Even better, unless you want to go from deep brown to bright, light copper, it is unlikely that a brunette will need to bleach hair.

How to Maintain Copper Hair Color

Copper hair is distinctive, but like all hair colors, copper hair requires care to maintain clarity. Hair color fades, it is inevitable and unavoidable, but can be delayed with proper care, technique and products. You have to be committed to have copper hair, as just like red hair, the color is prone to fading and as the hair grows out the color difference can be drastic.

To maintain your copper hair color for a longer time, follow these simple tips:

• Avoid staying in the sun without wearing hair protecting products or a hat, since the sun tends to make your copper hair color fade faster.

• Consider using a dry shampoo instead of over-shampooing, which also makes the color fade quickly. Make sure to skip a couple of days between shampoos, and if you hair gets too oily, dry shampoos can always be a great option!

• Ask your hair stylist what types of shampoos and hair care products to use to keep your copper hair color vivid for a longer time. There exist special shampoos free of certain ingredients that make the color fade faster.

• Regular visits to the salon will ensure your copper hair is always fresh and healthy, so do consider frequent touch-ups.

What Makeup Suits Copper Hair

As you change your hair color, you should also change your makeup routine to adapt to the new look and avoid common faux pas. Here is what makeup you should wear with your copper hair:

• In terms of blush and lipstick, stick to subtle warm colors that will complement your copper hair, such as peach and rose cheek and lip colors. Bright plum, pink and berry red shades of lipstick look surprisingly beautiful with copper hair colors.

• Neutral colors flatter everyone, regardless of the skin tone and hair color. Consider wearing nude and neutral makeup shades to place the focus on your bright copper hair color.

• Classic cat eye makeup with black eyeliner and minimal makeup on the rest of your face will look stunning with your rich copper hair color, despite the fact that black is considered way too harsh for redheads.

• Women with copper hair are advised to wear black mascara only with subtle, neutral eyeshadow colors in order to enhance the shape of the eyes. Keep the brows a shade darker than your hair color.

• Cool plum and aubergine tones of eyeshadows are the best colors copper-haired women can consider, when it comes to the eye makeup.

• If you want to wear a dramatic smokey eye look, stick to chocolate brown eyeshadow tones, which complement copper hair colors most of all. Charcoal-gray eyeshadow colors are also an option as long as you keep the rest of your face in warm tones.

• Redheads with a copper hair color should avoid wearing a bronzer and too bright orange lipsticks.

How to Maintain Copper Hair Color


What Fashion Colors Suit Copper Hair

You can use the color wheel if you are already a fashionista to make certain that your wardrobe and hair will not horribly clash. Here’s what you should know:

• Neutral beige and chocolate brown colors will give women with copper hair shades an elegant, sophisticated look that’s also ideal for office days. You can pair different shades of beige and brown with each other, or break the monochrome look by adding a hint of other color.

• The most successful and classical combination is green with copper hair colors. No matter what shade of green you like most, this color will enhance the richness of your hair, whether you prefer to wear a little green dress or some green jewelry pieces.

• Bright pink colors, including fuchsia, are not only for blonde women, as they create smoking hot looks with copper hair colors, too. You can go for a bright pink dress, or match your pink ensemble with white or grey colors.

• The nautical look flatters almost everyone, and it’s a timeless classic that will never get old-fashioned. The combination of red, white and navy blue will give a cheerful and fresh look to women with copper hair colors.

• There is never too much of red, whether you think of wearing a red lipstick with your copper hair or an elegant red dress. Red is still one of the best colors suiting copper hair shades, so don’t be afraid of investing in red clothing pieces or accessories.

50 Copper Hair Color Ideas

On the plus side there are so many different shades of copper that literally anyone could rock a copper hair color. The below compilation of 50 different copper hair color ideas offers plenty of inspiration, so take a good look!

1. Copper and Carrot Crown

Updos on copper hair have a tendency to gleam and shine in all the right places. Here a French braid has hair twisted around it, allowing the copper in her hair to reflect the light at stunning angles.

2. Dreamy Copper Ombre

Length allows for a lot more stretch on creativity, allowing for several shades of copper to create this look. From a rich and warm copper color at the roots to light copper at the ends, this lengthy style is sure to grow out beautifully as well.

