Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

As expected, the Dior Rouge Dior fall 2016 makeup collection is all about new lippies you’ll definitely have the urge to experiment with, from the bold blues to the classic reds to those sweet pinks. The range of iconic Rouge Dior lipsticks is getting expended not only with brand new, delicious colors, but also with a new texture ” the much-demanded matte finish that’s making a huge comeback thanks to those Kylie Lip Kits and their stylish alternatives. Internationally available for purchase at Dior, Nordstrom, Sephora and Harrods starting with September 2016, the collection also includes lip-glosses and nail lacquers in complementary colors.

Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

Dior Rouge Dior Extreme Matte Lipsticks (€30.00)

Created back in 1953, Dior’s iconic Rouge Dior lipstick range now welcomes matte lipsticks with an innovative lip care formula that delivers 16 hours of resistance without drying the lips. The lipsticks are formulated with mango butter and Aroleat Samphira that deeply hydrate and nourish the lips, while the Hyaluronic spheres contained work on plumping the lips instantly.

Some of the colors included in this line are super-bold with the deep blue and gray options leading the pack. Of course, you also get classic reds, deep burgundies and various shades of pinks you can wear from day to night.

• 207 Montaigne Matte ” cool gray (Limited Edition)
• 602 Visionary Matte ” pale pink (Limited Edition)
• 634 Strong Matte ” blueberry blue
• 652 Euphoric Matte ” red-pink
• 771 Radiant Matte ” orange-red
• 772 Classic Matte ” cool pink
• 787 Exuberant Matte ” pink
• 789 Superstition Matte ” cool pinkish fuchsia
• 897 Mysterious Matte ” purple
• 962 Poison Matte ” aubergine
• 964 Ambitious Matte ” red
• 999 Matte ” dark red

Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection: Dior Rouge Dior Extreme Matte Lipsticks

Dior Rouge Dior Couture Lipsticks (€30.00)

In addition to the Dior Extreme Matte lipsticks, the Dior Rouge Dior fall 2016 makeup collection also brings in 35 brand-new shades of its classic Rouge Dior Couture lipstick with an updated formula to deliver a picture-perfect look throughout the wear. If you didn’t like any of the Dior Matte lipsticks, you can purchase any of these colors and follow one of these 5 DIY lipstick mattyfing tips to wear it with a matte finish.

From Kim K-approved nudes to juicy reds (#080) to sparkling sweetheart fuchsia (#047) and pink shades, the new Dior lipsticks offer something tempting for every taste and style. The #060 color is my personal favorite, which is an elegant nude pink tone that can easily go from day to night.

• 028 Actrice
• 047 Miss
• 060 Premiere
• 080 Red Smile
• 169 Grege 1947
• 219 Rose Montaigne
• 250 Bal
• 263 Hasard
• 277 Osee
• 361 Rose Baiser
• 414 Saint Germain
• 434 Promenade
• 439 Why Not
• 475 Rose Caprice
• 520 Feel Good
• 555 Dolce Vita
• 642 Ready
• 643 Stand Out
• 644 Sydney
• 672 Adoree
• 683 Rendez-Vous
• 743 Rouge Zinnia
• 756 Panache
• 762 Opera
• 766 Rose Harpers
• 775 Darling
• 776 Soiree A Rio
• 844 Trafalgar
• 852 Plaza
• 854 Concorde
• 856 Celebre
• 976 Daisy Plum
• 988 RIALTO
• 994 Mysterieuse
• 999

Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection: Dior Rouge Dior Couture Lipsticks

Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection: Dior Rouge Dior Couture Lipsticks

Dior Le Vernis Nail Polish

Four lovely nail polishes come as an added bonus, promising to coat your nails with sprinklings of color and drama acting as perfect finishing touches to your makeup and fall outfits. Wear the blueberry blue color with the Strong Matte lipstick to embrace the trend of matching your nails to your makeup, or else add a subtle veil of femininity and aromatic roses to your fingertips giving your preference to the Miss!

• 756 Miss ” pink
• 954 Red Glove ” red
• 977 Premiere ” purple
• 994 Opening Night ” blueberry blue

Dior Rouge Dior Fall 2016 Makeup Collection

Photos courtesy of Dior

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