Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends

What is in the cards for today? Tossing around the biggest spring/ summer 2017 print trends that once more came to certify that fashion without prints is like cake without sugar. With all those shocking sorbet colors to dominate throughout the upcoming warm seasons, prints come as some pretty additions to bring all that pizzazz around.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends

Given that the fashion circuit has recently undergone some radical transformations starting from the See-Now-Buy-Now scheme picking up steam to the return of the ’80s that have been dubbed by many as Dynasty period, we saw spring/ summer 2017 prints churned out in various brand-new interpretations as well.

Stripes are surely number one print type that the majority of designers have fallen in love with dished out in so many colors and shapes that we are now just spoiled for choice. The fashion capitals also smelled aromatic flowers, played geometry games, got enchained by so many checkered prints and plaids, read so many provocative slogans and much more.

Browse through our list of spring/ summer 2017 print trends that are to make your spring looks funny and sunny.

#1: Rainbow Stripes: Rise and Shine!

Without much combing through the spring 2017 fashion collections, it’s just crystal clear that stripes have never been so dynamic and ubiquitous. Our list of spring 2017 print trends starts with the boldest and funniest stripe version of late. When sorbet colors meet stripes, we call it rainbow stripes!

This print trend is happening everywhere as a happy reminder that summer is all about lolling on the beach and traipsing around the town. Designer solutions are just awesome whether we look to Adam Selman’s iridescent knitwear and a transparent maxi stunner in coral and tangerine or throw an eye on those knitted flirty dresses at Proenza Schouler.

Funny rainbow la Rosie Assoulin embraces a couple of stunning maxi dresses, among them that sparkling one potent enough to make a splash, while the tangerine and blue striped numbers at Altuzarra come with off-the-shoulder designs to add fuel to the fire. Tackle some other rainbow festivals at Marc Jacobs, Milly, Molly Goddard or Opening Ceremony and go more and more rainbow and more and more beach-ready.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Stripes

#2: Let’s Go to Bed or Pajama Party!

Want to walk the whole spring season wrapped with some lounging relaxed vibe? Look no further than the next spring 2017 print trend that is just advocating to slip into some silky pajamas and to go out and about.

Great pajama party was happening at Ports 1961 in some eye-soothing blue and green shades; the runway was literally bursting at seams with oversized striped comfy shirts and trousers with striped beach cushions tucked under the models’ arms. At Rag & Bone red horizontal stripes cover the models from head to toe, while at Akris this relaxed spring 2017 trendy pattern veers off from ready-to-sleep feeling and takes a more cocktail-party-ready spin.

At Alexander Wang‘s dare-to-bare runway show, the pajama party goes on taking the shape of some beach shorts and bras in aquatic blue shade, whereas at Christian Siriano we just cannot resist the siren call of wearing those grey striped pieces to work.

Explore the recent spring/summer collections to enjoy more pajama-inspired stripes at Fendi, Etro and Marques’Almeida. In conclusion, need a real eye-opener? Carolina Herrera renders out a range of retro-style striped evening gowns in black and white that are in no way any black-and-white issue overall.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Pajama Stripes

#3: Floral Canvas Artwork

If there is one predictable spring/ summer 2017 print trend happening up hill and down dale, it is surely to be flowers spread all over the map. The upcoming warm seasons found the leading fashion designers all obsessed with floral canvas artwork, covering the models with tons of itty-bitty flowers.

The strangely puffed oversized numbers at Delpozo demonstrate pretty floral romanticism; at Fendi, floral prints take two equally compelling forms ” lingerie silk on the one hand and baroque brocade ones on the other.

Carolina Herrera had a thing for brocade floral prints as well that resulted in a range of royal high-falutin evening gowns in shimmering golden and blue shades, while at Jason Wu and Peter Pilotto, flowers took a more artistic abstract spin.

All in all, we assuredly claim Michael Kors Collection to be the winner in this floral competition with a series of daywear dresses, crop tops and swimwear pieces all wrapped with aquatic blue or avocado green flowers. More floral canvas samples can be spotted at Altuzarra, Rag & Bone, Rosie Assoulin, Simone Rocha, Tory Burch and others.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Floral Prints

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Floral Prints

#4: Gingham vs. Plaid vs. Prince of Wales

These are three prints that have always walked hand in hand yet always in fierce competition. Being the epitome of classicism, all the three patterns keep on riding high on the runways of the major fashion capitals, thus shaping up the next grand spring/ summer 2017 fashion print trend.

