Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week

Now that the fashion month is officially at its end, we’re looking back at Milan Fashion Week spring 2017, and the spring 2017 fashion trends that showed up on the runway. As is brought this hectic month to a close, it showed us that sportswear and bralettes are going to be two of the hottest fashion categories on the market for spring/summer 2017, and so are a few other key trends in fashion, beauty, and hairstyling.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week

#1. Athleisure Going Strong

Sportswear may seem to be a vague category, but this season we were just reminded how much of an essential part of our wardrobes that is. From leggings and classy bermuda shorts to full-blown track suits, sporty fashion is definitely going to be on the minds of any fashionista in the coming months.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Sportswear

#2. Sporty, Yet Chic Bralettes

There was also room in this category for sleek, sexy options that strayed from the athletic side of sporty. Bralettes were hit or miss on the runway this season (with Prada’s furry-chest bralettes being among the more questionable choices), and often even edged into sportswear with athletic silhouettes.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Bralettes

#3. Boho-Chic Vibes On The Go

It seems like Italy was all about fitness with this sportswear trend, but designers also moved into the more sophisticated or quirky side of things, by delving into bohemian fashion. This could include anything from the staple flowing dresses to the overall persona of a model.

Bohemian style is another one that has been common in recent years, particularly for spring/summer, so there’s no real surprise that it yet again made the list of the best spring 2017 fashion trends from Milan Fashion Week; with all of the hype about music festivals in culture today, there’s no wonder the market for that style is so large.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Boho-Chic Fashion

#4. Bold Makeup, Color & Glitter Included

These were the major spring 2017 fashion trends that showed up in fashion, but the beauty side of the runway was on fire as well. Vivid eyeshadow was used to play around with shapes and non-discrete shades of vibrant colors placed directly around models’ eyelids, which sometimes took that bohemian trend and amplified it because it brought in a great deal of hardness to go hand in hand with the sweetness many bohemian looks convey. We were also reintroduced to the idea that glitter can be worn just about everywhere imaginable.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Bold Makeup

#5. Comfy Flatforms

Flatform shoes were another striking Milan Fashion Week trend for spring 2017, only this was a bit more unexpected. They often tied in nicely with the bohemian trend, which made these two go hand in hand. Certainly unique and oftentimes quirky, these shoes even had some options; they were created in different colors and patterns, and some even had detachable platforms altogether.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Flatforms

#6. Drawstring Handbags

As odd as it may sound, drawstrings in high fashion were rather striking on the runway. Such a simple detail that actually translated well onto the fashion week stage, we wouldn’t have expected to fall in love with it so much. But now that we’ve seen it, cinching garments and creating interesting silhouettes, we’re totally on board.

We always expect Milan Fashion Week to have this sense of polished finality about it, and to an extent that was a trend that continued, but this year with spring 2017 fashion trends like the bohemian style and drawstrings, we’re seeing an especially soft overall fashion week performance.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Drawstring Handbags

#7. ’90s Sleek Hair

As far as hair, this is where the ’90s popped up on the Milan runway. In other fashion weeks, this was an era prominent in many collections, but Milan didn’t stick on with that so much; we did see sleek hair with a far side part that was a throwback to the ’90s, though.

Going along with this, other designers created straightforward hair looks and then tucked them behind the models’ ears, showing off the lobes in that simple way, so the hair as well as the ears in this case showed up as trends. Whether the models had earrings in or not, they had attention drawn to them.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: '90s Sleek Hair

#8. 1920s Micro Bob

Another notable hair trend for spring 2017 was the 1920s-styled micro bob. This played into a larger trend of decade-wear as well as showing off ears and models faces. The hair played a less significant role here in the long run than in other fashion week shows. Unless, that is, you are looking at the intricate braid designs that showed up as well.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: 1920s Bob Hair

#9. Cute Bangs Are Back

Lastly for hair, bangs were surprisingly abundant, but in new ways. These bangs were actually totally flattering, and would go a great length to looing good on everyone. There was a notable amount of variability between styles from show to show, but it remained constant that bangs are a trend to watch for spring 2017, and we’re definitely excited for that, seeing as how cute a bang can make your whole look so much more escalated, depending on the intent of the wearer.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Bangs

#10. Creativity Is The Key

But if there’s one “trend” we always look forward to at MFW, it’s creativity in general. That is one trend that has never gone away from this platform, especially this time around, from Moschino’s stunning paper doll gowns and garments al the way to Dsquared2’s epic ’80s shoulder pads.

It seems as though designers have stepped up their games, and rightly so, because of the increasingly competitive market of fashion. And that is one trend for spring 2017 we hope to see continue up, because when designers are pushing themselves to new heights, incredible trends, as the ones mentioned here and others, come out of it.

Spring 2017 Fashion Trends from Milan Fashion Week: Eccentric/ Creative Fashion

Photos courtesy of Vogue

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