15 Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017 and Beyond

15 Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017 and Beyond

Moto jackets are always on trend, and with every update, they continue to get better. There are cruelty free vegan lather biker jackets now, metallic, quilted, every color imaginable and a variety of designs. The designs are ever evolving, and they look good with nearly everything (the featured jacket is from Lucky Brand available at Macy’s).

15 Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017 and Beyond

The classifications for a moto jacket have gotten very broad to include anything designed to look like a leather jacket that is cool and interesting. If you are searching for a moto jacket or two to add to your collection, here are our 15 trendy biker jackets for 2016-2017 and forever, as these will look great for a long time.

For the most part many of these will fit the original classification of a moto jacket, but we’ll include some new era ‘moto jackets’ as well. Take a look and find the biker jacket that is right for you and your wardrobe!

1. Nasty Gal Metallic Silver Moto Jacket

Nasty Gal has great options for all clothing types, but this moto jacket is special. The metallic sheen and details that adorn the jacket are fantastic, and the copper vegan leather that makes up the jacket is supple and beautiful. The three zip front pockets are actual pockets, and the jacket is fully lined. You can buy yours at NastyGal.com.

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Nasty Gal Metallic Biker Jacket

2. Mira Mikati Hand-Painted Biker Jacket

Leather moto jackets with a personal touch will always be more expensive and the way you can feel the love is to purchase a hand painted jacket. This jacket is not only hand painted, it is also glazed 100% sheepskin leather with a full lining. The jacket is imported from India and features zipper fastened pockets and cuffs. Order yours at Shopbop!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Mira Mikati Hand-Painted Biker Jacket

3. Shrimps GIGI Faux Leather Moto Jacket

This jacket has an adorable faux fur color and zip closure gussets on the sleeves. It is fully lined and designed to be eye-catching and stunning with a textured feel and great lightweight wear. Get yours at Fwrd!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Shrimps Biker Jacket

4. Topshop Faux Leather Biker Jacket

Topshop doesn’t disappoint with their products and this moto jacket is no different. The quilted details on the shoulders and upper arms look great against the smooth leather of the rest of the jacket. The cuffs up to the elbow are also quilted and accessorized with black zippered details. The snap weighted collar and off-centered zippered front are clean and stylish. Get yours at Nordstrom!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Topshop Biker Jacket

5. Anine Bing Biker Leather Jacket

People love the color burgundy because it is rich and beautiful and it definitely looks good on leather. This jacket shows off the benefit of the rich color with clean lines and well-placed detailing. Snap button closure pockets and zippered pockets look great against the smooth leather. This jacket is available for purchase at Anine Bing.

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Anine Bing Biker Jacket

6. Storets Black Leather Biker Jacket

The Sinda leather jacket is a smooth and shiny version of what is expected of a leather moto jacket. The black is rich and the jacket is well designed and stunning. The embellishments are just enough to add to the design without being overpowering. Get yours at Storets!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Storets Biker Jacket

7. Vetements Leather Moto Jacket

This leather jacket is nothing short of iconic, very reminiscent of the leather jackets featured in action movies and even the spoofs of the movies. This moto jacket for 2016-2017 is stunning and still a lot of fun. The word Vetements is emblazoned up the sleeve and the crisp colors stand out against each other beautifully. The jacket retails at My Theresa.

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Vetements Biker Jacket

8. Nasty Gal Mouth Off Moto Jacket

The Nasty Gal Mouth Off leather moto jacket for 2016-2017 is for anyone who loves embellished clothing in their wardrobe. This moto jacket is hand studded and a limited edition. The jacket is 100% calf leather with blush satin lining and inset patchwork. There is a snap closure at the collar and zippers on the sleeves. Get yours at Nasty Gal!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Nasty Gal Biker Jacket

9. ASOS Biker Jacket with Heavy Wash

This jacket features a heavy wash of a rich color that gives it a huge boost and an amazing overall aesthetic. This jacket will work with everything from a tank and jeans to a skater dress. It’s an amazing jacket that you can purchase at ASOS.

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: ASOS Biker Jacket

10. Free People Belted Moto Jacket

The belted moto is stunning with snap-weighted collars and lapels, a zippered front and zippered pockets. The belted bottom is fun and secured with loops. The jacket is lined and the three-quarter length sleeves also feature a zippered detail, while the color is outstanding and rich. Get yours at Free People!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Free People Biker Jacket

11. Alice + Olivia “Always Right’ Moto Jacket

This is a great moto jacket for 2016-2017 to make a statement with. The back is embroidered with the words “Always Right’ in stark white contrast stitching accented with a red heart over the letter ‘I’. The jacket features flattering paneling with zippered cuffs and waist pockets and side waist tabs. The round neck is flattering and the double front zip is definitely a plus. You can buy yours at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Alice + Olivia Biker Jacket

12. Chloe Leather Biker Jacket

The rich burgundy and bright taupe contrast paneling on this moto jacket really stand out and make a statement. The collar and hem of the jacket feature a snap closure, while the zippered front is matched with a zippered front pocket as well. Buy yours at Net-A-Porter!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Chloe Biker Jacket

13. Caroline Receveur Studded Biker Jacket

The Caroline Receveur studded faux leather biker jacket was created in collaboration with a well-known French fashion blogger, Caroline Receveur. The studs detailing on the sleeves of the jacket are just one great detail of this moto jacket that makes it an amazing option for any wardrobe. Get yours at Missguided!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Caroline Receveur Biker Jacket

14. ASOS Biker Jacket with Pin Badge Detail

This is one of those great faux leather moto jackets for 2016-2017 that will elevate any look. The pin details along the lapels are a nice touch that makes the jacket look even better. Order yours here at ASOS!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: ASOS Biker Jacket

15. Topshop Leather Biker Jacket

This design has all the looks of a great moto jacket from collar to hem. It’s cool and features a lot of edgy details, like buckled and zippered cuffs. The zip-front details also include zippered pockets and the look is that of beautiful leather because it is 100% leather! Get yours at Topshop!

Trendy Moto Jackets for 2016-2017: Topshop Biker Jacket

Photos courtesy of Viva Luxury, Free People, ASOS

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