Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends

The spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends are all about duality this season, with two warring camps. On one side we have the fierce yet severe stylists, with a tight comb and copious hair gel as their weapons, while on the other side we have the free spirits, with a bottle of texturizing spray and the teasing comb in their hands. If you are a prim and proper kind of woman, take note of the former, and keep your hair slicked back. If you’re a bit lazier, let the flyaways fly, regardless of whether you keep your hair loose or pull it back messily.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends

We’ve also pulled together all the best spring/ summer 2017 hair color trends, if you’re thinking of making a full switch. After that you’ll be able to see all of the big spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles, as well. Feel free to comment and let us know which are your favorites!

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Color Trends

Ashy ” Ash is the winning shade of blonde, as far as the spring/ summer 2017 hair colors go. Many models on the runway sported mousy blonde and brown locks. It’s a great subtle take on the lighter hair shades, and it was certainly the most subdued of the 2017 hair colors. While we did see some of the eternally in vogue warmer blonde shades, cool ruled and we loved it.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Color Trends: Ashy Blonde Hair

Deep Brown ” The darker 2017 hair colors were rich, chocolaty, and delicious. Deeply glistening locks of dark brown were everywhere we looked, and while they might technically not be all that summery, good stylists know when to break the rules.

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Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Color Trends: Deep Brown Hair

Fierce Red ” Ginger danger! The 2017 hair color trends lean towards natural (with one big exception), and the color red is no different. We saw plenty of models with the kind of red locks Merida would be jealous of. Not to outshine the ginger queens, there were also some strawberry blondes killing it on the runway.

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Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Color Trends: Red Hair

Pastels ” Extraordinary hair colors for spring/ summer 2017 leaned towards the pastel sides of things, with Australian model Fernanda Ly stealing the show with her glorious pastel pink locks. The pastel dreads on the Marc Jacobs catwalk stood out, as well, where we saw pale shades of pink, yellow, and blue ” the color was nice, even if the styling was problematic.

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Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Color Trends: Pastel Hair

Balayage Highlights ” This summer is also the season of balayage highlights, the ombre’s hipper west coast cousin. A balayage, for those not in the know, is a hand painting technique, where only the locks on the outside of the hair are dyed, and the roots are normally left natural. The effect is as though the hair had been naturally lightened by the sun. It is the perfect hair for warm weather.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hair Color Trends: Balayage Highlights

#1. Voluminous Coifs & ’80s Hair

This is likely the most luxurious of the summer 2017 hairstyle trends ” the big, voluminous updos, and semi updos! Going big with the hair (especially on the crown) is a great way of standing out this season. Show off a bombastic personality by simply grabbing the teasing comb and the hairspray, and going to town. What’s excellent is that we have all kinds of volumized styles this season, with some cleaner and sleeker looks, and others a little more messy and rough around the edges.

At Anna Sui, the effect that stylist Garren created was gorgeously early-’60s, with a lot of side bangs and volume on the crown. At Phillip Lim we saw a similar vibe, but with a much messier finish with a lot of flyaways.

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Hairstylist Duffy, for Topshop Unique, channeled the ’80s instead, by sweeping models’ hair over to one side and teasing the crown until it was sky high. At the Reem Acra show, the volume was all in the ponytails, which were also ferociously curly, another of this year’s hairstyle trends.

Lastly, at Gucci the volume was as high fashion as they come, thanks to hairdresser Yadim, with many models sporting teased and curled bangs, and one model even sporting crimped hair so volumized it almost looked like a wig.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Voluminous Coifs & '80s Hair

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Voluminous Coifs & '80s Hair

#2. The Side Part is Back!

The side part and the middle part were neck and neck for a bit, and certainly, the middle part is also one of the summer 2017 hairstyle trends. However, the side part is edging out its competitor, with a lot of clean, sleek examples of this look ruling the runway.

This season we saw a softer version of this look, along with a low-slung ponytail, at the Dries Van Noten show, which was created by Sam McKnight.