It was House of Holland keeping gingham pattern under its thumb but not in their traditional classic form ” purple, red and tangerine met to shape pretty gingham patterned flirty dresses, crop tops and flared pants just to fit in with spring mood. Gingham prints were also the major theme at Prada jumping on a range of blazers and skirts both in vibrant and muted shades.

Black and white classic gingham was spotted at the likes of Carolina Herrera, Toga and Dolce & Gabbana. Then it was Pringle of Scotland to give rise to gingham and plaid competition ” chocolate shaded plaid utilitarian dresses vs. gingham-patterned dresses and sweaters.

Prince of Wales or glen plaid (call it as you want) was also sent down the runways in the traditional grey shade, but completely harmonized with the flirty mood of the warm season. Think Alexander Wang or Lacoste, where Prince of Wales prints looked just as cool on shorts and rompers.

Doesn’t the modern variation of glen plaid resonate with you? No sweat, go straight to Simone Rocha for more classic numbers perfect to wear in transitional seasons.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Gingham Patterns

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Plaid/ Checkered Patterns

#5: Pop Culture Patterns On Duty

Year in, year out we find ourselves in the grips of pop culture, when ready-to-wear fashion shows kick-start. Pop culture prints descended on the spring/ summer 2017 runways as well to shape the next trendy pattern of spring 2017.

When thinking pop culture in fashion, any way you slice it, Dolce & Gabbana pops up with oceans of real-life objects actualized on garment pieces. This time around the Sicilian duo made a unique mixture of drums, flags, spaghetti, ice-cream, jugs, bowls, fish, Italian girls in traditional garb and what not.

We saw tons of star prints in different shades and colors at Elie Saab, royal elephants at Emporio Armani, dragons, zebras and tigers at Gucci and some funny outdoor prints at Temperley London.

Want to get some pop culture fashion with Greek origins? Make a beeline for Mary Katrantzou to revel in those Minoan women images mixed with optical illusion prints.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Pop Culture Patterns

#6: Slogans All Over

If there is one eloquent print trend of spring 2017, it is definitely slogans that appeared on many runways to deliver some very important messages. Let’s call the spring 2017 fashion month a slogan generator and overstep our bounds to talk via garments.

Take Alexander Wang to spread a Mind Detergent mood around or go to Christian Dior, where Maria Grazia Chiuri is advocating WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS. At Haider Ackermann, it was about SILENCE, at Michael Kors ” about Love, while Stella McCartney was endlessly thanking girls with love slogans in between.

However, it was Henry Holland who sent down the runway a range of provocative slogans like Let’s Breed Bella Hadid or Suck on My Toe Phoebe Philo as a strange way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the house.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Slogans

#7: Playful Polka Dots

When you run out of ideas on how to look flirty and coquettish, always bet on playful polka dots to turn you into the flirtiest girl in town. This is a print seen on many runways recently, thus finding its place in our list of spring/ summer 2017 print trends.

Whether matched with monochromatic pieces or with other print types to concoct some pretty neoteric pattern blocking, the effect is equally as amazing ” a woman always ready to embrace a little adventure, living by the principle that life is a game.

The most classic interpretation of polka dots is seen at Dolce & Gabbana ” white polka dots against a black background brought into play on some ’80s-inspired shirts and headbands, as well as on a flaring tulle dress.

At Givenchy, this trendy print was delivered in droves with some esoteric dashes to them and lighted up by warm shades of orange, but what makes us go into raptures are those rainbow polka dots on a tulle dress with ruffles.

Polka dots were also spotted at Louis Vuitton again in their classic black-white form, while at Gucci, pink dots against a blue background pulled off to call some romantic emotions. Want to see the most off-the-wall polka dot versions? Look to Creature of Comfort, where large dots in red and pink were spread densely all over the map.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Polka Dots

#8: All-Powerful Animal Prints

Year in, year out animal prints arrive at fashion weeks to throw us into the luxurious and hedonistic zone. The spring 2017 fashion month also saw many leopards, cheetahs and tigers waylaying and many snakes crawling, thus letting us name animal prints as the next summer 2017 print trend.

Leopard prints made a small chapter of Christopher Kane’s spring/summer 2017 runway show on a number of side-slit skirts, outerwear pieces and a single feline girl jumpsuit.

At Alexander Wang, leopard printed outerwear pieces surprisingly matched with athleisure pieces are on the point to kick-start an off-the-track trend, while at Haider Ackermann, animal prints show off their glam-chic factor. Leopard and cheetah prints kept on attacking the runways from Nina Ricci and Dolce & Gabbana to Marc Jacobs and Alessandra Rich.

