Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends

The fall 2017 bridal fashion trends have proven to be a lot more scaled back than in seasons past. Where many designers used to strive for unique and abstract trends, we saw minimalism and some great old-fashioned or timeless gowns. But that’s not to say the fall 2017 bride is going to be totally simple.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends

There were some great embellishment trends that popped up right alongside those basic concepts; other designers, still, gave us some surprising and unique trends. So the minimalistic designs weren’t the only noteworthy bridal dresses for fall 2017; there will be plenty of options for those weddings, for women of all style sensibilities.

We were expecting some great looks to come from a few designers in particular, as they had reached milestones in their fashion businesses. Lela Rose has presented 10 collections, while Monique Lhuillier and Reem Acra (nearly) have reached 20. There were also some names coming in with fall 2017 as their first bridal season ” Rime Arodaky (Paris), Odylyne the Ceremony (from Stephanie White, based in Los Angeles), and Viktor & Rolf (New York).

From all of these designers and fashion houses, old and new, we saw classic bridal trends for fall 2017 that the runway would be sorely disappointing without. We saw the best of bridal gowns past, present, and future, and we caught a glimpse into the elaborate minds that are at work in even the simplest of garments.

Drama, glamour, and all of those pleasantries popped up, all with a trend toward more coverage with the jaw-dropping aspects more subtly embedded as embellishments and on-gown design.

There were a great many stunning displays featured for the coming bridal season, so without further ado, here is a culmination of some of the greatest fall 2017 bridal dress and accessory trends.

#1. 1920s Throwback

The beautifully crafted, old-fashioned dresses that adorned many of the bridal collections for the fall 2017 season were rooted in the Hollywood scene from the 1920s ” we’re talking Grace Kelly and Joan Crawford, among the other stunning women of that fashion era.

To see this rear its head back in the lineup of fall 2017 bridal gown trends is so exciting, because there was just something about that era that was so romantic, amid all of the vibrant uproar of the United States in that time.

We are happy to note that this trend was everywhere, on so many designers’ bridal runways. Romona Keveza was the prime example for this trend, with a series of dresses featuring the classic Grace Kelly style of full bust-line and arm coverage with lace featuring varying levels of transparency. The majority of Keveza’s line was filled in with similar old-fashioned stylings, giving us timeless silhouettes that seem to stem from the same era.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: 1920s Wedding Dresses

#2. Masked Minimalism

In almost every fall 2017 bridal show, we were taken aback by the restrain designers have shown in their simplicity. We saw a great deal of smooth white fabrics in so many different shows and individual silhouettes; yet, the simple fabric made the design and embellishment intricacies stand out from the rest of each designer’s work. To a bride, simplicity might be the most detrimental design flaw, so it was surprising to see that so many brands were able to find the perfect balance between minimalism and extravagance.

Badgley Mischka, for instance, created an entire line from this concept, using these simple yet luxurious fabrics to construct classical dresses. This was one brand that helped make this such a notable fall 2017 bridal dress trend.

It was easily one of the most timeless collections to be shown, in large part due to the minimalism, and the designing duo showed their ability to add in the right dash of embellishment to even out looks, as with the exceptionally smooth fabrics being paired with capes and other intricately adorned attachments.

Pronovias also had some great casual options for the more laid-back bride, using the smooth white fabrics in a more relaxed way. The designs were still form-fitting and formal as in other lines, but there was an essence about the looks that was inherently casual in its minimalism, in the best way possible.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Minimalist Wedding Dresses

#3. Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved wedding gowns adorned the fall 2017 bridal runways; this proved to be one of the more romantic trends in most cases, with sweet lace bringing us back to the 1920s trend and acting as a great tie between others. In its different runway iterations, we saw the sleeves as romantic, bohemian, and sometimes even edgy.

Costarellos had a lovely collection of dresses, many of which featured long sleeves. In the line, the lace was often romantic yet structured, using lace to build character in the silhouette, as well as in the pattern design. There was also a look with bohemian vibes, with sleeves that belled out; this was one of the less romantic gowns to come from this fall 2017 bridal dress trend.