At Lanvin and Louis Vuitton, it was nearly 50/50, with some models sporting a side part and others sporting a middle part. At Salvatore Ferragamo, the side part was paired with flowing long hair, and just a touch of hair gel at the crown to keep things from moving.

We also saw sleek side parts on the Balmain, Jil Sander, and Prada runways.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Side-Parted Hair

#3. Middle Part

As I said, the middle part is still here as one of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends ” so don’t worry if you just changed your part last year, and weren’t ready to let go yet. In a lot of the shows, we saw a combination of both types of parts.

The middle part is the softer choice of the two, and it has a groovy ’70s vibe. If you haven’t tried it yet, however, stick to your side part because it’s only going to get bigger.

On the Christian Siriano and Thierry Mugler runways, the middle parted hair was long and sleek, exuding a more serious feel. The middle part was super sleek on the David Koma and Tibi runways, as well, where the models’ hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail.

At Rag & Bone, hair stylist Orlando Pita kept the models hair feathery and wavy, staying true to a free spiriting ’70s style. Jill Stuart was somewhere in between the sleek and feathery, with the middle parts themselves sharp, but with the locks flowing around shoulder length.

On many catwalks we actually saw hairstylists alternating between the middle part and some more unique choices. This included the Chloe, Nicole Miller, and Mulberry runways.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Center-Parted Hair

#4. Curls Are Busting Out All Over

The spring 2017 hairstyles would be nothing without a good curl trend. This year’s curls are big and bold. Curls are a really fun hair choice, especially when they’re done in a messier and more natural style, rather than previous seasons’ ultra clean bottleneck curls.

At the Proenza Schouler show, the curls we saw appeared soft to the touch. They weren’t too big, nor too small, and somehow bridged the gap between too wild and too tight.

At Alexander Wang, the models’ hair appeared naturally curly, as though their locks had been sprayed with a bit of salt water and maybe a texturizing spray. Just a little wet, and very curly and wavy!

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Curly Hair

#5. Wet Looking Hair

Of all the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles, the raining (pun intended) look is definitely wet looking hair. Rejoice all ye ladies who hate the blow dryer, because this style is super sleek and surprisingly easy to achieve. Simply comb your hair while it is still wet (either back, or with a side-part, another one of this season’s trends), and then pile on the gel and mousse for hold.

Follow that up with a layer of hair oil, to preserve the wet shine. I am especially partial to this style because, as in the words of Zoolander, water “is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty’.

At Balmain, the wet look was paired with long hair and an extreme side part, for a positively fierce effect. While at Thakoon, thanks to hairstylist Odile Gilbert some of the model’s hair was just slicked through with a wet shine, but for most it was paired with a clean top bun, and just a single curly lock of hair at the front.

At Alexander McQueen, the effect was high fantasy chic, with the models sporting wetly slicked back hair with a part on each side. We also saw different takes on this style at the Christopher Kane, Givenchy, Altuzarra, Jason Wu, and J.W. Anderson shows.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Wet-Effect Hair

#6. Ultimate Sleekness

For many, the wet hairstyle trends of spring/ summer 2017 are a little extreme, but rest assured that sleek is much more wearable and just as popular this season. Just a touch of mousse and a comb are all you’ll need to achieve this take on the prisoners hair trend.

At Stella McCartney, hairdresser Eugene Souleiman combed the models’ hair straight back, with just a touch of gel, creating a sleek yet textured effect. On the Carolina Herrera catwalk, stylist Orlando Pita gave the models fiercely straight, gelled locks, which were pulled back into a long hanging semi-ponytail.

We also saw fierce sleekness at the Elie Saab, and DKNY shows.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Sleek Hair

#7. Low & Side Ponytails

Another one of the easier spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles was the side ponytail! It is a little ’80s, but not so much as to be tacky, and it lends a bit of interest to the otherwise kinda boring low ponytail. At Chanel, hairdresser Sam McKnight paired the models’ side ponytail for a side part, which worked really well with some sassy hats.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Low & Side Ponytails

#8. Low Slung Braided Buns and Twists

One of the softer and more feminine spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends was the low slung braided bun. This is an excellent hairstyling choice for special events, and we suspect it might even end up as a go-to wedding hair choice. It is easy to achieve, and has a timeless, romantic feel.

