First Look at Claudia Schiffer’s Cashmere Sweaters Line

Claudia Schiffer x TSE Cashmere Sweaters Line 2016

Are you looking for a supermodel-approved kind of sweater, just in time for fall? Well, from what we can see from Claudia Schiffer’s newly-released cashmere sweaters line, the sweater game is strong this autumnal season, with plenty of possibilities you can choose from! Iconic German supermodel Claudia Schiffer has just shared an exclusive first look at her 40-piece cashmere sweaters line via Vogue, with the proposals, of course, being unsurprisingly covetable and tr‚Äö√†√∂¬¨√Üs chic.

Claudia Schiffer x TSE Cashmere Sweaters Line 2016

Dubbed as “cozy, chic and cashmere’, the supermodel-turned-designer’s knitwear line-up was made in collaboration with New York-based label TSE (pronounced as ‘say’), whose high-quality techniques and materials are very dear to Schiffer too. The German model has, in fact, teamed up with TSE numerous times so far, always translating her creative skills to pieces that not only were functional and versatile, but haute couture-esque, indeed.

Inspired by her recent trip to southern Spain, Claudia Schiffer combined Spain’s traditional mosaic patterns with cashmere’s thickness and softness in texture for this first-ever sweaters line of hers, applying such motifs to an incredible number of different designs. Claudia Schiffer’s sweaters line includes thus everything from ponchos to cardigans, from round-necked oversized pullovers to preppy-style sweaters.

As for the collection’s color palette, influenced by Spain’s incredible history and artistic past, Schiffer focused on warm, dreamlike colors only to juxtapose them with softer and colder shades inspired by Spain’s landscapes.

Claudia Schiffer x TSE Cashmere Sweaters Line 2016

“I was inspired by the colors, scents, and textures,’ she told Vogue. “I loved the heirloom-patterned rugs, mosaic tiles, and amazing textiles. The architecture also informed the sunset red, burnt orange, deep blue, soft cream, and camel palette.’

Aside from the collection’s southern European turn, Schiffer’s collection directly draws inspiration from the German model’s own background too, with the pieces travelling back to Claudia’s teenage years and passion for vintage fashion.

“I’ve always loved cashmere for its softness and cosiness. As a teenager I used to always borrow my parent’s cashmere sweaters – I still have one from my father, which still looks new because it’s so luxurious,’ she continued.

Although Spain and a strong vintage allure are at the core of Claudia Schiffer’s cashmere sweaters collection, the designer managed to blend in the mix touches of Nineties-inspired boyfriend vibes as well, with the pieces being specifically designed with denim in mind.

At times slouchy and relaxed, at times more fitted, all of the collection’s staples are meant to be styled with any kind of denim piece you might own, from bell-bottom jeans to country-chic button-up skirts.

“I always design my knitwear with denim in mind. I’ll layer up a fine-rib roll-neck under a Fair Isle yoke sweater with skinny jeans, then add a pair of suede boots. And instead of a coat, I’ll thrown on a cozy cashmere poncho,’ she concluded.

Claudia Schiffer’s cashmere sweaters line is now available for purchase at, with price tags ranging from $319 to $679.

Claudia Schiffer x TSE Cashmere Sweaters Line 2016

Photos courtesy of Claudia Schiffer

Written by Virginia Cafaro
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