Vera Wang had some edgy options in her bridal collection, which happened due to the length of the sleeves. This concept went hand in hand with her off-the-shoulder designs, which added some great depth to the sleeves. Sometimes her gowns pushed onto the romantic side, when the satin fabric was replaced by mesh, so she had both styling sides of this trend working for her in this collection.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Long-Sleeved Wedding Dresses

#4. The Rise of the Necklines

Last season was all about the sensuality of the plunging neckline, but one of the most elegant fall 2017 wedding dress trends has been high necklines. High necks are always at least partially reminiscent of the Victorian era, so it was a highly romantic and overall sweet trend. Needless to say, some designers counteracted the coverage to keep things less matronly by adding in plunging backs and different sleeve cuts.

This fall 2017 bridal dress trend went along beautifully with the long sleeve trend; so the ’20s were tied to the 19th century in that way. Collections like those from Costarellos used the high necks for romance to go well with the sleeves and the lace, while Caroline Hayden went the edgier route, in a high neckline iteration that actually was about as far away as possible from the Victorian era.

A couple of high-necked gowns in Caroline Hayden’s line did fall on that side, yet more still were scrunched in a turtleneck-esque fashion; pairing with the stark white, smooth fabric that went along with the minimalism trend, the dresses fell on the edgier side ” think if Princess Leia’s white dress from Star Wars was turned into a wedding dress.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: High-Neck Wedding Dresses

#5. Any Time is Tea Time

We’ve seen plenty of fall 2017 bridal gowns, and in the past mini dresses have proven themselves to be a trend themselves. But this season, a great fall 2017 bridal trend has been right between those two lengths. Midi, or tea-length, dresses have some great practical purposes and always add in some cute youthfulness when the ankles are bared.

Naeem Khan brought a sweet, youthful midi to his runway, which raised just enough of the hemline to show off the shoes underneath, while designers like Romona Keveza used the length to show off the legs. Fall 2017 bridal gowns for the latter ran sexy or sweet, depending on the fit and fabric.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Tea-Length Wedding Dresses

#6. Blush Pink for Blushing Brides

There have always been great pink wedding dresses every season, but we’re happy to see the lovely blushing shade as a fall 2017 bridal dress trend. Pink is just one of those colors that’s always at least a little bit happy, and when it’s walking down the aisle that feeling is only amplified. There’s no wonder it has always been present in the bridal industry, yet it’s rather surprising that it took this long to show up as a trend across the bridal runways.

YolanCris created some great gowns in a metallic pink, while Marchesa and Romona Keveza both stuck to light, pretty pinks that have always had their place on a traditional bridal runway. Both definitely have their merits with the contemporary bride, and both types worked to make this such a great fall 2017 bridal dress trend.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Blush Pink Wedding Dresses

#7. Who Needs Wedding Dresses?

Just like last fall’s bridal season, we’re seeing a great pants fall 2017 wedding trend. The outlined silhouette is still inherently elegant and classical, so you’re not sacrificing any of the floor-sweeping glamour that comes with wearing a traditional bridal gown, and the look is generally more lightweight to begin with, comparatively.

Jumpsuits and pantsuits alike were on the bridal runways for the coming year, and came in different variations of drama and elegance to keep things interesting for the contemporary bride.

Mark Zunino, who designs for America’s largest bridal salon, Kleinfeld, gave one ultra-dramatic bridal pant option; the slim pants were tailored perfectly, and the bodice was that of a traditional bridal gown. It even draped around the back, giving the illusion of a train as well as a cape ” the drama was totally irresistible and unexpected.

In the THEIA fall 2017 bridal collection, on the other hand, the two jumpsuit options followed the elegance the rest of line displayed. The wide leg of the pants, with a palazzo silhouette, almost even still appeared to be a gown. So the looks were elegant, practical, and still with the appearance of a gown, so you can’t get much more sophisticated and comfortable than that!

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Jumpsuits & Pantsuits

#8. That’s so Metal

You don’t need to be a rock star to enjoy some hardware and bling with your looks, even on your wedding day. Designers like YolanCris and Reem Acra proved that metallics were a huge fall 2017 bridal dress trend, so you’ll be fitting right in with the latest fads and standing out even more than one generally would walking down the aisle. You can be the glimmering bride as you walk down the aisle in the different designer variations of edgy and romantic metallics, brocades, and crystals.

YolanCris played heavily into hardware and brocade in their bridal line, in the form of metal rings and gold, metallic fabric in silhouettes that ran borderline Shakespearian. Reem Acra, on the other hand, used metallics very romantically, making his bride gleam and shimmer down the aisle.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Metallic Wedding Dresses

#9. Ruffles on My Mind

There’s always a fantastical element that comes with bridal gowns, and ruffles can play to that tremendously. Showing up as a fall 2017 bridal fashion trend, it’s easy to see why volume can go a long way in creating a dream dress. Weather the ruffles were heavy or light, tulle or satin, or anything else, they were elegant and lovely with that great bridal romanticism thrown in perfect balance.