A lovely take on this style was done at the Creatures of Comfort show, where the looped, low slung braid was paired with very sleek hair and a middle part. At Kenzo we saw a similar looped braid, but with a sleek side part at the front. At Erdem, on the other hand, we saw more of a braided bun sitting down on the back of the neck, and paired with a bow.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Low Braided & Twisted Buns/ Updos

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Low Braided & Twisted Buns/ Updos

#9. Twisted Hair

Another one of the summer 2017 hairstyle trends is the twisty-turny hair. This is a wonderfully effortless style with a bit of a boho touch that is totally new.

We saw it on a few of the models on the Maison Margiela and Louis Vuitton runways, in the form of a twisted tail, where the models’ hair was pulled back twisted, and tied again at the bottom.

On the Marissa Webb catwalk, hair was side parted on all the models, and then separated into two pieces right behind the ears, where it was twisted only to come together at the nape of the neck in a loose ponytail.

At Jil Sander’s show we saw a twisted bun sitting right at the nape of the neck, for a more chic effect.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Twisted Hair

#10. High, Haphazard Buns

There were plenty of unruly spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles, with a really fun one being the messy bun. It’s another style that highlights the duality of the season ” clean and sleek vs. unruly and haphazard.

At Adam Selman, the hair had been mercilessly crimped, and then gathered in a bun with a tail right above the temple, echoing bangs. On the Jenny Packham runway, the choice was for high buns paired with some stylish evening wear, which was kind of like the last minute decision to put one’s hair up before a special event.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: High Buns

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: High Buns

#11. Messy ‘Dos

Almost as though to counteract the more clean and severe hair trends of spring/ summer 2017, many designers decided instead to celebrate the messy style. Models all over the runway looked as though they hadn’t seen a hairbrush in months ” sometimes with just messy, loose hair, while others sported messy updos.

On the Zac Posen runway, the models had their hair heavily teased, and then partially pulled back, in a style that had a lot of volume. On the Vivienne Westwood runway, we saw a mixture of updos with the crown of the head very heavily teased, as well as just long, flowing locks with an impossible amount of flyaways.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Messy Hairstyles

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Messy Hairstyles

#12. Edgy Yet Wearable Bangs

We saw a few different takes on bangs this season, but our favorite of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends has to be the really edgy, and kind of messy looking bangs. Whether it was the way they were cut, or because of the styling, the effect was a little cute and a lot punk rock.

Anyone with the help of a good stylist can rock messy bangs, and they can look light and modern. Most of these bangs were actually created before the Alexander Wang show by Guido Palau.

The most wearable version of this trend was on a few of the models at the Chloe show, where the messy bangs were paired with gently tousled hair; for a “just woke up’ kind of look.

At the Mary Katrantzou show, we saw a mixture of razor-cut baby bangs and slightly sleeker straight across bangs, for an effect that was simultaneously cute but also a little dangerous.

At Mulberry, we saw clean-combed hair, with a mixture of longer, piecey bangs, and shorter baby bangs. We also saw some gorgeous, feathery bangs on the Nicole Miller catwalk, where their effect was light and chic. We also saw plentiful feathery, messy bangs at Versace.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Hairstyles with Bangs

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Hairstyles with Bangs

#13. Avant-Garde Bangs

There are so many ways to wear bangs. They can be cut straight across, volumized, angled, or just swept off to the side. In addition to getting happy with the feathering scissors, we also saw some crazier bang. The bangs of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends included a ton of creativity!

At Rochas, the models were all given curled fringes, which had a romantic, early 20th century effect, especially when paired with the soft colors of the season. At the Jeremy Scott show, we saw incredible, lush, asymmetrical bangs paired with a smooth bowl cut.