Treacherous snakes lent their skin to Altuzarra and the takeaway is just amazing under the guise of some outerwear pieces and lightweight dresses at times even mixed with cherry prints, while at Baja East we spotted a tiger passing by.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Animal Patterns

#9: Classic Pinstripes

The festival of stripes kicks into higher gear when pinstripes arrive in spades as numero uno classic style devotee indicators. Originally meant solely for men’s suits, these ultra-thin stripes, now dished out in brand new interpretations for women as well, make the next grand spring 2017 print trend.

At Aquilano.Rimondi, classic pinstripes embraced a range of oversized shirts, blazers and asymmetrical skirts; at Baja East it was all about slouchy grey pieces with some tropical tenor, while at Chalayan, white-and-blue pinstripes had jumped on shirting cottons to form some deconstructed slouchy pieces. Go further to grasp more pinstripes at Chloe, Creatures of the Wind, Ashley Williams and Band of Outsiders.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Pinstripes

#10: Geometric Jigsaw Prints

If there is one summer 2017 print trend that can pack quite a punch and throw us into some equilibrium, it is definitely geometric prints spread chaotically all over to pass off as a jigsaw puzzle.

Geometrical jigsaw puzzle happened triumphantly at Barbara Bui under the guise of iridescent arrow-like prints, zigzags, squares and many other shapes all garnered in one place and dispersed all over unsystematically.

At For Restless Sleepers, we are taken away by those interwoven triangular shapes and half-moons; at Marc Jacobs and Max Mara, we again notice iridescent sliced pieces united together as a pretty patchwork, while at Akris, geometric jigsaw prints play with orange, brown and green shades.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Geometric Jigsaw Patterns

#11: Back to Retro Prints

If your fashion predilections are more prone to the retro style with all those bell-bottom jeans, big sunglasses, fedoras and funky jackets, you are likely to go wild about the next spring/ summer 2017 print trend. Retro prints with repetitive patterns flooding the recent runways come as another proof that the ’80s are coming back in a great way.

We see this awesome trend happening with might and main at Prada, where those ostrich-feather-trimmed pieces are all covered with iridescent square-shaped repetitive prints, while at Trussardi, retro prints are in the form of waves alternating each other.

You can find more retro prints at Valentino mixed with romantic hearts, at Proenza Schouler, where oceans of itty-bitty red squares turn on their light and at Gucci as well on a silk dress all decorated with G cubes.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Retro Patterns

#12: Artistic Watercolor Prints

Want to abandon yourself to the delights of artistic fashion? There is no better way than counting on watercolor prints that we just couldn’t help including in our list of summer 2017 fashion print trends.

Whether you give your preference to those blue-orange abstract watercolor prints at Christian Siriano or go for those realistic agate artwork pieces at Givenchy or maybe have a yen for going bizarre with Haider Ackermann’s ink splash prints or Celine‘s vertically stretching lobster-imitating print, you will surely tell everyone about your artistic essence without even a single word.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Artistic Watercolor Patterns

#13: Camouflage Your Fragility with Camouflage Prints

The camouflage prints in dazzle prints, originally meant for military troops to confuse the enemy, are now attacking female wardrobes to maybe camouflage fragility and endow the women with some strength and power.

Though this print didn’t occur at every corner at the recent runway shows, we assuredly decided to include it in our list of spring 2017 print trends to advocate women of the 21st century to overstep the mark and look a little bit androgynous.

Original khaki camouflage was spotted on a petite dress at Marc Jacobs, while the camo prints at Arthur Arbesser veer off from conventional color and are painted in vibrant orange and green shades with more sophistication to them.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Camouflage Patterns

#14: Optical Illusion Prints

The last but not least in our list of spring/ summer 2017 print trends is optical illusion patterns that are just zero cool to wear and throw people into some psychological imbalance.

Whenever we mention optical illusion prints in fashion regardless of season, Mary Katrantzou comes to mind with her power to alter human perception. Once again the designer of Greek origin is ahead of the pack with iridescent motion aftereffect prints mixed with Greek culture elements.

We see the runway show of Emilio Pucci also running over with spiral illusion prints up to sending the models down the runway with head-to-toe optical illusion. You can also tackle some black-and-white optical illusion samples at Christian Siriano and Creatures of the Wind.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Print Trends: Optical Illusion Patterns

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Livingly

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