15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes From Sneakers to High Heels & Sandals

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes From Sneakers to High Heels & Sandals

There is one specific color that, although not featured as Pantone’s color of the year, is driving everyone crazy anyways, and it is rose gold. From sneakers to high heels, sandals, sweatshirts and even rose gold hair, rose gold is all the rage now, as proven especially by our Instagram feeds (the featured rose gold shoes are from Stella McCartney available at monnierfreres.co.uk).

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes From Sneakers to High Heels & Sandals

With the fashion industry’s world being infinitely diverse, we decided to focus on the accessory of the year, namely shoes, to serve you 15 pairs of rose gold shoes, from rose gold heels to flats to sneakers and sandals that come just in time for the holiday season!

Rose Gold High Heels

1. Kate Spade’s Ilona Sandals

Kate Spade knows how to pamper us right. For the holiday season, Kate Spade created a pair of ultra glittery rose gold sandals that also comes in silver, adorned with a furry embellishment on the front, and a chunky heel on the back. If you have a glamorous Hollywood-like party planned for New Year’s Eve, these rose gold shoes might be just your outfit’s icing on the cake! You can get them at Nordstrom.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Kate Spade Rose Gold Sandals

2. Flower Power

Statuesque and polished, Sophia Webster’s rose gold sandals, named Lilico, feature an artistic 3D floral appliqué, and a 4.3″ heel, which makes them pretty comfortable, too. Equally glamorous as Kate Spade’s rose gold heels, these sandals will look just perfect at any spring/summer formal ceremony, too. You can find them at NeimanMarcus.com!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Sophia Webster Rose Gold Sandals

3. Go-To, Tan-Go

Of course, Valentino had to come up within their own interpretation of the rose gold trend, too. This pair of Tan-go metallic rose gold leather pumps is nothing but standard Valentino, and its rose gold metallic finish and slender ankles will specifically appeal to those, who love a good pair of day-to-night bon ton shoes. Feminine and wearable on a daily basis, you can find them on MyTheresa.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Valentino Rose Gold Heels

4. Sophia Webster Has a Saturday Night Fever

With her first pair of rose gold heels being all shiny and glittery, her second one couldn’t be any less so. Sophia Webster’s heavily Seventies-inspired Raye sandals are crafted from fine leather and are also adorned with iridescent crystals on the 3D bow and towering heel. These are not for the faint of heart for sure, and will very likely grab everyone’s attention. Webster’s Raye sandals are available for purchase at Net-a-Porter.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Sophia Webster Rose Gold Sandals

5. Wang’s Detailing

While at first glance this pair of Alexander Wang Tia Stiletto heels appears to be pretty simple, if we look at it closer and more carefully, we may quickly find out it is actually minimalist yet high fashion. Crafted from delicate rose gold leather, Wang’s Tia Stiletto features a tiny cut-out detailing on the heels, and its slip-on design, along with the pointed toe, makes it perfect from day to night. You can get it at VeryExclusive.co.uk!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Alexander Wang Rose Gold Heels

Rose Gold Flat Shoes

6. Inception Trend

Oxford shoes are all the rage at the moment, just like rose gold shoes, and they will keep on walking a similar high fashion path for the months to come, too. So, why not combine a trend with another one? Ted Baker’s Anoihe Oxford shoes combine a distinctive brogue lace-up style with a delicate rose gold color, accentuated by a slightly shimmer upper. It is both cute and elegant, and is available online only at Nordstrom.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Ted Baker Rose Gold Oxford Shoes

7. Dance, Ballerina!

Kate Spade also has a tender heart, filled with cute figures and flirty bows. These Emma rose gold ballerina flats featuring refined leather just prove it, while at the same time treating us to something simple yet not conventionally casual. Available for purchase at NeimanMarcus.com, they will just add the needed amount of glamour to your daily urban outfit!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Kate Spade Rose Gold Ballerina Flats

8. Woven Slip-Ons

For the holiday season, Marco de Vincenzo’s shoe game went significantly strong on the haute couture side, especially with the sandals and slip-ons. This pair of woven flats is made of the finest leather in Italy, and is also fastened with a tr‚Äö√†√∂¬¨√Üs chic slender ankle strap, which highlights the legs especially if you are wearing a short or a midi skirt. These rose gold shoes are perfect alternatives, if you are not in the mood for a pair of high heels! You can get them at MatchesFashion.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Marco de Vincenzo Rose Gold Flats

9. Topshop’s Top

Keeping up with the dream array of rose gold flat shoes, we couldn’t, of course, refrain from including a good pair of Topshop ballerina flats. Made of textile fabrics, this pair of rose gold flats features a cute floral patterned laser-cut detailing that makes it just perfect with any pair of skinny jeans. Find them in Topshop’s brick-and-mortar stores or at Topshop.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Topshop Rose Gold Flats

10. Kate Spade Goes Boho

Here we are with Kate Spade’s third side, namely the hippiest one. Spade’s Clorinda leather flat sandals are the perfect type of shoes for those who are actually not that into rose gold, yet are really willing to try them out and wear them with a casual/boho-chic outfit. Subtle, if not almost imperceptible, these Clorinda sandals will look good with almost anything, and are also a good fashion investment for the spring and summer seasons to come. Get them at NeimanMarcus.com!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Kate Spade Rose Gold Flat Sandals

Rose Gold Sneakers

11. Sporty Chic

Here we are with rose gold sneakers, a.k.a. the type of shoes that can be luxurious and street style at the same time. When it comes to Michael Kors, things couldn’t, of course, be anything but high street, as proven by this pair of Craig Velcro Cupsole trainers in rose gold. Made of lavish metallic faux leather uppers and a contrasting white rubber cupsole, these trainers are fastened with three Velcro secured tabs and we bet will specifically appeal to those, who love high street wear outfits. You can find them at AllSole.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Michael Kors Rose Gold Sneakers

12. Super Woman

Superga, a master when it comes to sneakers, dedicated its notorious Cotmetu trainers to the rose gold trend, here refined with a cotton upper and a natural rubber sole. Simple, yet one-of-a-kind, this pair of rose gold shoes is perfect for all the wonder women out there! Get it at Coggles.com!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Superga Rose Gold Sneakers

13. Glittery Sneakers, Bubbly Sneakers

Kate Spade often tries her hand at creating sneakers, which somehow look like transpositions of high heels. As far as the Ilona Sandals go, this pair of shoes also matches fun glitters with feminine bows, treating us to the perfect combination of styles. You can find it at NeimanMarcus.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Keds Rose Gold Sneakers

14. Fiercely Rose Gold

Puma has been revamping its style ever since Rihanna joined its team, and such a restyling is particularly visible within the shoe line. Puma’s ‘Fierce Metallic’ high-top sneakers are just another example of how grandiosely Puma is doing the whole ‘luxurious sneaker’ thing. Of course, these ones were made in collaboration with Rihanna’s Fenty label! You can shop them at Nordstrom.com.

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Puma Rose Gold Sneakers

15. Translucent Power

Missguided strikes again! And this time around it comes up with a pair of super translucent rose gold trainers, which not only is super comfortable and covetable, but also affordable! These will look perfect whether you are going for a casual outfit, or a contrasting street-style-meets-bon-ton look, as they manage to look both cute and sporty at the same time. These are available in silver too. Find them at MissGuidedus.com!

15 Pairs of Rose Gold Shoes: Missguided Rose Gold Sneakers

Photos courtesy of The Glam and Glitter, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom

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