At the Christopher Kane show, the choice was to create bangs where there were none, by sleeking a few strands of the models’ hair across their foreheads, in a swirly, wispy style that also channeled the wet looking hair trend.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Eccentric Bangs

#14. Dutch Braids & French Braids

Depending on how they’re styled, French and Dutch braids can convey a lot of different images ” that is why it is not surprising that they are featured as one of the leading spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends. Some stylists took the braids to a more urban place by channeling cornrows, while others created a more prim and proper look.

Christian Dior‘s effect of the Dutch braids at the back of the head leant an urban style to the look, which was all about a sophisticated high bun from the front.

At Emporio Armani, we saw double French braids utilized to create a severe yet girlish style ” just imagine the hairstyles approved by a very strict all girl’s school, but with a high fashion twist.

At A Detacher, the effect of the braids was striking, with the models being fitted with 4 symmetrical Dutch braids on each corner of their head.

We also saw clever uses of French and Dutch braids on the Emilia Wickstead and Valentin Yudashkin catwalks.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Dutch & French Braids

#15. Small Accent Braids

The accent braids are a really lovely addition to this collection of spring/ summer 2017 hairstyle trends, because it’s easy to achieve and creates a flowy, boho effect that is a nice departure from some of this season’s more severe looks.

At Preen, the models hair was parted into small sections, which were all braided messily, for a slightly off-kilter boho effect.

At Roberto Cavalli, we saw small braids done in a much more wearable style. Braids peeked from behind the models’ ears and under the rest of their mane, adding texture to the tousled locks.

At Jonathan Simkhai, the braids were super subtle, since they were hidden behind the models’ ears. A hippie touch of woven in ribbons & beads helped them stand out just a touch more.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Small Accent Braids

#16. Thick, Lush Braids

As though to counter the smaller and more delicate braids, a few designers made sure to give us some mermaid-worthy big braids for our summer 2017 hairstyles.

At Simone Rocha, models sported two big braided pigtails, for a younger look. At Valentino, the talented Guido Palau created epic, massive plaits that worked beautifully with the romantic and floral collection.

Surprisingly, the only designers playing with the gorgeous fishbraid style were Alice + Olivia, where the models’ hair looked big and ready to burst out of the ocean’s waves.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Thick Braids

#17. Afros and Natural Hair

The runways this season lacked diversity, much like in previous years. However, a few gorgeous women of color still featured on some runways, and hairstylists decided to let their hair do the natural thing. We saw a lot of beautiful Afros shining through a lot of different shows.

The beautiful Londone Myers, Lineisy Montero, and Selena Forrest stood out at the Coach 1941 show, which was one of the most diverse shows of this season. At the Proenza Schouler show, we saw the same models’ natural curls embraced, and paired with curls on many of the other models.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Afro Hair

#18. Faux Dreads: Not Quite Okay

Marc Jacobs fell under heavy criticism for the faux dreads and cornrows worn by his predominantly white cast of models. While we did like the colors, and think the style was objectively pretty cool, cultural appropriation is not really okay in this context.

Seldom do we see black models on the runways with dreadlocks, cornrows, or any other hairstyle that is perceived as “urban’. Even the shift towards natural hair is very new.

In other words, the fashion world hasn’t reached a point where it is progressive enough to flirt with this kind of hairstyle without seeming insensitive, tone-deaf, and hypocritical. Sorry, Marc Jacobs, maybe next time.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Faux Dreadlocks

#19. Architectural Hair

At Haider Ackermann, we saw some extreme hairstyling choices, with models sporting heavily gelled ‘dos. The models’ hair was separated into pieces, and then flat-ironed and covered in gel, so big, architectural pieces jutted out from their hands.

While for most of the spring/ summer 2017 hairstyles like this one they are likely too much, you can definitely try a more wearable version of it. Pull your hair back into a high ponytail, and only then style it with gel. The effect would be graphic, clean, and modern, with just a touch of avant-garde.

Spring/ Summer 2017 Hairstyle Trends: Architectural Hairstyles

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Livingly

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Spring/ Summer 2017 Fashion Trends

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