3. Copper with Strawberry lights

This is a copper hair color with a lot of dimension featuring a pinkish red strawberry tint spread throughout beautifully. It’s a really awe-inspiring, light and eye-catching look.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


4. Chocolate and Copper Ombre

Brown and copper hair colors are an underrated combination that is really warm and flattering for a lot of people. The color grows out beautifully and the transition looks eerily natural.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


5. Brown Roots and Copper Waves

The copper hair color looks so vibrant against the brown roots, as the transition from one color to another is shorter, but well dispersed. The contrast is just another piece of evidence in the beauty of copper and brown hair.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


6. Fired Copper and Orange Lights

The spread of bright sunshine and orange colored highlights throughout the copper hair looks alive and fresh. It’s a great look for anyone not afraid to be seen. This is not the color combination for someone wishing to pass under the radar.

7. Copper Angled French Braid

The transition of copper hair colors from the roots to the ends is displayed beautifully thanks to the angled French braid.

8. Red Tinted Copper

While copper already has a warm hint of red, this color treatment makes it much more obvious. The red used is very warm and lends that warmth to the copper.

9. Red Roots and Copper

The red transitions beautifully into the copper lengths of her hair. This copper hair color is bright, but soft and works well with the warm red roots.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


10. Dark Red to Bright Copper

This color treatment was so well done that the hair appears gilded, shimmering like actual copper that has been well shined. The look is ornamented without appearing overdone, as the color is still rich enough to appear natural.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


11. Realistic Copper Hair

Deep Wine colored roots transition slowly into bright copper tips on layered, face-framing hair. The look will grow out brilliantly, allowing for longer life of the red hair as long as proper technique is used to keep the colors vibrant.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


12. Soft Wine to Light Copper

This is a clear use of a balayage treatment to the dark red roots that transfer to shimmering copper hair ends. The colors are blended seamlessly and naturally looking.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


13. Sandy Brown and Copper Bob

The color treatment for her bob gives it a feather-light appearance that is also very flattering and bright. Bobs do well with multidimensional ombre treatments, as it appears that the light and the length collaborate very well.

14. Copper Colored Highlights

Copper hair has a life of its own in the light, which makes it a great hair color for longer and straighter hair. The delicacy of this look was achieved through custom hair painting.

15. Bright and Rich Copper

Merlot roots give way to lengths of bright copper hair color all the way down to the tips. The flawless transition of color is short, but still provides the desired ombre and a likelihood that the color will grow out beautifully.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


16. Blunt Cut Copper Hair

The severity of the cut is enhanced by the blonde and copper hair color dispersed evenly throughout the style for a healthy and interesting look.

17. Light Copper Fire

This is one overall color with micro dimensions that appears bright and light without being overpowering or drastic. The color appears soft and accented perfectly with the spiral-curled ends.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


18. Brighter Copper Hair Color

Multi faceted reddish copper hair color looks amazing when done right, and this is most certainly done right. The color is impeccably blended and enhanced reflecting the light in the perfect way.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


19. Coppery Redhead

This is the sort of copper hair color that people will always assume is yours naturally. The color is just right in terms of brightness and depth and this is the type of copper hair option that can be a secret to you and your hairdresser.

20. Copper Blonde

The addition of this copper to blonde means that the color will be light in appearance, but definitively reddish in hue. The color is good for the length, as it is incredibly natural looking.

21. Brightened Copper Hair Color

While this color is unmistakably a reddish copper, the overall appearance is luxe and entrancing. The color application is smoothly done but the soft lighter copper hair shades brushed through are a stunning addition for a completely light reddish copper look.

22. Copper With a Touch of Blonde

Rich copper hair colors with blonde accenting that length in strategic places create a beautiful overall look. The overall effect is bright and stunning.

23. Curly Copper Red Bob

A good haircut and color are a magnificent boost to an overall aesthetic. Here the copper hair highlights offer the appearance of health and movement even while still, enhancing the curls, thickness and length of her bob.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


24. Long Copper Hair

Long hair can drag features down, especially if the lengths are one note. Here the bright copper is a fun and healthy color that illuminates the lengths of her hair making it anything but boring or dull.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


25. Hand Painted Copper Ombre

Ombre is a stunning treatment on a bob, especially a bob with bangs. The haircut lends an interesting dimension to ombre colored hair and vice versa. The wine red tone of her hair and the brightness of her copper balayage highlights show well how the colors can marry together.

26. Balayaged Copper Hair

Copper hair colors vary enough to do an ombre using solely the copper spectrum. Here the difference in color is a bit more drastic, but will definitely be noticed.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


27. Cherry and Ginger Buns

Copper enhances red in nearly all shades. Here the copper hair boosts both the deep red roots and the bright cherry red buns in her hair, the minute streaks of copper highlights giving the hairstyle dimension and fullness.

