Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis To Snap Up Now

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis

Almost everyone needs at least one bikini once summer comes around, especially after a hard year of working out to have a beach bod. Bikinis are often a more sexy option for beachwear, and for summer 2016 in particular, there have been some hot on the market looks that are to die for. Shopping for bathing suits can be a blast, as there are so many different style options; it’s hard to pick just one! Here you will find a list of 20 of the hottest bikinis for summer 2016, but be warned ” you’re probably going to find some pieces to be too irresistible to pass up.

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis

1. Marysia Swim Scalloped and Seamless Antibes Bikini

The raw edges of this bikini make it particularly easy to wear under cute cover-ups before going in for a dip, so you don’t have to worry about bulky seams getting in the way. A fashion blogger and celebrity favorite, this hot bikini is available from Marysia in a variety of colors and prints, and all are adorable. Unfortunately, those with larger chests probably won’t be supported by this look, but if you’re on the smaller side you’ll be able to rock this by the beach or poolside before you know it.

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis To Shop Now

2. Wildfox Pastel “Faux Seashells” Bikini

The top of the bikini here gives the silhouette of classic seashell cups, but with a pastel rainbow making them even more girly and fun. Being strapless and featuring a tie back makes things simple and lovely. The solid pastel bottoms complement the top, but don’t really stand out, allowing the top to do the talking. You can buy this bikini for the summer 2016 season from REVOLVE.

3. Striped Off-the-Shoulder Bandeau

This is a more quirky look, with its bandeau styling and off-the-shoulder sleeves. This bikini from Shopbop will look great paired with a cute sunhat, sunnies, and some cute waterside sandals, so your transition from cover-wear to taking a dip in the water will be smooth, and always fabulous.

4. Same Swim Tied Geometric Bikini

Also from Shopbop, you can find this triangle, tied off bikini, with graphic sewn patterns creating bold designs meant to contrast against the stark white underlying fabric. Designed by fashion blogger Shea Marie and having a big moment now, this Same Swim bikini set is a bolder look, and one that will be supportive of more body types due to the thicker straps keeping everything in place.

5. Strappy Cutouts Bikini Set

It’s rather hard to tell where the top ends and the bottoms begin with this set, which is one of the hottest bikinis for summer 2016 in the most literal sense. Swimwear like this always has more seductive undertones than others, due to its daring and bold nature, so if you’re looking to stand out on the beach this season, you can turn to Nasty Gal to scoop up this bikini.

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis To Shop Now

6. Thin and Strappy Flower Bikini Set

This is a daintier use of straps, with thin cords holding the top and bottoms in place, and crisscrossing down the back of the top like some summer layering bandeau tops like to do. The floral print is made even stronger due to the black piping surrounding it, making the pattern pop and adding in more depth to create a darker connotation. Buy it from ASOS!

7. Lisa Marie Fernandez Off-The-Shoulder Striped Bikini

From Net-a-Porter comes this looser-fitting designer bikini set with off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves signed Lisa Marie Fernandez and again being a celebrity favorite. Featuring stripes of blues and greens to decorate the look, the colors are bold and give no semblance of a focal point, allowing all aspects of the swimsuit to draw some attention. This will make a great beach day look, of running around and laying out, especially as it would look great with a cover up wrap skirt.

8. Maaji Graphic and Frilly Bikini

This coral accented Maaji bikini from REVOLVE is especially feminine due to the frilly straps made by layering fabric in mini pleats. The front features a pastel abstract painting of sorts that is particularly lovely when paired in contrast against the more bold and graphic design of the bottoms, as modeled on the webpage. But I say, one of these pieces would be incomplete without the other!

9. Same Swim Boldly Contrasted Bandeau Bikini

Putting an aqua blue against deep purple is one of my favorite color combinations, and with the wide cut of the color sections here the colors seem to fight each other in a fabulous way. Throwing in the bright white makes for another strong color, without overpowering or putting the bikini out of balance. For summer 2016, maybe you’d like to stand out for color, and you can do so with this Same Swim bikini from Shopbop.

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis To Shop Now

10. Sauvage Tribal Triangles

In a canary yellow, this Sauvage bikini is already made to turn heads, and with the addition of the ever-trendy tribal print, everything will be working in your favor in that regard. The thick belt-like strap at the top of the bottoms gives an interesting illusion, while the tie top works for simplicity and versatility, so as to fit more women’s body types. You will find this bikini at REVOLVE.

