Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trends You Should Know

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trends

We saw all of the lovely gowns and the different fall 2017 bridal fashion trends that popped up for the latest bridal fashion week, but in so many instances, the fall 2017 bridal hairstyles and makeup trends had us hearing wedding bells just as vividly. With women having so many different types of personal styles, there is always such a large number of unique hair and makeup styles to be presented.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trends

In order to keep things on track, here is a list of some of the best fall 2017 bridal beauty trends that you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re planning your wedding for the coming year.

1. Flower Crowns for the Bride

This is a boho-chic fashion staple, so calling it a trend might not be giving it enough credit; however, it did show up as a recurring theme for fall 2017 bridal hairstyles. The best part about using flora in this manner is that you can match it to your bouquet, or just ditch that altogether and keep your hands free during the ceremony.

For this season, flower crowns can also entail weaving flowers directly into your hair, as with half-up braids, or any other hairstyle with tucks and folds. If you’re wanting to add in some flowers to your hair but don’t want an actual flower crown, then another option is to add them directly into your hairstyle.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Flower Crowns

2. A Touch of White

It’s an age-old makeup secret that applying a bit of white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes will make you appear more awake; it has also shown up as a great fall 2017 bridal makeup trend. It keeps you appearing more youthful and alert, and will be a beautiful addition to a fall or winter wedding look once the chill hangs over the air.

Being a bride can be exhausting ” trying to keep everything in order is no easy feat, especially if you’re planning your own wedding ” and you’re already wearing white anyway, so by adding a little touch of white to your eyes, you’ll ensure that your long hours of work won’t be showing.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: White Eyeshadow on the Inner Corner of the Eyes

3. Pink Lips and Lids

This may not sound like one of the better fall 2017 bridal makeup trends, but the result is truly beautiful. Using a near-matching light pink color on your eyelids and lips will give you a glowing, youthful look for your wedding. It also adds in a bit of fairy tale charm; it’s an easy trend to pull off, and will add an unexpected element to your bridal look, especially if you’re going for that ultimate dream fairy tale wedding!

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Pink Lips and Lids

4. Geometric Cat Eyes

Bring classic glamor to your modern bridal look by swapping out your go-to eyeliner style for a thin cat eye swipe. This brings a fresh new twist to the timeless cat eye style, and will give your face just enough of depth to highlight your eyes ” they’re probably going to be sparkling as you walk down the aisle anyway, so this eye-outlining style will bring everything together for you.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Geometric Cat Eye Makeup

5. Vintage Hair Jewelry

You’ll need “something old’ and “something borrowed’ to finish off your bridal look if you’re following the traditional guidelines, and with this lovely fall 2017 bridal beauty trend it’ll be easier to kill two birds with one stone. This trend especially works with half-up hairstyles and braids, since you can weave the accessories through the folds of the hair. You can even pair this trend with the flower crowns, which will spruce about the flower look with things like pearls or other lovely pieces you may have.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Vintage Hair Jewelry

6. Glowing Rose Gold Eyeshadow

Rose gold is one of those metallic shades that always look romantic. Metallics in general can appear edgy, but this rosy shade is just darling for a bride. It’s a beauty trend that will look great paired with any kind of dress style; since it is a rather muted, nude tone for a metallic eyeshadow, it will bolster your face’s natural youth and beauty and leave your skin glowing.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Rose Gold Eyeshadow

7. Twisted Half-Up Braids

This is another fall 2017 bridal hairstyle that has also been popular as an everyday look. You’ll find pictures of this type of hairstyle all over Instagram, so it’s an easygoing style for your wedding that you’ll just fall in love with. This hairstyle pairs well with other fall 2017 bridal accessory trends, like the flower crowns and vintage jewelry, since in many cases you’ll be able to weave the pieces directly into the lovely twists of this style.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Braids & Twists

8. Classic-Modern Glamour

One of the most well-known classic glamour makeup styles is a bold red lip. So, as it should be, it’s a striking detail walking down the aisle as well. Often the most glamorous day of a woman’s life, there’s no wonder designers are finding ways to take classic glamour and give them modern twists ” as with this fall 2017 bridal beauty trend. By swapping out the standard red for a semi-matte red-orange, you’re pulling that trend to the modern age.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trend: Classic Red Lips

9. Let Your Hair Down

On many bridal runways for the coming season, long flowing hair was a dramatic and beautiful style to note, making it one of the top fall 2017 bridal hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down for your wedding ” updos may be the traditional bridal go-to, but your hair (in all of its glory) deserves some time in the limelight too.

It’s a hairstyle trend that can be bohemian, glamorous, or just about anything else; it will go with whatever style your dress and accessories are promoting, so all you need to do is some lovely curling or straightening to keep your hair in check, and you’ll be all set.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trends: Loose Hair

10. Ditch the Makeup

Sure, there are so many great fall 2017 bridal makeup trends, as seen on this list, but another trend that popped up is the idea of ditching the cosmetics altogether and going natural for your big day. This is generally a great trend for spring, but it has shown up for fall as well, making it such a statement trend, in its own way.

Using makeup in your wedding is a great way to make a statement or to bring attention to your best features, but wearing no makeup will show off your natural beauty ” it’s a good bet your spouse-to-be will be absolutely enamored as you walk down the aisle like this.

If you’re too scared to forego the makeup completely, you might consider some light foundation or barely-there nudes to give you a bit of color. Make sure your skin is healthy and exfoliated for when your big day comes around, and that will give you the perfect base to pull of the natural or nude makeup style.

Fall 2017 Bridal Makeup & Hair Trends: Minimal Nude Makeup

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