28. A Gingered Copper Hair Color

Smooth waves show off the different lights, both high and low in the copper hair color. While this color could be seen as red, there are certainly a number of benefits and boosts thanks to the included copper hair color.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


29. Burnished Copper

Burnished copper is deeper shade of brown toned copper color that looks great on hair and is good for multiple skin tones. The color boosts some skin colors, warms others, but very rarely clashes.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


30. Fire and Copper Hair

Fire red hair is supposed to be as intricate and color fluctuating as fire itself and this is one treatment that certainly holds up to the expectation. The use of copper and different hues of red give this look an amazing overall appeal.

31. Smooth and Shiny Copper Hair

Multi dimensional copper hair looks good at any length. Bangs accent long length as beautifully as the shiny copper hair color she wears from roots to tips.

32. Copper Red Balayage

A balayage treatment will be unique regardless the hair color, but this red copper hair color benefits tremendously from the inclusion of perfectly placed copper highlights that brighten up the length.

33. Shiny Copper Penny

The color of a bright and shiny newly minted penny is beautiful on any length of hair. Here the color is dynamic as the light picks up different areas of the loose curls.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


34. Light Copper

Copper works well with reds, which is no surprise, and here the shade of copper hair chosen was a great pick as it does not wash out her skin tone. Her hair appears to be very fine, but the placement of the copper reflects enough light to create an illusion of thickness.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


35. Copper and Mahogany Balayage

Mahogany is such a bright yet rich red tinted brown that nearly any shade of copper will look outstanding against it. Here the balayage intersperses a bright copper towards the tips for definition.

36. Merlot and Copper

Deep red merlot colored hair is more than accented by the inclusion of copper hair highlights. The color ends up multinational and will stand out beautifully no matter the style.

37. Browned Copper

Darker hair colors can still benefit from the addition of copper. You can be a brunette with a copper treatment and enjoy a warm and fresh look for fall, like this rich brown hair with a copper tinted hair color.

38. Copper Red Hair

A solid color with light dimensionality is a great go-to, when you aren’t looking to do too much. Here the color is spectacularly even without being one note.

39. Copper Sunshine

There is nothing else that brightens up hair like light. The inclusion of this cherry highlight boosts the brightness of the copper hair, while the roots maintain the warmth of the look.

40. Copper and Peach

The use of peach as an accent to her copper hair makes for an interesting surprise. Choosing an accent color is always a great choice as it adds an unexpected element to the overall look and peach and copper are complementary.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


41. Dark Brown to Flaming Copper Ombre

Choosing the right copper hair tone does not mean you are locked to only one. Doing an ombre with a mix of complementary copper hair shades can really highlight your features.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


42. Copper Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are a great way to accessorize long hair and show off the shimmer in a great color. Smooth color transitions are barely noticeable, and the hair is just beautifully colored and shown off in the twists of the braids.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


43. Bright Copper Undercut

The bright copper hair color has a great sheen to it and a multidimensional look. The undercut has the same copper color, but on the shorter length it has a soft appearance.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


44. Red Tinted Copper

When most people hear the term copper colored hair, they immediately think of a vibrant red color like this. Truthfully, copper gives this red a brighter, more shimmering appearance.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


45. Prismatic Copper Curls

There is no better indicator of a great color than how it works in the light. For copper, this is even more true as it is known to have a distinctive shine all its own. Here that shine is picked up and amplified by the curls in her long copper hair.

46. Fall Colors

Straight hairstyles are greatly complemented by highlights and lowlights to create dimension. Here the deep reds and coppers of fall boost her hair to a warm and lively overall look.

47. Warm Copper and Gold

The copper used here significantly brightens the reddish brown hair at the roots and the start of the transition of color. Hints of gold and glaze help the copper stand out even more.

48. Holographic Copper Hair

The brilliance of the balayged copper against the blue-based wine base color makes for an interesting hairstyle full of distinction.

49. Fall and Copper Meld

Fall colors generally consist of reds, coppers, browns and yellows, and here we can see the reds, coppers and yellows vividly melded together.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


50. Bright Copper Hair

Copper from roots to tips is a great, consistent and natural look. The reddish tint just at the roots helps sell the illusion, as does the lightness at the ends.

Copper Hair Color Ideas


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