10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses You’ll Want To Own

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

In summer 2016, dresses are especially great because there is so much versatility in style. As the years progress, different styles are becoming trendy, while others never really go away; the world of fashion is just becoming this huge, fabulous melting pot of style.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

Summer dresses are a significant reflection of that, because they can be edgy, feminine, bohemian, glamorous, or anything in between. Undeniably, one of the largest trends of recent years is bohemian in nature, and as such summer 2016 dresses with the most notability have been along that trend.

Since we often look to fashion bloggers for inspiration, here is a list of cute summer 2016 dresses that have been floating around the blogosphere, along with the women blogging about them!

1. Sara’s Breezy Cotton Dress

On her Collage Vintage blog, Sara Escudero posted about this girly, low cut dress that’s so cute for summer. The silhouette is flattering and is made with a thin and sheer cotton fabric with raw hems, which creates that lovely breeziness. With the lightness of the dress, it would make a perfect bikini cover up, but it would look just as sweet on the street.

Regardless of where you wear it, it’s a beachy silhouette that is perfect for summer. You can purchase the dress from Free People, with your choice between seven summery colors.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

2. Leonie’s Colorful Off-the-Shoulder Dress

This colorful off-the-shoulder Chloe dress was featured on Leonie Hanne’s Ohh Couture blog as part of an endorsed Net-a-Porter shoot. The rainbow pastel dress is beautiful as it flows voluminously and embodies a carefree spirit that is an integral part of summer 2016 dresses.

With fun tassels falling from the shoulders, bishop sleeves, and the bright colors, this dress is almost reminiscent of a chic version of a clown costume ” but there’s nothing funny about how fabulous this dress is for summer! The dress is available at Net-a-Porter.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

3. Danielle’s Floral Handkerchief Dress

Danielle Bernstein blogged about this interesting floral dress with a handkerchief hemline on her We Wore What blog. The dress has an old fashioned, Southern charm about it that comes as a result of the fabric paneling, the print, and the easygoing fit.

The large front red panel here almost has the appearance of an old fashioned apron, an interesting yet very charming feature, and the lace-up front adds in a sweet yet slightly seductive charm a well. Buy this dress from ASOS!

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

4. Silvia’s Flowing Kimono Dress

Silvia Rivero shows us just how glamorous this lovely wrap dress is on her Lady Addict blog. Between the sleeves and the front slit, the dress absolutely flutters when you move. With a plunge v neckline, one might expect a dress to be overly sexy, yet here it just looks sweet and feminine.

Here you are given a casual dress with a beautiful high-low skirt that will glide with you as you walk; the light floral pattern just makes it even better. Buy this cute dress from REVOLVE!

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

5. Annabelle’s Drop Waist Dress

This loose dress with a dropped waist takes us to a few different places, like back to the ’20s and to Paris. In Annabelle Fleur’s The Viva Luxury blog, she wears this beautifully simple style, available from Shopbop, in a post sponsored by PANDORA, showing just how easy it would be to glam up the dress.

Available in three colors (pink, navy, and silver blue) you can express your femininity any way you want; it’s up to you to decide whether to keep things simple or to dress it up with some flashy accessories.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

6. Natasha’s Lace-Up Denim Dress

English blogger Natasha Ndlovu (of Bisous Natasha) brought this lovely denim dress to light. The silhouette is a slightly subtler recreation of Gucci’s hit denim dress from last year, but now we are able to see this as a summer 2016 dress. Denim and lace is generally seen as a sweeter combo, but with how far the lace goes down on this dress, it brings in some sex appeal.

It has the perfect balance between sexy and sweet, and as Natasha chose to style her ensemble, we can see how striking the dress can look with a pair of sexy thigh high boots, for any season. Buy the dress from ASOS!

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

7. Arielle’s Flirty Ruffle Dress

This flirty dress is the feminine girl’s best friend. Blogger Arielle Nachmani raved about this flirty summer dress on her Something Navy website, detailing the girly characteristics of the garment, from the blatant ruffles and sweet lace hem to the swiss dots and fluttery sleevelets.

You’ll be able to glide around the town in this adorable number, with all of the movement you get from the ruffles. If your dream dress for summer 2016 is girly and flirty, you should head over to Shopbop.com to pick up one of these.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

8. Camila’s Plunging Summer Dress

Camila Coelho has personally approved this flirty and sexy summer dress on her Super Vaidosa blog. Available from REVOLVE, this dress has a plunging neckline and a barely-there back with a simple crisscross of thin straps, so one might think it would be overly sexy.

However, the light fabric and the rising and falling hemline bring in some great sweetness, so even though the neckline and back reveal a great deal of skin, it’s still in good taste. You can pair it with a cute cardigan to cover up a bit, as well, to keep the focus on the flirty simplicity of the garment as well.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

9. Juia’s Nautical Minidress

Gal Meets Glam is the blog of Julia Engel, and it is here where we found this cute, almost nautical mini dress for summer 2016. It’s a super cute silhouette, from the little bow tying the top, the peephole in the center, and the button details down the front; it’s the perfect dress to wear, say, on an adventure touring a new city, like Julia was.

The dress has a sweet neckline and delicate straps and backing, and the blue and white stripes finish off that style. This is one adorable dress you won’t want to miss this summer, and you can buy it from REVOLVE.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

10. Chriselle’s Off-the-Shoulder Cotton Shirt dress

This effortless shirt dress was recommended by Chriselle Lim, on her blog The Chriselle Factor. It has a very relaxed fit to it, as many shirt dresses do, but also has some great movement thanks to the dual slits in the front.

Available at Shopbop.com, this dress is balancing many different aspects of button-down shirts and summer dresses; it has the buttons, pattern, and sleeves of a shirt and the length, ties, and cut of a casual summer dress. Because of this balance, it makes for the perfect casual dress, especially when you add in some chic accessories to round everything out.

10 Blogger-Approved Summer 2016 Dresses

Photos courtesy of Collage Vintage, Ohh Couture, Viva Luxury, We Wore What

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