11. Zimmermann Frilly Pastel Bikini

This whole Zimmermann bikini from Shopbop is made in the same pastel floral print, with the edges turning into large frilly accents at the top. The print is a classic, lovely floral that can be recognized for many uses, but in this bathing suit you’re sure to be sweet and feminine for whatever swimsuit purposes you have for the day. Just don’t be afraid to get out and soak up the sun!

12. PilyQ Strappy Wraparound Bikini

Wraparound bikinis make one of the hottest summer 2016 swimwear trends, and when it comes from PilyQ the outcomes is double as pleasing and fabulous. This is another thickly strapped option, but this time the appearance is less bondage-y than the other in this list. In a lovely light blue, this is a feminine color, which also works to lighten up the straps. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you’re showing less skin! It’s all in the way you present yourself, so the choice is ultimately yours. Try out this option from Shopbop!

13. PilyQ Floral Halter Bikini

The dainty straps and luscious, classic floral print used here work together to create an overall elegant and delicate bikini. The bottoms are kept simple, much as the print and cut of the bikini call for. For summer 2016, perhaps you would like to wear something that has such a regal appearance. If that is the case, you will find this look online from REVOLVE.

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis To Shop Now

14. Ale by Alessandra Crocheted Triangle Bikini

The fact that this set is designed by Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio already makes it one of the hottest summer 2016 bikinis and a fashionista favorite. From the crocheted exterior to the tassels added onto the side, at first glance this bikini might appear especially crafty. Looking at the pattern, it almost appears to be tribal. The more you look at the different aspects of this triangle-topped bikini, the more you see and the more you grow to love it. The bright, contrasting colors just make it all the better. Buy this look from REVOLVE!

15. For Love & Lemons High-Waisted Bikini Set

With silhouettes like this, one might not expect a high-waisted bottom. With the delicate pastel pattern and frilly, winged straps, something lighter might be expected, yet these larger bottoms with panels of floral fabric and mesh are there instead; it makes it look a bit vintage, and really makes the whole ensemble on the quirkier side. You could also try pairing this top with a pair of slimmer bottoms, if you prefer. Either way, you will find what you’re looking for from REVOVLE.

16. Bikini with Bright Cups

In recent years especially, bikini tops with bra-like cups have been popping up, and they are actually quite helpful when you’re running around. A nod to the famous Triangl swimsuit, this strapless more affordable option from Misguided has a brigade of bright colors that play into a vintage styling; just pair it with a cool pair of shades and you’ll be all set to run off to the waterside.

17. Mara Hoffman Wraparound Color Explosion

If you’re looking to stand out, I think you won’t need to look any further. Definitely one of the hottest 2016 bikinis, this is a designer swimsuit that uses color and abstract patterns in a way that no one will be able to resist looking at. The wraparoud straps on the top bring a level of fun to the look, even on top of the explosion of color. For summer 2016, you may be wanting to use color to your advantage, and to do so maybe you should check this look out from REVOLVE.

Hottest Summer 2016 Bikinis To Shop Now

18. High-Neck Tagline Bikini Set

What is more fun than picking out a new top with a fun little tagline on it? Nothing, unless you’re choosing it on a bikini top! From Misguided, you can scoop up this “Good Times and Tan Lines” bikini set in a contrasting blue and yellow set, with a halter top being less revealing than most bikinis in this list. You just have to let the good times roll this summer.

19. Wildfox Wraparound Banana Suit

Whimsy is always a fabulous trait for any new looks, but in a bikini everything just becomes even better. This banana print is whimsy at its finest, with an elegant wraparound style to shake things up a bit. This Wildfox bikini set, which you can find from Shopbop, brings a balance that will look great on any beach or beside any pool, as long as you’re willing to keep up with good humor.

20. Graphic Cutouts Bandeau Bikini

Last but not least, one of the best 2016 bikinis, this set from REVOLVE can be yours for this summer 2016. The bottoms feature cutouts that pull in some sensuality, while the top has one dead center, taking away the bandeau image and showing a bit more skin, which is aided by the halter-styled strap tying in the back. The back features double straps to hold up the cups and to complement the bottom cutouts.

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