YolanCris created a dreamy dress in ruffles constructed from layers of tulle, which absolutely floated as it walked the bridal runway ” it almost looked like a bridal cake topper come to life!

An example of a fuller-bodied ruffle came from Viktor & Rolf; the heavy ruffles added great depth to the garment, without overpowering the model with ruffles or over-encumbering the wearer.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Ruffled Wedding Dresses

#10. Shoulder Structure

Adding in some volume to the shoulders is a throwback to decades past, and as far as this fall 2017 bridal trend goes, some went back a few more decades than others. Inbal Dror created some looks with shoulder volume to the extent that you might have seen back in weddings from the ’80s and ’90s, while YolanCris went back to, perhaps, the 16th or 17th century, with looks that reminded us of the Shakespearean or Renaissance era.

In either case, the shoulders played off of other fall 2017 bridal dress trends, so they were able to stick out while also being grounded in today’s age for the modern bride.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Wedding Dresses with Structured Shoulders

#11. 3D Flowers

With today’s technology, we love seeing where designers take classic trends. For instance, flowers have been on the bridal runway for as long as anyone can remember, so there’s nothing new about that ” 3D printed flowers, however, definitely have their place on the fall 2017 bridal fashion trends list. Designers took the old and made it new, on a very large scale.

Viktor & Rolf had great use of the 3D flowers, which circled around the gown daintily. Alon Livne used the flora to construct an illusionary bodice and an overall elegant effect.

Marchesa constructed a flower-coated gown with the lightness of a nightgown and with the elegance of a regal wedding dress. Finally, Temperley London created a stunner of a white dress, which was then overlaid with beautiful bright pink florals.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Wedding Dresses with 3D Floral Embellishments

#12. Just Add a Cape

Step aside wedding veils; one of the most beautiful fall 2017 bridal accessory trends was the idea of a bridal cape. Sometimes coming in the form of a veil-thin piece tied at the neck (as with Romona Keveza) and other times as a thicker piece to tie in directly with the dress (as with Berta and Monique Lhuillier), the pieces were as dramatic as they were practical and lovely.

It might even better help combat the often-chilly temperature of the wedding. There’s not much a bride can do without sacrificing showing off part of her dress, so this bridal trend offers a feasible solution.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Capes As Veils

#13. The Bride Wore… Yellow?

Probably one of the most unexpected fall 2017 bridal dress trends came from Naeem Khan, with a canary yellow bridal gown that walked the runway with a matching veil. You can’t get much further from a demure white (or similarly dainty color) than bright yellow, especially with the feathers and flowers the designer added on top of that.

Unconventional colors for bridal dresses were also showcased at Anna Maier, where we saw an elegant red, and at Carol Hannah, where a rich raspberry walked the runway.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Wedding Dresses in Unconventional Colors

#14. White Dress, Black Shoes Or Boots

Choosing bridal shoes is a very important step in the wedding process, but for fall 2017, a bridal trend is to skip out on the shoe department and go straight for the boots. Naeem Khan presented this sexy, modern take on the bride on his fall 2017 bridal runway with a short dress characterized by over-the-knee boots climbing up to the hemline. Who needs a full-length gown when you can just compensate with sexy boots?

Houghton is always one known to go edgy, even for bridal. This season, the brand paired thick black shoes with various wedding looks for its bridal presentation, bringing a new perspective to accessorizing a bridal look.

There’s no rule that says your shoes have to match your dress, so you might want to opt out and follow Houghton by throwing on some comfy-heeled black footwear for your big day.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Unconventional Bridal Shoes

#15. Bold Earrings

Accessorizing your bridal look is easily the most difficult decision, since you need to make sure to complement the gown in the best way, without overpowering it. However, a fall 2017 bridal trend that hit the runway hard was the idea of the statement earring.

Seen on runways like that of Vera Wang and Naeem Khan, you won’t need to worry about the size of your earrings for fall 2017; the larger the better, in this case, especially if it’s adding in some depth of sparkle to your bridal ensemble. With addition to the minimalism that was trending, this is a great way to add in some embellishment.

Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Trends: Big Earrings

Photos courtesy of Vogue, WWD

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